So I haven’t Posted in a while

I have been busy, I sold my farm in Kentucky and bought an RV.
I have been traveling a little been to Texas first to become a Texan to save on taxes and I have traveled to Idaho to visit family and to Branson MO to see what that was like and I plan to return to Branson to see more shows.

I think I will do this RV thing for a while and get the travel’n urge out of me and then re-think about Mexico. Mexico is always on my mind. I went to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant here in Livingston Texas, it isn’t one of those commercial places this is just like the little family run Mexican restaurants in Mexico, simple furniture nothing glitzy or fancy, but is the food good oh ya it is good just like Mexico, lots of Mexicans eat there so you know it is good. When I stepped outside I wished I was back in Mexico. So you see Mexico is never to far out of my mind, what is the saying “once the dust of Mexico settles on your heart you cannot find peace in any other land”.

So who knows maybe next year I’ll be back in Mexico writing more about my adventures there 🙂

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