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In Tucson

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I am in Tucson AZ, visiting family and friends also my doctors. This coming week I get to have a talk with the doctors and none to soon either. I am not feeling well; I have what feels like a hard knot in my chest and feel ill almost all the time now. Lately the feeling is bad enough I take my nitro tabs to relieve the discomfort. Sometimes I feel weak like I haven’t eaten and when I do eat I feel like I’m going to be sick or pass out. So I have to get the doctors to understand these issues as I cannot go on this way. Monday I will see my general practitioner; I have already had blood drawn for his visit and we’ll see what that tells us. Thursday I see my cardiologist and tell him my tale of woe. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I have another blockage and it is causing me all this trouble. At least I am in a town used to this sort of thing with all the old people that live here this sort of thing is common and fixing hearts and other stuff is a steady business for the medical community of Tucson, as they would say in Texas “Bless Their Hearts”, really I need their expertise! Heart disease is no fun.

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Email problems

I have been having problems with Hot Mail and I can’t get into my account. So until that is resolved I won’t be in contact with my friends and family that use that account. Sorry for the inconvenience or worry. Sometimes in this high tech world things don’t work they way we expect.

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My other blog

I have another blog it is about my RV adventures this should be the link to it; . Hopefully when clicked it will take you to the other blog.

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