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I am in Deming NM

After a long visit in Tucson with family (some would say to long a visit) I am in Deming NM at an RV’rs Rally. So far I have only broken one rule; at least that is the only one anyone has noticed so far. I’m about to break one or two more as I am in an ornery mood this week. We have been divided up into groups and each group has to pull KP duty for a day. Ask me to do something I most likely will do it, tell me to do something and I most likely will not. I quit taking orders when I retired from government service and I quit pulling KP duty 38 years ago when I retired from the Army. So I guess I’m going to piss somebody off here pretty soon.

I have been thinking about spending some or all of the winter in Mexico specificly San Felipe Baja MX it is only about 2.5 hours south of the border and is supposed to be a nice place on the Sea of Cortez with a long beach to walk with your dog and lots of other gringos who are hiding from the cold with a drink in one hand and taco in another. I’ve heard about it for several years and I thought I might just check it out for myself this year.

I have several items to have repaired on my RV and I want solar power installed before heading south to Mexico so right after the Rally is over or sooner if I am thrown out I’ll be heading back to Tucson to get this work done.

Just thinking about going to Mexico is getting me jazzed as it sounds like an adventure and I do like a little adventure it keeps the blood moving around and gets the little grey cells jumping in the brain too 🙂 Now to pull it all together and get there :0

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