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How it all started sort of

This blog is my diary of what I hope will be my Mexican adventure/saga. I have had this idea of living in Mexico off and on running through my mind for years and years. Now I feel is the time to take that bold step and make the idea a reality.

Let me introduce myself I am a retired lady who is living on a farm in Kentucky. This farm has been my project for a couple of years and now I am close to having done all I can do with it and I am looking towards a new adventure.

My family is used to my strange (to them) ideas and Mexico I think may actually seem tame in their minds when I mention it. So first I am doing my research on Mexico using mostly books and the internet. I have also started studying Spanish, which is difficult when you don’t have any Spanish speakers around to correct your pronunciation and word usage. That can be corrected once I am in Mexico. The next phase is the initial trip to Mexico to compare the reality with the idea.

Why Mexico? That is a good question, I think for me because it has lots of history, a very different culture than in the U.S. and the customs, way of life, attitude is …..well Mexican. I also like Mexican food and some Mexican music. The colonial towns and villages both fascinate and please me. The colonial style homes seem so right to my mind, the layout is comfortable and pleasing to eye as to the mind. I also like fireworks and there are lots of fireworks in Mexico. Will I like everything in Mexico? I don’t think so, there should be some things I won’t like the question is will it make a difference.

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