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Ups and downs

Like anyone, I’ve had my ups and downs lately. Health wise I have a recurring back problem for years and lately, it has been getting worse. It was time to see if it could be treated and made less painful so I made an appointment and was referred to have an MRI done. MRIs are not fun, for me, the noise and laying for so long a hard narrow bench not moving was torture. Now I’m waiting for the results if this test. We’ll see what is recommended to fix this problem.

I am having some work done on the Beach House. The bathroom with the tub is being redone. The tub had seen better days and was rusty and gross. I am concerned about the subfloor and walls of the bathroom as one never really knows what is going on in there. I hope nothing serious is amiss in those dark regions if there is it will have to be refurbished. I want all this done before my family arrives St. Patrick’s Day! If not oh well.

I did have the Mexican Saltillo floor tiles resealed and according to my rental agent, they look a lot better. I think one day I’ll have the floors updated with ceramic tile. The dishwasher is still not working if the parts don’t come in soon I may just go to plan B and replace the dishwasher. Still waiting for an estimate on the termite problem the first man was asking too much money for the job.

I bought some new lounge chairs for the beachside deck, they are a bright red so the should go with the red umbrella I bought. Having two houses is keeping me busy which is not a bad thing. I thought I would show some photos of the flowers on the front patio.

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