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Trip to the “Old Country”

Sunday I drove north to Calexico and El Centro California USA. The road north was interesting in that we had rain off and on for two days prior to my departure and I wasn’t to sure about the road conditions. The road north was good until I got to Ventana Canyon and there the construction began for five kilometers. Some places in this stretch were narrow and one had to be aware of the on coming traffic as a truck and car would find it hard to pass safely together. The road its self was muddy, bumpy and lots of puddles. The signage was lacking in some places so I wasn’t sure where I should be driving. I made the right choices and got through that five kilometers okay. The after that construction were five small detours off the road onto what was supposed to be hard pack, but was rocks and mud. These detours were because of bridge construction. Once through the construction the road was smooth and dry all the way to and through Mexicali.

Then came the wait at the border to cross into the US. The wait in my line was an hour and half on a Sunday. I was getting concerned as my truck was heating up and there was an odd sound when it was sitting still and in gear. I used an old trick of turning on the heater and opening the windows to dissipate the heat from the motor and it worked. Of course I couldn’t use the AC so it made the cab uncomfortable but bearable. When I got to the border the K-9 inspecting my truck to a liking to my front end for some reason and I had to open the hood for inspection. Of course there was nothing to be found, my best guess is that the neighborhood cat had slept in the engine compartment leaving a tantalizing odor to interest the dog. Just my luck to be housing a cat in my truck.

Once cleared at the border and picking up speed the motor cooled off and I could use the AC again. I paid a visit to Walmart and began the process of having my prescriptions filled, this was the main purpose of my visit. I had two prescription not filled and it was because my doctor’s office didn’t respond timely. I’ll get that taken care of when I go north in December. I stayed at Vacation Inn in El Centro it is not fancy and not expensive and if I needed to I could bring a pet or two.

The trip back home to San Felipe was uneventful. The construction area at the pass was still a mess and seemed to have a lot of traffic going north which slowed things down as we went through the narrow areas. Still I got home okay and I was happy to be in my little house safe and sound again. I and lots of other people will be pleased when the road construction is finished and we can travel smoothly and safely back and forth to Mexicali. Still no banditos, shoot outs or bodies laying about to scare people 🙂

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Rain last night

and today we had more rain. This is big news here in San Felipe as we don’t get much rain here. It rained hard enough and made enough noise that I got up to check and see if the rain water was coming in anywhere. I was pleased to find it wasn’t coming in the house or across my veranda at all.

I was planning on going north to Calexico tomorrow (saturday), but I’ve changed my mind and will wait till Sunday to go up there and let the road dry out a bit. The construction area is bad enough dry and if it is wet it might be flooded in spots and I don’t want to deal with driving through flooded areas. The reason for going north is to get refills on my prescriptions. Once the refills are in hand I’m good for almost three months.

I am hoping that the rain stops sometime tomorrow so I can safely make my trip north to the “Old Country”.

Rain camera

Rain camera (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

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Social hour and new project

Last night I invited some neighbors over and we sat around the fire and talked and had a few adult beverages. It was a bit cold and windy, but with the charming fire in the chiminea and the alcohol we managed a to pass the time comfortably. It was nice to have some people come over to my house and provide a little hospitality for them, I should do it more often.

Today I went to town for breakfast with the breakfast club. We sat first in the sun to stay warm then it got too warm and some of us moved into the shade to be more comfortable. After breakfast I went to the plant nursery and picked out some vines and a tree for my garden. The tree is to block a neighbor’s night-light and the vines are to provide shade on my veranda and just a little privacy. Next step is to get these plants into the ground. My very nice neighbors came over and pounded the “T” posts into the ground for me so I wouldn’t hurt my back. Nice neighbors eh? I love my neighbors !

New trellis and vine #1

New trellis and vine #1

Trellis and vine #2

Trellis and vine #2


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In the garden


Today was gardening day. I pruned and cleaned up the garden getting rid of trash and stuff that has been destroyed by the sun and weather. The sun here is very strong and most things not made of something that can protect its self is destroyed in a few months of sunshine, add in the wind and humidity and poof it is trash in a few weeks.

So now things look neater and yet when I sit and look around I see things that need to be done but with my back still providing me with pain I’ll have to wait for another day to take of those issues. It seems I find excuses to go to town; I went in today to mail a letter and ended up shopping for some more food, seems I eat a lot. I got some fat hot dogs and I was surprised to find they were tasty when fried. I forgot the mustard so I used mayonnaise and sweet relish a good combination. I checked with my insurance agent in town and I’m good for a while yet. At least for my vehicles here in Mexico.

I had been invited to a party tonight there was supposed to be about sixty people there and with my back and my phobia about crowds I begged off. I sent a large chocolate cake in my place with my neighbors who went to the party. I’m home listening to Tele-Novellas on the TV. The purpose of the Tele-Novellas is to hear more Spanish and try to figure out what the actors are saying. Sometimes, I can figure the dialogue out and sometimes I get lost. Of course the Tele-Novellas are full of sex, love and passion things missing in my life.

I plan to take photos of the garden and house tomorrow and add them to this post later.

Now it is getting a later in the evening and I’m thinking of an adult beverage or two while enjoying the evening air

Here are the photos I said I would post today things are growing well. I will be planting more flowers soon so there will be more color and make the humming  birds and bees happy, me too.







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Things going well

I spent some time checking on my telephone, electric and water bills and all is going well my automatic payments for telephone/internet and electric are working smoothly. My water bill was high then when I thought about it wasn’t so bad came out to less than $50.00 month while I was gone, so I will have to snivel about something else I guess.

My vehicles are dead the batteries are not accepting a charge so I have contacted my mechanic and he’ll come over and get them started when he has time. I think one tire is ready to be changed out. I pruned trees today and had quite the load of pruning for the dumpster. It seems that the summer storms stimulated growth more than last year.

I had dinner with neighbors last night and it was fun with stimulating conversation and great food. I have been to my favorite restaurant Chumpos twice once for breakfast and then for lunch. Good food, good conversation. It sure is good to be home.

I was worried I had lost my Spanish, it seems to be coming back to me, I’ll review my CD’s and send away for more once that is done. It feels good to get back into the use of Spanish even if I speak it badly.

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Back Home In Mexico

I am back home in Mexico just arrived a couple of hours ago and just barely got to say hi to some neighbors.

I have the sweetest neighbors! Two came over and cleaned my house for me so I wouldn’t have to come home to a dusty, dirty house ! It almost brought tears to my eyes. I’ll have to do something nice for them in return and I will do it very happily too.

It feels good being home in my garden just enjoying my trees and plants and getting all comfortable. I have errands to do tomorrow including catching up with my phone bill, water bill, and meeting with my friends at Chumpos Restaurant for breakfast.

It sure feels good to be back!

I publish some photos of the garden later.

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