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Update from the Ranchito in Texas

As you can see this is NOT Mexico

Snow on the truck and RV Brrrrrr

We have had our issues here since coming back to the Ranchito. While we were gone the weather tuned nasty with several deep freezes. This caused the pipes to burst under the house and if it hadn’t been for the neighbors who knows what would have happened to the house!

I tried calling plumbers to come out and fix it, but their cost was prohibitive so I decided to try and do the repairs myself. Crawling around under the house in the mud and crud took its toll on me and after a couple of days of replaceing pipes I took the advice from the man at the hardware store in town and hired a local man to finish the job. Even this guy took longer than he expected to complete the repairs. The only saving grace was that his prices were very reasonable compared to the plumbers I called.

In all this work and other goings on the weather turned freezing cold again and it was a chore to stay warm. When coming back from Mexico we visited the RV dealer that was selling the fifth wheel I owned. Looking over the lot of RV’s I saw a small class A that had low mileage and worked out a trade between the two RVs. I don’t think I got a smok’n deal as the salesman was grinning to much. I drove the new to me RV back to the Ranchito and got back to work on the house.

So one would logically ask how does an RV and Mexico go together? Well, here is the plan; I plan to drive the RV to the Baja and spend next winter in Mexico at the beach. I’ll have my own little place to live. I wont be so far south that I can’t drive out to get my meds and pick up Samantha when she can visit. Let’s see how all this works out.

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