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Update 9-30-13 or how I pissed of my DIL

I am still in Tucson Az because I have seriously hurt my back and I’m waiting for tests and their results so the doctor will now what procedures I need. In the mean time I’m in constant pain and it is making me grumpy.

I am glad now that I have my house here just south of Tucson it is much more comfortable than living in my RV and I have a comfortable bed to lay awake in while enduring back pain. I also have ample storage space my washer and dryer a normal stove, fridge and lots of counter space. I have some TV service and an expensive Wi-fi service to stay connected. Utilities for this double wide have been modest much to my surprise.

Family life on the other hand has taken a turn for the worse. I have managed to piss of my DIL and she has returned the favor. We rarely talk except in very cautious terms. I’m an Atheist a Militant Atheist she is a sunshine catholic. It all came to a head when we got into an argument about the pledge of allegiance to the flag. I don’t do it because I won’t swear to anyone’s god nor do I believe god has anything to do with the governing of the US or should. That’s enough to set off a lot of folks. DIL told me anyone (including me) who didn’t say the pledge with under god in it should leave the country. I’ve serve in the military for 21 years and almost 20 years in federal law enforcement and I’m not good enough based on that to be in this country? I refrained from telling this lady to kiss my white, wrinkled ass. So things have been more than chilly between us since. My son of course takes her side because, get this, “In God We Trust” is inscribed on US money. I was dumb founded by this reply. If he had said it was because otherwise he risked not getting any nooky I would have been able to see his point better. To add insult to injury I have load these two thousands to save their house which they have no intention of paying back, which is another story.

Shortly I will have results from an MRI and bone scan so then the doctors can tell me what they can do for me with my back pain. I’m eager to get past all these issues and return to my little house in San Felipe and leave all this behind me.

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