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Halloween In San Felipe

Halloween is being celebrated in Mexico more and more. The holiday is spread by Mexicans who have lived in the US and brought it back with them and x-pats that imported their holiday to Mexico. Tonight I gave out candy at  a bar/restaurant on the water front and we had dozens and dozens of kids. Most were dressed up to some extent and very polite. It was fun to see the very little ones so excited about getting some candy from a Gringa.

After the candy was gone I joined friends at a local restaurant for dinner and drinks. I got tired early on and went home, still I had a great time and I’m looking forward to next year!

My character was Elvira Mistress of the night

My character was Elvira Mistress of the night

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The Permanent Visa Application Process

I will have been in Mexico for four years very soon and I have a “Temporary Resident” visa that is running out. That means I have to apply for a “Permanent Resident Visa”. I went back to the office of that I got my temp. visa and they started the process, then we got to the cost. The price I was quoted seemed excessive to me so I talked to some other expats and also went to another office that helps apply for visas with Mexican Immigration. At this other office I was quoted a different and lower price and clearer explanation of what this price included and who got the money. I will be going with this office instead of the first as they seem to have a good reputation with other expats.

I have to wait for a few days to start my visa process as I need to present my Temporary Resident Visa at IMSS to complete that process. I will post again when I have completed the application for my Permanent Resident Visa.

I know all this sounds complicated and to some degree dealing with any country’s different departments is complicated until you get to know the requirements and who to get help from, then it’s a piece of cake.

It doesn’t help that the rules change every once in a while and that you get different stories from officials and persons who are helping you.

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Subscribing to the Mexican Health Program IMSS

I am living full time in Mexico in a small town approximately 150 miles south of the border with the US. I’m fully insured in the US with Medicare and a very good supplemental policy. I have used the local Doctor here in Mexico and found that the service was very good and I don’t hesitate to consult with him if needed. The expense of this is very reasonable compared to the US. However I’m a senior citizen and sooner or later I’m going to need some extensive medical assistance. I’d read about the Mexican Health Program where one can enroll for a reasonable annual fee can receive medical care through the governments system. So I decided to enroll. My first step was to talk with those who have done it and get their advice this led me to actually go to the local office of IMSS and ask for the current list of documents required to enroll. When I went to the office I was told to talk to a particular person who happened to speak beautiful english. She gave me a list of the required documents and told me to meet her in Mexicali the capital of our state Baja Mexico on monday morning and that I needed to bring a friend who also wanted to enroll.

I have a friend who lives across the street and she was eager to get enrolled in IMSS also. We both had been told we needed an interrupter to go with us, but the lady at the local office was positive we didn’t need one if we went to see her at this office in Mexicali on monday. So the two of us gathered our documents and funds and went to find the office in Mexicali using the map provided by the IMSS office in San Felipe where we live.

Getting to Mexicali is easy there was only a little road construction. Once in the city we followed the map until we got to the area where we thought IMSS was located. It appeared that the entrance was off the main thoroughfare and once of that road we asked a passerby for directions and we were given the directions for a clinic not the main office so we had to backtrack to the main street and ask again. Once again we came across another person who spoke english and gave excellent directions and we finally arrived at IMSS.

Once inside we followed the foot prints to the clerk who told us asked us in Spanish was this our first time and we told her yes and she gave us two tickets with numbers on them like at DMV in the states. I kept asking for our lady in San Felipe but didn’t get through doing that but a guard, who spoke english, told us to go sit and wait for our number to be called so we did what he said. We sat down and wait about ten minutes and our numbers came up and told us to go to window 19. Again asked for our lady from San Felipe and no response, I was a little concerned that things would go badly at that point. However things were moving along. The lady processing the papers thought I spoke Spanish and I disavowed any such skill in Spanish and she and the clerk didn’t believe me, little did they know how bad my Spanish is. Documents were read and a file was started and then in Spanish we were told to go outside and have copies made of all the documents and bring them back. Upon return we gave the clerk our documents and had to wait some more while they were processed and then we were sent to another window and this clerk told us in English go take some documents to the local HSBC bank and pay our fees and return to him. So off we went to the bank. Upon returning to IMSS our clerk gave us some documents and told us to take them back to San Felipe IMSS, we were done. So we did what we always do in the big city we went shopping and lunch 🙂

I’ll let you know how things go with IMSS in San Felipe. Just got back from town had breakfast at Chumpo’s restaurant and went to the IMSS office. IMSS told me to come back Nov 6 as it takes that long to update their computers with the information from Mexicali. At that time bring copies of my passport, resident visa, proof of address, and what ever else I gave to the IMSS office in Mexicali. So I will update this after that visit or make a new post.

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Been quiet lately here’s why

I haven’t posted lately because I have been involved in a project in the US. I own a home in Arizona on the border of Tucson. It is a double wide manufactured home on an acre. I bought this home through HUD, and it was a wreck. I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars repairing and updating the home. Recently I spent three weeks completing some projects there to make the home more attractive to buyers. Yes, after all the work and investment I’m selling the home. I contracted with an agent and it went on the market. After a very few days I had an offer and accepted the offer. Since then the emails have been flying back and forth and I expect that will continue until the sale closes. The “Fly In The Ointment” is the buyer needs to qualify for a program that assists first time buyers with a down payment. This of course means that both the buyer and the house have to meet certain specific requirements and some are time sensitive. Fortunately I have an experienced Real Estate Agent and he is keeping things on track. I am apprehensive about the process under this program as now there is another entity involved in the sale and they don’t bargain. We shall see how all this works out, my feeling is that I will end up spending more money somehow for someone to buy my house.

The question arises :why sell the house after all the work that has gone into it? The house sits vacant most of the time while I’m in Mexico and that is not a good thing to do in a rural area sooner or later something going to happen that will not be pleasant and cost me more money. I also keep paying utilities and taxes. I don’t plan to live there I plan to live in Mexico, if able, for the rest of my life. I will be a legal Permanent Resident of Mexico soon similar to a Green Card holder in the US. I have a nice small home in Mexico with most of the services I need and many I want. Life is good for me in Mexico why have the responsibilities and expenses of keeping up a house in the US?

When this house sells I’ll post again as to how it all went and how I felt about it.



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