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The Recovery Continues (?)

Today makes one month post surgery and I still feel like crap; random pain especially at night, sweats at odd times and very tired at times except when I’m trying to go to sleep. I am suffering a little depression which is supposed to be common of those who have had by-pass operations. I think it is from a lengthy healing process and being restricted in activities that were common before the operation. I still can’t drive or pick up things over six pounds and that I tire easily makes for a very dull life as I spend a lot of time taking naps to recover from doing almost nothing.

Tomorrow I have to go north to the “Old Country” to refill my medications so I’ll get a day away from the house, but I’ll be very tired by the end of the day. I’m sure my back will be giving me lots of pain by the time the day is done. I just hope that ALL the medications are filled and filled correctly and for the right amount. I’ve had problems before with my medication orders so I have to double-check every time.

I have been told that it can take up to six months to totally recover from this operation; by then I’ll be certifiably nuts, drooling and making absolutely no sense what so ever probably sitting in a corner babbling to myself or playing with my pajama strings.

Thank goodness I have friends who put up with me and go out of their way to drive me places that takes up their whole day. I feel sad that I’m taking up their time from their lives.



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The Recovery

On April 11, 2016, I had a double by-pass operation and all appears to have gone well. I spent another week in the hospital recovering and I must have done well enough as I was released to my own home in San Felipe Baja Mexico. Two dear friends and neighbors came to get me at the hospital and scooped me up and tucked me in the car and drove me to El Centro CA to spend the night before crossing the border the next day and the, to me, long drive down the coast and through the mountains and over the dry lake to my little house in the little Pueblo, San Felipe, I call home.

Upon arrival we had a meeting with my caretaker Maria who was contracted to take care of me and stay over night at my house just in case I need assistance. This turned out to be an excellent arrangement. She is experienced in caring for people and is a kind and gentle person. She speaks a little english which is fine with me as I got to use my Spanish and that made me use my brain. A week passed quickly and with many visits from neighbors and friends I began the process of healing.

May 2nd, I had a follow-up visit in La Jolla CA with the surgeon and I got a lot of questions answered about my health and the progress I was making and got positive encouragement from him and his staff that I was doing very well and to keep on with the regimen and to make an appointment with the recommended Cardiologist in El Centro CA in two weeks. The trip back to El Centro was uneventful and a good night’s rest prepared me for the shopping the next day and the trip back to San Felipe.

I didn’t realize how much effort I had been putting out on this trip to La Jolla when I got to my house I was exhausted and my old back injury was giving me a lot of pain. The following day my back was giving me more pain than the by-pass operation did and I had to use some pain medication to calm it down. When the following day arrived, thursday, I felt much better and I was ready for my hair appointment in town. I got to get my hair done and I felt much better about myself even though in my opinion I look like something the cat has been playing with I’m still pale and drawn looking. While in town I got to talk to some friends and that always cheers me up.

So, now I’m resting at home; I’ll have Maria come in two times a month for a while to keep house for me and I’ll see the Cardiologist in El Centro. One of these days I will be well enough to get back to driving my car again and going about my usual schedule. I hope.

As for selling my house here in San Felipe; I have taken it off the market and I’m reconsidering my options. There are many advantages to living in San Felipe and I have many caring friends here and at this point it is unlikely that I will leave here. I may go on trips and vacations, but San Felipe is home. I hope when needed I return the kindness and love I received when I needed it.

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