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New Blog

New blog on the double-wide I’m buying. I thought I needed to keep the posts on my new house in a separate blog. Later I may combine blogs, for now I’ll keep two blogs going.

Here is the address;

I hope some of you will visit and follow the new blog too.

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Still Waiting

I’m waiting now for the Title Co. to get back to me for the closing. I am eager to get all this done and get my man working on fixing the house then I can return to Mexico where I belong and visit my friends plant flowers eat at my favorite restaurants and get my nails done at my favorite salon. I also need a good long walk on the beach. To add to my chores I also am looking forward to getting my RV fixed by my Mechanic in San Felipe so I can sell it.

You see I have a master plan to fix the house here so it is nice and desirable have it long enough to (2 yrs) to sell and take the profits plus some of my savings and buy another place in Mexico. Mexico will never see the end of me if I can help it. I love my life there and enjoy my friends and neighbors like I have never have before in my life. Mexico is my home. I miss my little house so much.


DSCF3026 DSCF3130

Front gate and walkway

Front gate and walkway


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New (to me) truck

Logo - Dodge Ram

Logo – Dodge Ram (Photo credit: Atelier Teee)

I’ve been looking for a truck for weeks and finally found and bought one. I’ve been borrowing the family’s pick up for over a month and I really needed to have my own set of wheels to get things done with the house I am purchasing. I answered an ad on Craigslist about a 1999 Dodge Ram w/extended cab (4 doors) and only 100k on the speed-o-meter. Went to look at it sunday and bought it monday, insured and registered it Tuesday then bought new tires for it and got an oil change Tuesday afternoon. The tires had sidewall cracks; not a good sign and I was worried that I would have a blowout and maybe an accident. Now the baby has new shoes, fresh lubricant Mobile 1, all fluids are up to snuff and she runs good. The people I bought from are immigrating to New Zealand and left this morning to visit relatives in San Francisco then on to New Zealand for the rest of their lives. Here are some photos of my new “old” truck. Not an economical vehicle with 5.9L engine but it could easily pull a small RV trailer 🙂

The white stuff is clear coat that is coming off no big deal.

The white stuff is clear coat that is coming off no big deal.

The truck sports running boards!

The truck sports running boards!

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Home inspection

Today made the second day of the home inspection business. The first day was getting the electricity on and checked as well as the water. The electricity seems to be fine all plugs are wired correctly only one fan in the back bedroom doesn’t work, but I don’t like its looks anyway so it will be replaced and wired properly. The water turn off valve for the house leaks badly and needs to be replaced as does one toilet tank seal. All this is an easy fix.

Today we had the gas turned on and found that the water heater needs to be straightened so the flue will work correctly and that there are no racks in the oven, the oven looks clean which surprised me as the rest of the house looks grimy. I was most concerned when the heating/air-conditioning unit didn’t come on when we had electricity. The HVAC man checked it out and it is a problem with the cable going to the unit from the thermostat and or the thermostat. I’ll have that replaced once the house is officially mine.

So far nothing serious has been found to be wrong just little things that need repair. A bit of good news today while at the house there was a strong down-pour of rain for about fifteen minutes giving the roof and windows a good test and they passed the test. The small amount of damage to the back windows was mostly caused be condensation and not a water leak as I first thought.

I am eager to get going with cleaning up the place; such as removing the carpet it stinks like someone or some animal peed on it and with the humidity the odor is stronger. Once the interior of the house is painted and new floor coverings are installed it will smell a lot better.

So, all-n-all I am more confident that this place can be made into a nice home once I get working on it. I did get to observe the neighborhood on a weekday morning and it is a quiet neighborhood just a few cars and small trucks passing by, the land drains fairly well and so far I’ve heard only one rooster, some horses and the train far off not using its horn at the crossing which is nice. I may like this place after I get it fixed up to my satisfaction. In a few weeks I’ll be trailer trash again maybe I should practice scratching in in-appropriate places and wiping my nose on my shirt-sleeve-nah, I’ll get by with the blank look on my face 🙂GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA



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It’s A Rock N Roll Night

Tonight Vail AZ is getting hit with a big thunder and lighting storm lots of lighting I’ve taken the computer of the grid and closed up the vents except for one. I’m feeling some rock and roll as the wind hits the rig and the sound of rain has started on the roof. I should be okay, the storm won’t last too long usually they don’t last more than an hour.

The monsoon season is here and the plants are getting a drink of water for some it has been a long wait for the summer rains to start. I’m wondering how that terrible road into my new place is doing with this rain. That road is rough to start with and when the rains come it seems like it would be even rougher.

Today I found out that my contract for the new (to me) place has been ratified by HUD. I’m not sure what that means, but I guess it is a good thing. Tomorrow or the next day my real estate agent will have the contract and then we can set up an inspection date. I have a man who is interested in doing the repair work on the drywall and he can do other stuff also. I want him there for the inspection so we can get a list of things that need to be done and an estimate of the cost. I’m interested in finding out what the problems are with the house. I know of one problem and that is there is a water leak somewhere and that needs to be fixed. Usually it is a broken pipe under the house hopefully it won’t take a lot of pipe to fix it. The heater/Gas pack is another mystery and we won’t know if that is in working condition until the gas is turned on and the electricity too. So many things have to come together at the same time. It will happen just have to be patient and keep plugging away at it.

Cutting this short as the storm is here and it is raining hard and loud.

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