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It all started April Fool’s Day

I awoke April first feeling a little weak and tired, things didn’t feel right I made my usual preparations for going to town and having breakfast. After breakfast I went back home still feeling a little off until I got to my house I got a band of pressure over the top of my chest and I got worried. I went to the clinic at El Dorado and told them about it and they got me into the treatment room right away an EKG and the increasing symptoms of sweating and nausea confirmed I was most likely having a heart attack. I got a shot for pain and somehow called my neighbor and friend to come over. After a discussion an ambulance was called and I was off to the border!

The exchange at the border went smooth and I was transported to El Centro Hospital. Diane was there to advocate for me as I was not in a condition to ask all the right questions. It was decided to send me on to La Jolla CA. The sharpest aircrew showed up in these space age uniforms and stuffed in the back end of cute but very small helicopter and off we went through the night sky to San Diego. I spent overnight in ICU and later sent to a Cardiac Ward for further testing and evaluation then scheduling for a by-pass operation. On the eleventh I had the operation when I awoke my friend Diane was there to greet me a very pleasant sight indeed.

I’ll spare you all the gory details of the tests and things stuck into me and the pain/fear I felt for days before and after the operation. Now post-op six days I’m feeling much better and I’m bit more optimistic about my future. Tomorrow I’ll be released and I’ll return to San Felipe to recover and hopefully put this behind me with some serious lessons learned.

I have now joined an exclusive club one I didn’t want to be in, but here I am.

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