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The end of the Mexican saga blog?

No, just a pause while we take care of some serious issues here in Texas. While I was enjoying the sights and lovely people of Mexico our home here just east of the Dallas metroplex was enduring the winter of a lifetime. The pipes froze and burst causing problems. I have spent the past few days crawling under the house, a ground set double wide manufactured home. Each time I think I have the pipes fixed and turn on on the water the water lines burst somewhere else, as if crawling through freezing cold mud and pooled water laced with fallen debris of insulation and God only knows what else is under the house the pipes keep breaking again and again.

So far the pipes are not working and I am waiting for the weather to warm up a bit and the standing water under the house to drain a bit ( ya like that is going to happen). Actually I ran out of work clothes and had to make a trip to the Laundromat and wash clothes.

Hopefully tomorrow the weather will cooperate and I will get the water pipes fixed. Oh, I forgot the reason why I am fixing the pipes and crawling on my old belly in the mud and crap is that I don’t want to pay $130 hour for someone else to do it for me. Yes, I am a cheap old bitch :))

I have been able to refresh my knowledge of four letter words in English. Good old Anglo Saxon phrases to release pent up frustration and aggression. Seems stupid to be hollering such things while laying in a pool of mud and crap under an old mobile home while freezing my ass off, somehow it seems to help, a little.

The second reason for returning north is I am taking some special medication for a heart condition and two of the meds are not available in Mexico. Having my sister schlep the meds to me in Mexico is an expensive and uncertain way to do business. The best solution, for now, is to move somewhere closer to the northern border of Mexico so I can drive out on occasion and replenish my supply of medication and pay a visit to my cardiologist while there if needed.

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The trip back to Texas

First day going back Texas we got off to a late start as we had to turn in the
equipment for the cable TV and Internet service and the office didn’t open until 10am. We did make good time on the road considering our late start. That night we picked a Mexican low cost hotel to stay the night in, we usually have a problem at the high priced places with the pets. This hotel couldn’t care less if we had pets. After paying for the room we went walking, looking for a place to have dinner. We didn’t find anything close to the motel so we walked back to the motel, on the way back I fell hard on the sidewalk and Samantha had to help me up. I knew that I would have bruises from this fall. I managed to get myself back to the van and we went looking for a restaurant and found a few, all closed. Just by chance we found a family restaurant that was open and even though it was raining we went in to see what the menu was like. We ordered dinner and it was a very nice dinner much nicer than many places we had eaten at this trip. Just as we were finishing our meal a group of young ladies showed up and their job was to publicise the local carnival week, they gave out party favors we got beads and a large plastic bottle with the local beer logo. It was nice to be included and we talked about the experience at the restaurant several times later in the trip. We seem to have better luck with food and accommodations using the businesses that are more for Mexicans than for the foreign clientele.
The following day we got off to an early start, but not before we got attacked by mosquitoes while loading the van, darn they were bad. however we got off bitten but not beaten…

The second day on the road we noticed that there was more rain than before and lots more potholes in the road. The traffic was getting heavier and the GPS was sending us on wild goose trips. Just north of Veracruz we stopped for a night at Marty’s Motel and restaurant. This is another pleasant surprise. They let us keep the animals in the room and we arrived just before they closed the restaurant. We had another wonderful Mexican dinner, great food, I loved the beans and the tortillas were fresh and hot. We told them we would return for breakfast in the morning. The next morning we packed up and waited for the restaurant to open. We weren’t disappointed the breakfast was great I had heavos rancheros, loved those beans and the eggs were done to perfection the sauce was perfect. Two good meals in a row. So off we went with satisfied tummies.

Third day was more rough roads more GPS problems and in Tampico we had our first run in with a cop on the take. We had just made a left hand turn at a signal and had waited for the green arrow so we knew we hadn’t run the red light. He pulled us over and accused us of running the light and said he could give us a ticket that would cost $200. I faked that I didn’t understand Spanish and told him in English that he could take us to the police station. He didn’t like that idea, but inferred that things could be forgotten for a price so he got me for $20. It was either that or sit there and argue for who knows how long and still end up paying a fine.
We left there a little disturbed but none for the wear and found the Best Western Motel on the road out of town. Best Western doesn’t allow pets in the rooms, so I didn’t say we had any and later in the evening after the help left I snuck them into the room. I know I was naughty doing this, but I just couldn’t leave them out there in the van all night in the cold rain, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep thinking about them.

The following day the roads improved still a few big potholes, but most were easily avoided although with all the potholes we had hit on this trip I was getting concerned about the tire situation on the van. The damn GPS made some obvious errors so we turned it off and made our way north on our own. We finally made it to Metomoros on the border with Texas and did the usual ride around town until we found a bridge to cross. With usual luck we got in the wrong parking lot and picked the wrong official to ask to take our vehicle sticker back. With trial and error and persistence we got the job done and were on our way back to the U.S..
When we got to the other side we had to give up our lunch meat, hot dogs and pay for our liquor no big deal, got the usual twenty questions from the boys in blue and the rain continued. After we got released we drove around and eventually found the La Quinta Motel and went to dinner at Denny’s. We both thought it was amusing that at this Denny’s we heard as much Spanish as when we were in Mexico. I had a piece of apple pie something that I wanted since we started the trip.
So we are back in Texas ……

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Born Under A Wandering Star

In the musical Paint your wagon there is a song sung by Lee Marvin called Born Under A Wandering Star.

I was born under a wandering star
I was born under a wnadering star
Wheels are made for rolling, mules are made to pack
I’ve never seen a sight that didn’t look better looking back
I was born under a wondrin; star

Mud can make you prisoner and the plains can bake you dry
Snow can burn your eyes, but only people make you cry
Home is made for coming from, for dreams of going to
Which with any luck will never come true
I was born under a wanderin’ star
I was born under a wanderin’ star

Do I know where hell is, hell is in hello
Heaven is goodbye forever, its time for me to go
I was born under a wanderin’ star
I was born under a wanderin’ star

When I get to heaven, tie to a tree
For I’ll begin to roam and soon you’ll know where I’ll be
I was born under a wanderin’ star
A wandrin’ wandrin’ star

The story goes Lee Marving couldn’t sing to save his butt and had at best three or four notes in
his voice so the song only has those notes he could, sort of, sing. From my memory it was a hit song for a while anyway.

The reason I bring this up is that I have that wanderin’ feeling again. I just can’t abide staying in one place for long. I have to have an exit plan. I don’t know what I am running from or running to; I am always on the move, packing, unpacking, planing, thinking about where to go next.

I am ready to break camp, pack the wagon, hitch up the horse and head over the hill to the next camp. Just the thought of moving on gives me peace. I should have been a Gypsy Queen except I dance funny, although I like the earings and skirts 🙂

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