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An Interesting Evening So Far


drip (Photo credit: basheem)

Digitales Blutdruckmessgerät / Digital Blood P...

Digitales Blutdruckmessgerät / Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This afternoon/evening I was sitting here browsing the internet and making pithy comments on Facebook when suddenly I didn’t feel well. I was a bit nauseous my feet tingled and I was weak. I had to rush to the bathroom and after I still felt ill. I laid down and took one of my nitroglycerin tablets and waited I felt a little better so I got up and walked around I didn’t improve so I went to a neighbor’s house and asked them to take me to the clinic because I didn’t trust myself to drive.

I had a visit with the Dr. at the clinic and he gave me an exam and after he checked all my medications and noted I had diarrhea for two weeks he ordered an EKG. The EKG was the same as always a left branch blockage but otherwise normal. The doctor ordered an IV drip because my blood pressure was up and I had been taking a diuretic as well has having diarrhea so the chances are I was dehydrated. Once the nurse got the IV started, which with my dehydration didn’t make it easy to get the needle into my veins, my blood pressure came down from 140/80 to 123/68. I was released with orders to drink two ounces of electrolyte every four hours and come back for a blood test in the morning.

I feel much better and my mind is at ease knowing that I did the right thing going to see the doctor when I did instead of trying to wait the symptoms out. All the treatment and exam came to 2015 pesos or  $155. I can imagine what an emergency room visit would have cost in the States. What ever it costs I needed some medical care to avoid some serious problems and I got it.

The other part that pleased me is I conducted my business with the nurse totally in spanish! I started right off speaking spanish and we kept right on with it through out the whole event. I understood the directions and I made myself understood to her. I feel kind of proud of myself, after all the classes, books, tapes, tutoring I feel tonight I am making some progress. I still have a whole lot to learn and I may never be bilingual but I can, or will be able to communicate. :-)) This a real boost to my desire to learn the language and is not bad for the ego as well. I did talk to the doctor in english as my knowledge of medical terms in spanish is non-exsistant. I think I can fix that there are some books on spanish for EMTs that would help 🙂

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My Christmas Photo

thought I would try to take a photo of the christmas lights on the house and publish it on my blog.

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A Quiet Peaceful Holiday

DSCF2524May your christmas be joyful, peaceful and satisfying. Here in San Felipe mine is definitely peaceful, very few people stayed for the holidays here at Pete‘s Camp. My street is almost empty of residents a strange sight at this time of year. One of the things that was missing this christmas were the fire works -sheesh Mexico and no fireworks 😦 This place is getting to civilized for my tastes. Thankfully I found my favorite hot chocolate and matching that with a coffee liqueur

Spanish churros with hot chocolate.

Spanish churros with hot chocolate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and brandy in my tea and the holiday has been a merry one. I do miss my pets and some humans, of course, this is the first christmas in a long time I haven’t had a fur pal to snuggle. I will get another fur pal-when the time is right.

I have been a bit of a grump, grinch, Debby downer during the holidays and to all who have had to put up with this behavior I apologize. I have always had a difficult time with the holiday season and have often said to myself “If I had the money I’d go somewhere they don’t celebrate christmas and return when it is all over!”. I do like somethings about the holidays; the decorations, christmas lights, fire in the fireplace, eggnog, hot chocolate, fruit cake (ya I’m one of those!) and the smells of pine and goodies baking in the kitchen. Some things I could do without; drunks, insistent christmas music everywhere, crowds, phony sales on TV, phony baloney well wishes from people you know don’t like you, did I mention crowds?

Tonight I’m going to have a fire in my chiminea and watch the pretty flames and smell the mesquite burning and have a toast to al those who are not here this year. That list is a long sad one this year, Maybe next year will be better, let’s hope.

I am off for my daily walk on the beach and to enjoy the cool breeze and the sights of the birds and maybe there will be dolphins swimming off the beach today, who knows?

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Windy and chilly

Last night was very windy and chilly so glad to have my electric blanket although the sound of things thrashing about outside was annoying. The walk to the beach was challenging with a crisp wind early this morning.

I put the christmas lights back on I had not had them on since my kitty died. I just didn’t feel in the holiday spirit with her passing. The lights look pretty in the cold air and clear night.


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I lost it :-(

Today I was walking down my street and saw some construction going on three lots from mine. I took a closer look and the workers were putting a footing for a wall in front of the lot that had been just sold. I noticed that the wall lined up perfectly with outside edge of the walls abutting it. So why was this of interest to me? Well, when I bought the rights to my lot and started building a house the camp owner made it a point to come to my construction site and with my builder measured my lot and the adjoining lots and he determined that the other lots encroached on the street and that mine had to be set back to the original line two feet less than the other lots. So at this time my lot is the only lot set back from the other lots. When I saw that the new owners were building out to the line made by the other owners wall lines that encroached on the road I was upset. So I went to the office and complained they called the camp owner and he said he would come and look at it.

Later today I checked and the owner had not visited the lot or contacted me so I “lost it”. I went over to his head office and told him “thank you so much for making me feel so welcome in your camp and for making me follow the rules but letting others do what they want”. I said “I felt as welcome as a hair in biscuit?, and I stormed out.

Later he came by and measured my lot again and determined my wall was set back just over a foot. He was pissed that I had stormed into his office and told him off. I turned it back on him how would he feel if this was him being told to obey rules and watching others not obey the same rules and my property comes up short. I also told him I told him how I felt and those were my feelings and I was entitled to express them. I also told him I didn’t care what others did as long as it didn’t effect me and when it did I wan’t going to just take it I was going express myself and let my feelings be known. I also told him about some of the newer owners building crappy shacks that lowered the value of our homes that people had invested a lot of time and money and this action of others lowered the value of their property.

I don’t know if anything will be done about this or not but I got to have my say and that is about all I will get out of this episode. I made sure he knew that I felt like I had been screwed over and didn’t like it.

I’m still pissed, I also told him I had obeyed laws and rules all my life and all I asked is that others obey them too. I know this sounds trivial to some, but there comes a time when you can’t take being used anymore and you have to stand up for yourself. Maybe I’ll get run off from here now …. well so be it!



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Snow In Baja Mexico

Last night we had a storm here in San Felipe lots of wind and rain and this morning the mountains to the west of us were snow covered they are about 5000″ or higher. Sure looks pretty !

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My little fur baby is gone

It hurts so bad I can’t stand it. Pia, my darling little Siamese kitty, companion, fur child of twenty years is gone she passed away this morning at 0915hrs quietly sedated by the local vet as I petted and comforted her into the dark void of the beyond. We had traveled to many places and she had been my fur kid for so long. Few other relationships have lasted as long or been as pleasant as this one. I loved to hear her tiny bell tinkling as she strode along to investigate what I was doing or to check out something that sparked her feline curiosity. She loved to walk on me at night and then snuggle against me and purr that contented purr cats have when they are pleased.

Of late she had been in poor health having seizures and then recovering for a few days. I knew the end was near and I had to steel my nerves to take her to the vet’s office and do that which was only fair and stop the pain and struggle. She was one strong kitty and she didn’t want to go-maybe she wanted to chase one more butterfly in the garden, but it was time and I sent her on her way to peace and tranquility.

Now I sit and think of her and miss her so bad. She was the last of my fur kids and she is gone, no more Siamese meows, purrs or bell tinkling just dead silence……… All I have are sweet memories and tears.

PIA the cat checking things out and planning her next escape

PIA the cat checking things out and planning her next escape

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My car is back

I got my car back and it is shifting okay now although it seems, to me. to use more gas. Maybe it is just my imagination…..
I suppose I got my money’s worth, but it is hard to say need to put more miles on it an see how it goes ……. Sigh

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Another Day….

This morning my car got picked up and taken to the shop to have the transmission rebuilt, $$$, sad to see my money go down the road 😦

I thought I would change my thoughts by taking some photos of the flowers blooming in my garden they sure look cheery waving their blossoms in the breeze!


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Stuff just keeps happing

This morning started out okay I got up early fed my kitty and she seemed to be in fair shape for a change and took my meds. I then I got dressed and went for my walk to the beach. I noticed we had a lot more gulls this morning than usual and that we had an RV camped on the beach from Austria! There was one other camper using a Volkswagen van and that was all  of the campers. The walk went well no major huffing and puffing up the hill. When I got back to the house I had breakfast and got ready to go to town. Today was Spanish class, go by the mechanic‘s shop to have him check out my car and go to the Mexican DMV to get another license.

Once I pulled out onto the highway on the way to town I felt and saw the RPMs quickly rise up and I knew the car was in trouble. I coasted over the median and headed back to my house. I drove slowly to keep the car moving and made it almost into my yard when the transmission went out! So now my car is sitting partly in the road and won’t move. I can’t push it enough because of the sand and I don’t want my elderly neighbors pushing it so there it sits. I switched vehicles and drove my little GEO Tracker to town and met with the mechanic and arranged to have him take it to a place to have the transmission rebuilt ($$$). Then I went on to the Mexican DMV where I got my new Mexican driver’s lic.. It cost me 570 pesos or about $50 for five years and the ugliest photo ever OYE! I then went on to Spanish class where I might have understood about half of what was going on, sigh! Finally I had enough and went for brunch at my favorite restaurant where I (at last) got everything my way,  breakfast was 35 pesos which included coffee or a little less then $3.00 for two eggs, toast and potatoes 🙂

I stopped for a little shopping on the way home and when I got here my car is still sitting in the street at an awkward angle and the mechanic hasn’t shown up and most likely won’t today. I’ll have to put some light out there tonight to make sure somebody doesn’t run into it!

The fun just keeps on coming!



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