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A little excitement

I was getting a little bit of cabin fever yesterday, well actually I was going out of my mind, being stuck in the house trying to get over the outhouse trots, so I decided to drive to the beach and give the dogs and me a walk on the sand. When we got there the dogs were all excited about getting out of the van and playing in the sand, well peeing in the sand any way. When we unloaded I notice two men using those surfing kites, there was a stiff breeze blowing in from the Gulf and they were zooming around on their contraptions. One of the men made it to shore and the other was in the water yelling, with the sound of the waves and wind he was hard to hear. As he made his way closer to shore I could hear him holler that he had broken his leg. His buddy seemed to have a hard time understanding the situation for some reason as he was standing close to me, I couldn’t figure why he didn’t drop his kite and go help his friend.
When the man with the broken limb got closer to shore it was obvious that his was in pain and had a compound fracture of the left lower leg. I asked what I could do for him and he asked me, not his companion to call for an ambulance. I gathered up the dogs and went to the nearest hotel across the street, I knew the manager there and asked him to call the ambulance. I went back to the victim and told him the ambulance was coming. His kite buddy was no where to be seen. I told the man that I was going to the road to make sure the ambulance could find him and walked back to the road. In short order the ambulance showed up and the police too. Seems the victim was a spanish speaker and could communicate well with everyone. At that point and with the growing crowd of folks gathering I left.
I had watched these kite surfers before and thought to myself what a wonderful way to damage your body with shoulder problems, back problems, neck problems etc. It is a dangerous if thrilling sport for young strong people who heal well and fast not for old ladies with plenty of problems already.
This kind of added a little spice to my otherwise dull day.
I forgot to mention that the dogs behaved extreemly well, obeying voice commands like well trained fur companions that they are, that helped a lot in the situation. They got extra treats for their good behavior, of course they don’t care about anything but love, fun and food. Hmm, not bad.

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Once again I am

Laid low by some intestinal bug. No matter where I am in the world this happens to me. I end up doing the outhouse two step for a few days. I have gotten it in the states so I think it is my system that has a problem. My digestive tract may not be growing powerful enough bugs to resist intrudures and when they come along I get to do the dance so I don’t soil my pants thing. Sorry for baring such distastful news, but that is a slice of my life here in Mexico. Believe me one gets to know the walls in the bathroom very well going through this situation. Sigh

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Damn cars

there always seems to be something wrong with vehicles. Either they need repair or need maintenance. I called my landlord for a recomendation on getting a mechanic to come by and check my van. The motor over heats in about twenty minutes and it was leaking water/antifreeze. I couldn’t find the leak and feared that the water pump had failed. The mechanic took his time about coming over to look at the van. He found the leak right away it was the lower radiator hose.
I talked with the mechanic in my broken spanish and I thought we agreed that he would return later the same day to guide me to his repair shop across town. He was supposed to meet me at four pm. Those of you who have Mx experience know what happend next, he didn’t show up at
the appointed time. What’s more the card he gave me didn’t have the correct cell phone number either. When I called his number I got a message in spanish saying they couldn’t complete the call. I thought that was my fault that I had not dialed correctly or that I had done something else to cause the error. I figured that either way the mechanic knew he had a paying customer waiting for him and he would show up with out prompting. Nope he didn’t show so I called my friendly landlord again and had to leave a message. Finally, hours later, I get a mesage from the landlord that the mechanic will show up at four and he did, much to my surprise.
Because my car is american plated he can’t drive it so I had to drive it over to his shop following him and of course being the end of the day and the car was now hot they couldn’t work on it till the following day if they can find a hose that will fit it.
So when someone says make sure you pack your patience when living in Mx they know of what they speak. Now I’m waiting for the mechanic to show up to take me to his shop ….

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Stopped by the Cops

I was almost home and was driving through a check point manned by the state police,
when they pulled me over. I guess they were bored. Anyhow they asked for various documents for the car and don’t you know I couldn’t find the registration right off? I had it, I just couldn’t find it quickly. They wanted to know the names of my dogs and whether I was married or not etc. I know I mixed up my spanish on them several times. Finally they had all the documents they needed and gave them back to me and all is well. This is the biggest excitment of the day save one.
When I got home and parked the van and got out I noticed that my coolent was leaking, I may have a problem with something will have to keep an eye on it. Maybe take it to a mechanic and get it checked out.
The dogs and I had a great time walking on the beach and playing, a beautiful sunny day all morning and early afternoon. Now it has clouded over, still warm though and that is a relief.

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As time goes on

I am settling in here in Merida. I can find my way to the two plazas, the cable company (sometimes) the airport, Fedex, Mega super store, Walmart, Home Depot and Merida Clinic. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? well it isn’t, this city has a lot of one way streets and streets that are two way all of a sudden turn into one way against the direction I am traveling in so that causes me confusion. Also there is a lot of traffic and the use of horns is frequent and annoying. I keep remembering France and the prohibition of horn use in many of the towns and villiages, how wonderful that seems now.
I am planning to apply for my FM-3 rentista visa; a rather buerucratic process of letters, forms, photos, and procedures. One of the letters requires the names of two Mexican citizens with their addresses and phone numbers, some say you need their signetures as well as this information. I don’t kow two Mexicans that would give me that information. I asked my landlord and he brushed me off saying he didn’t understand. Well, he understands just doesn’t want to get involved with Immigration. Who knows what they will do with this information? Also I have recieved conflicting information about whether to apply for an FM-2 or an FM-3. I don’t plan to work here just live here full time. Very frustrating, trying to figure this all out and find my way around the city at the same time. Add that the weather has been very cold for here and I am ill prepared for such cold weather and my frustration level has increased. I suppose it all will work out eventually.
Today I hope to find the local Post Office and mail a letter to my grandson in Marine boot camp, I don’t want him to think that I forgot about him.
Well, I accomplished what I set out to do, I found the Post Office, not without a bit of driving around lost as usual. Now let’s see how long it takes for him to get the letter.

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The New Years Eve Bash

I don’t usually go out on New Year’s Eve, too many memories of years gone by loves lost, tears shed, sadness endured. This year I made an exception to my rule of monastic behavior on the eve of the new year. I bought a ticket for a New Year’s Eve dinner at a hotel in Progresso. I have eaten breakfast there and enjoyed it very much, so I had high hopes for the dinner. I drove down to Progresso early in the afternoon so I could get a hotel room at Casa Izadora. I got my room and took the dogs for a walk on the beach. The beach walk was very pleasant, a light breeze from the gulf and hardly anyone on the beach so I let the dogs off leash. The dogs had a wonderful time trotting to and fro along the waters edge chasing shore birds and sniffing new smells of who knows what on the sea weed and junk that washes ashore. The sea is and has been a garbage pit for man’s waste for a very long time, now a days one sees an unending supply of trash on the shore and out to sea. Sad.

I went back to the hotel and had a nap, at my age naps are important if your planing a late, late dinner, it beats slumping over in your chair at an awkward moment and snoring louder than the DJ’s music ….makes for a horrible scene.

I woke and got dressed, I had only one dress with me and regretted not bringing something else to wear, but this is a beach community so I figured what the heck I’ll look formal with my black shoes against those wearing flip flops.

I got to the appointed party place, another hotel, and noticed right off that someone had anticipated this event and had most of chairs leaning against the tables in the time honored tradition of saving them for friends. There were few other seats available, already I was feeling a little out of place. I found a table in the corner, the traditional grandma, spinster section and had a seat and ordered a coke. The other guests arrived rather quickly and there was much ado about greeting one another; hugs and kisses and much loud talking and laughter. I felt even more out of place.

The DJ began his music and the talking got louder a couple sat one table over from me and after a while they took pity on this poor soul and invited themselves over to the table I was sharing with my coke. We made pleasant small talk and they would get up and dance to their favorite tunes.

The night wore on and eventually, for me, the big moment came when dinner was served. Everything looked delicious and I took a bit of each item so I wouldn’t miss anything. My fellow guests oohed and ahhed over the food. I on the other hand found the meat impossible to chew and had to descreately remove it from my mouth behind a napkin. Either my dentures are dull, my jaw weak or the meat was tough as shoe leather. I got enough to eat even without the meat just wish I had taken more chicken. I was so proud of myself I didn’t spill anything on my front or lap. I almost wanted to shout “Look No Stains This Time”, but I resisted the urge.

Later came the usual midnight affair, when the count down begins and one is supposed to exchange well wishes with fellow party goers and trade kisses; once again granny came up dry I guess you have to bring your own grapes to these things.

After that there was the burning of the old man ceremony where a pinata looking like an old man was hung out on a tripod in the street and set afire and after it got going the fireworks inside started banging off to the joy of the crowed of merry makers. The first fire didn’t set off all the fireworks so another was set to use up the remaning explosives. My fell0w table mates said good night at that point and I got into my car and waited for the fireworks to end so I could drive down the street, my car was to close to the merrymakers to turn around and the street was blocked. Eventually all the merryment came to an end the road cleared and went back to my hotel and bed.

So ends my New Years merry making at least the dogs got a good walk.

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