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Back home in San Felipe

I have been home for about three weeks. I have been busy catching up on my chores and friendships here. I have to get back into my Mexican mode. That means a more relaxed take it as it comes sort of style. I do get stressed sometimes when things don’t happen when and how I want them to, here that just won’t do. I just take a breath let it out slowly and let the tension ease its self away.

I did do something interesting one evening I went on cruise. There is a sailing ship here that is decorated like a pirate ship and they have cruises for a few hours with music, dancing and refreshments. I took the cruise and had my camera but wouldn’t you know it the batteries in my camera died so nothing came out. I’m going on another cruise the fourth of July and I hope to have my camera working by then and take lots of photos.

I have been working in my garden just a little. I wish my trees would grow faster I need the shade badly. The summer sun is very strong here and shade is most helpful in keeping things comfortable outside.

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