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Sunday Oct 28th

English: A Caesar cocktail made with Mott's Sp...

English: A Caesar cocktail made with Mott’s Spicy Clamato Caesar (premixed bottle), celery, celery salt rim, and ice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Another beautiful day in San Felipe Baja MX. My gardener lady showed up this morning and we had a long talk about the garden and what trees to plant so I will have shade on the north-west side of the house and the rain causing a flood problem. I also talked to her husband and he will help me plant the trees when I get them and he makes tables with mosaic tops and I’m going to have him make one for my house-custom made for my height so I can use it for food preparation as well as for eating and having coffee. I already have two lovely chairs for the table. We talked about the mosaic design something using the sun and moon and sparkly stones or grout to set it off. They will return tuesday and we’ll talk more about the table and plants.


I have already made one trip to the plant nursery in town to scout for plants. They have petunias in various colors and I will buy lots of those. I am looking for geraniums in various colors too, I love the bright colors and green fuzzy leaves. I would like many more plants and even some vines growing around the iron work to break up the starkness of  the black iron. I can hardly wait to get started collecting and planting the new additions.


I am watching an ant that strolled into the house, he/she looks like a scout looking for food I an wondering if I should get up and step on it , but it is interesting to watch it doing its search pattern and it isn’t bothering anything right now so I will leave it alone. Interesting what amuses me these days.


I have found that several people here have been following my blogs and have expressed their condolences over the loss of Shelby. There are many pet lovers here and they have in some cases several dogs and cats. So the bond between pet lovers and the loss of one of our dear pets is shared amongst us.


The ultra light aircraft are flying today; we have several people who fly these little planes and one of them gives rides. Maybe one day I will get up the courage to go up in one – that is if I don’t weigh to much 😦


Oh, I went to breakfast at the local camp restaurant and cantina and met other residents there and we all had brunch and “Caesars” a Caesar is a drink made with clamato juice vodka or gin if you prefer, with a salted rim and the usual celery stick and a slice or two of green lime. I like it better than a Bloody Mary. This drink was invented by a Canadian restauranteur and I started having them last year when some Canadians introduced me to the drink. Try it, it is a delicious drink-some Mexicans pour clamato juice into their beer for a refreshing drink. I think I’ll have one this afternoon with my lunch 🙂


I am slowly getting the house set up with the things I brought down from the “Old Country”. I hope to get the RV emptied out so I can give it a thorough cleaning, this going to take a while. I also have some repairs to be done here in Mexico.


It is evening now and it is a pleasant one with the sun setting and temperature slowly dropping into the evening levels that are pure comfort. My Canadian neighbors think it is hot here and I think it is perfect-it all depends on what your used too. I am looking forward to another pleasant night’s sleep.   






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I’m back in San Felipe Mexico

I got back thursday night and was greeted by some of my neighbors with hugs. Nice neighbors eh? I have been busy unloading the RV and catching up on bill paying and other errands. My old Bravada Olds mobile even started after two months sitting and waiting for my return.

My trees and other plants have done well, they look healthy and robust much to my relief. I am looking forward to getting flowers for the garden. I have a small problem with rain water getting under my doors. The problem is small because rain is infrequent here still I’ll have to get with my contractor to solve this issue-it is nothing money can’t fix 🙂

I have a bit of house work to do, it is surprising how much dust and dirt can accumulate when a house is closed up. I’ll be sweeping, mopping and dusting for a day or two more and then I have my furniture to put together which should keep me busy for a few days.

I got my television working and it looks great no more squinting at the screen. I have Dish network and my feed is from the west coast and my local stations are in San Diego so with that and CNN I stay up on the U.S. news, or as I refer to it the “Old Country”.  I also get the spanish language station out of San Diego. I hope the spanish on TV will help me comprehend spanish better. I think I need more immersion in the language before I will greatly improve.


It does feel good to be home again.  I occasionally wonder why I feel more at home in some foreign country trying to learn a new language than in the country of my birth. I don’t waste much time on this topic because even if I had an answer to the question it wouldn’t make any difference. 


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This trip

Has been a roller coaster first the trip north almost ended in disaster when my RV lost its brakes outside of Ensenada MX. Then after that I thought I had lost my kitty while staying over-night at a truck stop, then I lost the gas cap off the RV didn’t find that out till I got to Yuma. Once I got to Tucson things calmed down for a while and I got a good report from the doctors, but my dog Shelby got a bad report she had cancer. My Geo Tracker gave me fits with the starter and I had that replaced and still it gave me trouble so I had the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor changed and still it gave me trouble. I then took it to a mechanic who tested everything and adjusted the timing and still it gave me trouble, darn thing. The mortgage I needed went to hell because of their stupid rules. I had to spend $2200 on tires for the RV and I found out I was very close to a blow-out on two of the old tires And if that wasn’t enough I had to have my dog Shelby put down because she was getting worse and I couldn’t bare to see her in pain.

I just don’t know what the hell next will happen it is almost like this is one of those stories on TV where they think up stuff for the characters to go through just to keep the audience in suspense. I think I have gone a little balmy in the brain as I talk to my dead dog every night at her grave, which was a chore for two men to dig in the night, I keep a light there all night (it is solar) what for? So she can find her way back? Gads I’ve lost it……

I need a rest from all of this, I need some tranquility and peace to let my old brain get back on track so it can figure things out and make some decisions about my life. My family here has been wonderfully supportive during all this up and down stuff spending time and energy helping me with my problems and putting up with my dramas. Sometimes I still break into tears over my dog she was a big part of my life now she is no more. I do have my kitty but she is old and getting problems too-I don’t know how much longer I will have her and she is a sweet kitty very loving.

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Update 101612

Those that follow my other blog know I have been through a trying time to read what that was about here is the address I hope I did it right sometimes I don’t.


I am still in Tucson waiting for a much-needed check to arrive from a title company on the aborted purchase of a house here in the “Old Pueblo” as they call it. I also have an item to pick up at Wal-Mart and then I can start packing my rig up to return to San Felipe MX. I worry about the hurricane that is molesting the peninsular as the rains may cause some problems there in San Felipe. I hope my little house does okay as I am not there to prepare it for the onslaught of rain water. Hopefully the damage will be slight if not well I’ll just have to get it fixed.


At any rate I should be back in my home in ten to fourteen days and getting back to my usual routine-I need that after what I have been through lately. It seems everything I touch has turned to brown smelly stuff! I need to get back to my usual, usual and recoup my losses and get on with living.


This trip has been one painful/upsetting thing after another and I need some tranquility and or what passes for normalcy in this crazy world. I need a few long walks on the beach listening to the waves come ashore, smell the salt air, have a cerveza or two or three, talk with some friends about nothing for a few hours and listen to their stories. I need to hear of other things other than what I have been hearing lately; doom and gloom, predictions of disaster, no and hell no, and all the rest of the crap that goes with America Inc.


That’s it for now it is late and I am exhausted from all the goings on lately. Maybe tonight I will sleep and not toss and turn …well I can hope right?


San Felipe, Baja California

San Felipe, Baja California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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Thinking about returning to Mexico

I have to get serious about getting ready to go back to my home in Mexico. I have some work that needs to be done on this RV such as the much needed talked about Tires! I should have taken care of that some time ago but got all caught up in the home buying bug that I put off buying tires because it was a big purchase that would have to be explained to the mortgage funding gurus. Of course that turned into debacle and is coming to an end. I did make a foray to Camper’s World which is now owned by Good Sam the not an RV club business. I had to buy a Good Sam Membership to get a discount and seeing as I was spending several hundred dollars it was worth it. I just hate all the dame junk mail GS sends you and they sell your information and address to every Tom Dick and Harriet so get even more junk mail. This time I fooled them I put in a bogus address. I had to use the correct phone number and of course used my U.S. cell phone number that doesn’t work in Mexico so I won’t be getting any sales calls either. I am always dismayed by the prices at Camper’s World most of the stuff just seems over priced to me and some of it you can buy at Walmart cheaper and I do. Some things I can see as being costly as it is RV specific such as tow bars and safety stuff. The refrigerators are outrageous for what they are and the new ones seem to have a lot of dissatisfied customers. I just hope mine doesn’t go out, $1400 is a lot to put out for a small fridge.

I did order some put it together yourself furniture for the house in Mexico it should be here by Saturday and the good news on the earnest money is that I am getting that back although I have to pay for the inspections and appraisal, oh well, like Daddy said “it costs to get an education the problem is some of us have to keep on paying”.

I will get going tomorrow and go down to the tire store and set up an appointment to get the tires replaced the following day. Hopefully there won’t be any un-expected issues with that deal. I will be getting more and more intense as I get closer to my departure for Mexico. I always think of all the things that can go wrong on such a long trip and by golly sometimes they do like the last trip. Hopefully it will be a safe trip with no issues.

Maybe I will take some photos of the tire replacement thing. I doubt if it will be very interesting changing  tires is rather boring unless the tire guys screw something up then it could get interesting in hurry.

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This is a RANT read it at ur own risk!

I came across a deal of a house in Tucson and was confident that it was a good investment and was pursuing purchase when I ran a afoul of the bureaucrats in corporate Amerika! First they were upset that I didn’t have a physical address here in the states. I know for a fact foreigners purchase real estate all the time in the U.S. how do they get away with it and I who has served in the military for over 21 years and receive retirement pay for it at the local bank here has to have a physical address? I live in an RV and travel when and where I feel like it using a mail service in South Dakota which is fine with SD. I have all my vehicles insured and registered there and I am a registered voter there of course until Mitt’s gang finds out and then my voter’s card will be torn up ! But that is another story. I finally convinced them that the address in SD was legal. Then the brown stuff hit the fan; I used to have a name I didn’t like and after I retired from the Army I changed my name I haven’t used that name in almost twenty years and yet the little bureaucrats want me to sign a form saying that was my name using my, to them, new name. Well I had enough of this crap and blew my top! I guess I got a little carried away or did I? What the hell business is it of anyone what I was called back in 1983? Why if I have been a very good credit consumer, and I have, should I have to dig up old documents and painful memories of the past?

So I called a halt to the proceedings and I am making plans to return to Mexico and my little house there to enjoy the company of friends and neighbors and let all this aggravation fade in my memory.

In my opinion Amerika has turned into a fascist state where anyone can demand to know anything about your private business or they can deny you services, credit, the right to vote, even own property. Someone is keeping tabs on your purchases and bank transfers even as little as a thousand dollars if it is done multiple times over a short period anything ten thousand dollars or more is recorded and may be investigated. Who will do the investigation? I don’t know! Supposedly the politicians are against big government so who would the investigators be? Bank corporations? The crooks that stole billions and got billions from the government?  All of this invasion of privacy and restrictions is causing me to not trust or like my country anymore and so many people are going along with it like …like sheeple! They say “WELL the government is just trying to protect us”…. really is it the government? Or is it corporations getting control of your private data to mine it for their purposes so they can control you in ways you would have never dreamed of. A few years ago I would have poo-poo’d this as some sort of imaginary conspiracy stuff, but I’ve changed my mind. We are screwed and the rich corporations and the rich guys running them are going to make sure we stay screwed. The little guy and gal working their ass off trying to keep a roof over the heads of their loved one and food on the table are too tired and stressed out to even imagine the bullshit that is now CORPORATE AMERIKA. JMHO. SCREW the Patriot Act and all the crap that followed it!

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