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Some more photos of my project

Here are some more photos of my new project a double wide on an acre of land in Vail AZ.

Just for reference the road to the place is rough I’ll need to buy a truck a car would get beaten to death on the road coming into the development. However that keeps the looky-loos out.

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New Project In Tucson

I have been searching for sometime for a home in the Tucson area and I have found one. Provided all goes well it looks as though I have bought a double wide manufactured home through HUD. The paperwork hasn’t been completed yet but it looks good. The house sits on an acre of land it is a 1997, three bedroom, den, two bath, 1500 sq. ft.. Of course it needs repairs as most HUD homes do and that would be my responsibility; even so the repairs are not drastic as far as I can tell right now. So I’m deep into dealing with real estate agents, agents for HUD, utility companies etc.


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I’m In Tucson AZ

I am staying with family here and it has been hot ! The trip from San Felipe was long, hot and boring. I drank a lot of fluid I thought but I still got deydrated and it took me a while to get my body fluids balanced out. I am fully involved in the family goings on here and got a great welcome by my new grandkids. They made welcome home sign with ballons for me and had been waiting all day for me to show up, there were lots of hugs all around.

I was driving the family’s pick-up and the serpentine¬†belt broke causing all sorts of problems, luckily I was not to far from the house and got there in time before any harm was done. I of course bought a new belt for the truck and few other things it needed and now the truck is running again.

I got my blood test done at my doctor’s office and go back and see him monday morning for the results. I’ll report on that business later.

The weather here is just to damn hot to be outside working on anything so any outside stuff I try to get done early in the morning before the heat gets built up. Even with that caution I get all sweaty sometimes as my body tries to cope with the heat.

Today we did a little shopping for food went and paid bills had breakfast at Village Inn and checked out getting a phone added to the family program with Verizon. The man at Verizon said they had a Mexico plan rather reasonable, but he wasn’t sure how that worked so I’ll talk with him Saturday.

So until later then….

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Morning went to $hit

I was getting ready to leave on my trip to Tucson and I went to the gas station. I was waiting behind a truck for my turn to fill up when the this big ASS truck backed into my rig !!! The passenger side windshield is destroyed and the front of the motor home is dented. This is going to be a big pain in the ass finding another windshield and getting it installed if one can be found. The trucking company owner said he would pay for it. I just know this is going to be a long drawn out affair.

So this is an update my left leg was giving me a lot of pain, I didn’t think it was broken but something wasn’t right so I went to see the doctor at the clinic. I get an x-ray and consult. Nothing is broken but my knees are in poor shape and my tibia and femur are not aligned properly, most likely this has been a problem for quite some time and this mornings gymnastics caused this problem to get worse. So now I’m home with my leg up and ice on my leg to alleviate some of the pain and swelling. The doctor was concerned about my blood pressure effecting my kidneys and that I had a, from time to time, an elevated sugar count. All of this will be items for discussion with my doctors when I get to Tucson.

I also found a windshield that should fit my RV. It is located in Phoenix and will cost $500. I’ll go to Phoenix and pick it and visit a friend at the same time. Then I’ll bring the windshield back to San Felipe and have the body work done so it will be able to replace the broken windshield.

So the adventure goes on …..

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