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Time to move on

I have been visiting family in Idaho and I have had a wonderful time, I am going to miss everybody, but it is time to move on and get serious about making plans to move to Mexico. So, we are packing up today and heading south tomorrow. I plan to take it slow and easy as the heat is still high south of Idaho and there is no sense in rushing into the heat.

I may stop at the Grand Canyon then again all plans are written in Jello 🙂

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Spanish Language Learning

Spanish language flags

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I think I am driving myself crazy ! I am trying to teach myself Spanish and I am having difficulties. I don’t seem to be able to recall the meaning of certain words easily, actually is very difficult and frustrating. This shouldn’t be a big deal to learn these words or phrases, but to me it is. I wonder if it is a mental block or something ? Maybe I am going about learning these words the wrong way. They are simple words  and phrases; parece que = it seems like, cualquiera de = either, tampoco= neither. How have other students remembered these simple words ? Maybe I am trying to hard ? Ya, right 😦

I wish I had a brain that would be more pliable and remember stuff more easily, it sure would make life a lot easier.

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My Birthday was yesterday

And I celebrated with family here in Idaho. I had my grandchildren around me and I had a wonderful dinner with them and my other relatives here. Dinner was chili relenos with homemade beans and rice with rice pudding for desert. I was stuffed after dinner just like the chili’s. It was a fun evening with lots of hugs to go around.

I am surprised to be here and in as good a shape as I am, not that I am in such great shape, but I am able to travel and enjoy life. I remember people of my age when I was growing up as being in terrible health and needing a lot of help getting around, thanks to modern medicine I don’t usually have those problems and I can look forward to a few more years of active life style! I hope anyway.

I will post some photos later.

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Now in level four of Fluenz Spanish

Level four in Fluenz Spanish is about the past tense and reflexive verbs. Reflexive verbs don’t exist in english so this is a different concept and there is no way to relate it to something in english as I see it is something you do to yourself or something somebody did to themselves. Then there is the whole conjugation thing and what to do with the pronouns…… my head spins just thinking about it. However we shall perceiver and do our best to learn about these things and maybe eventually learn to use them correctly (maybe).

I am understanding past tense better, however using it is another story! I’ll just try and do my best with it an see what develops.

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Strange-dreaming in Spanish this morning !

Rain, Rainy weather

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Early this morning as the rain was hitting the roof of my RV I was in that in-between state of being asleep-dreaming-awaking and I was conversing in my head in both English and Spanish. I have no idea if my word combinations were correct in Spanish, but I thought I was making sense talking about the rain and how to say it is raining and that I was waking-up and playing with word combinations and working verb conjugations. All this before my first cup of coffee in the morning ! Either I have been studying to much or the studying has begun to take hold ( I wish). I have heard of folks dreaming in their new language as some sort of milestone, I hope that is so with me, this would please me very much.

If nothing else, this morning’s event has me eager to continue on with my Spanish lessons hopefully to increase my abilities to dream in Spanish without the use of English.

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