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Some photos;

Outdoor entertainment area at the B&B

Outdoor entertainment area at the B&B

Grotto at the B&B

Grotto at the B&B

Garden at the B&B

Garden at the B&B

Garden at the B&B

Garden at the B&B

I am staying at this lovely B&B in Lake Chapala Mexico I have a very nice room and the hosts are very kind. ย I like it here. Today the weather about 72 degrees with a very light breeze the Canaries are singing their hearts out to keep up with the easy listening music being played on the satellite TV. Lovely.

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I got wet

Tonight I went out for dinner at a local restaurant and I was surprised by the chill in the air. Earlier today it was very warm here in Guadalajara and cloudy. I haven’t seen that in a while. So when I went to dinner the drop in temperature caught me by surprise. Also there was a light breeze which may have accounted for the perceived chill. I usually sit under the umbrellas at this restaurant, but tonight’s breeze altered my decision and I used the upstairs dinning room. I wasn’t the only one as there were three or four couples there already. I ordered my food and coffee and as I looked out over the plaza with the usual friday night crowd a flash caught my eye. I waited and then it happened again. It was lightening from a storm quite aways off. I could tell it was far away as I couldn’t hear the thunder. Still I didn’t waste time when my food came I got down to business as I knew there was very little shelter on the walk back to the hotel.

After dinner I went to a local bakery for desert; a chocolate croissant and some cookies for the night desk clerk. I was almost to the hotel, I just had to turn the corner to the street the hotel is on and a half a block and I would be inside when the rain started to come down. I stepped into the corner store and with two other people we shared the doorway for a while hoping that the rain would stop or at least let up. I could see the rain in the street lights and the headlights of the passing cars and it looked heavy to me. Eventually I gave up waiting for the rain to stop and staying close to the sides of the buildings I scurried to the hotel all the while wishing I had my umbrella.

Upon entering the hotel I could hear the rain hitting the plastic roof-cover over the center patio and then I heard the thunder. The sound of rain on a roof is something I have not heard often lately and yet, in its own way, is comforting to hear. I enjoyed my chocolate croissant and got chocolate all over my hand because it was gushing out of the croissant, so I licked it off ! Yum!

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Almost done

Tomorrow, friday, will be my last day of Spanish school today went by so fast it was over in a blink of an eye. I went to a different place for breakfast this morning. Here are some photos;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow I pack my stuff and get ready to go to Lake Chapala and more adventures ๐Ÿ™‚








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Start of the Last Week of School

Last night I had dinner with other guests at a restaurant over looking the plaza in front of a church near the hotel. The plaza was just filling up with people and venders by the time we finished dinner it was dark and the plaza was full of people and there was music and the smell of food cooking. Our dinner was delicious and the company very nice.

On to the last week of school, my schedule has been changed to afternoon classes and I will have a new teacher. I am not sure what to expect this week I’m still stunned from the previous three weeks. I know I’m learning something I just can’t express it yet. I need some coaching in speaking Spanish so I’ve signed up with a program on line called ITALKI. This program matches you up with teachers and coaches in the language you’re trying to learn and have conversations using SKYPE. I will try this out when I get to a place were the WIFI is faster and more reliable and post about my experiences.

Here are a couple of photos of last nights plaza gathering


My hand must have moved this is a bit fuzzy


The start of the plaza gathering by dark it was full of people


This is the restaurant I was on the second floor having dinner when I took the photos of the plaza

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A Photo Tour Of My Neighborhood

I took some photos this morning of some of the businesses in my neighborhood there is more to follow later. It is a nice neighborhood even if it has graffiti. I found it interesting that most of the cars are newer cars not many old cars.


The dark grey building is the hospital I went to for the Cardiologist appointment.


This is the entrance and you can just see the plants inside it very nice inside
This is a restaurant across from the hospital nice place to have dinner or treat

The red building has restaurant upstairs with Oaxacan specialties



These bikes are part of the city bike program


Join the program for 365 pesos pay a peso a day drop it off at any of their sites.

These are local restaurants and cafe’s the El Gato is interesting in that all the decorations are cats but no live cats.


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Somedays part 2

I saw the Cardiologist this afternoon at a very nice looking hospital the EKG tech was so handsome. I got an EKG and consult for 675 pesos or $36. The Cardiologist changed my meds and how I take the meds as now my blood pressure is too low (110/60. I hope this evens out this weekend and I can get back to my normal. I love this country besides the lower cost of living doctors take time with you and explain what and why they are doing things even give you their cell phone number in case you need them. I still get tired hoping this change in meds helps.
I took another exam today in Spanish and I blew it this is too much too fast still I’m learning something just can’t prove it on the exam. On top of that my health problem didn’t help; two coordinators for the school checked on me today while in class I was impressed with their thoughtfulness.

After the appointment with the Dr. I went across the street to the plaza in front of a big church, there is this cute restaurant there with tables that have umbrellas and I had a treat and just sat and watch the sun start to go down.

Tomorrow I aim to take some photos of the neighborhood surprisingly there are a lot of late-model cars in this town very few clunkers.

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I scare the hell out of myself-for some foolish reason I left my medications at home and as a result I have been feeling very tired and very weak. Tonight I felt even worse so I, get this, walked over to the local pharmacy to see the doctor there. A lot of pharmacies in Mexico have doctors in offices for minor ailments. I tell him my problems in my third grade Spanish and he gets a concerned look on his face, takes my medical history and blood pressure, it is to high. He recommends a Cardiologist and he has me call this specialist at night on his cell phone. The Cardiologist tells me what medications to buy at the pharmacy and makes an appointment over the phone to see him at his office tomorrow for an exam and consult; he says be sure to take the medication and if needed use my nitro tabs too.

The doctor at the pharmacy didn’t charge me for the consultation it is free and the medications, 20 days worth, cost me 248 pesos for four prescriptions. I love Mexico meds are cheap doctors are accessible on their cell phones what more can you ask? I’m back at the hotel in my room and I’ve taken the medications. I figure if I can walk back and forth to the pharmacy twice the odds are I’ll be okay. Sometimes being forgetful and or stupid doesn’t pay off. After the visit with the Cardiologist I’ll give an update on how that went.

As for school I’m being bombarded with more compilex grammar and it is a lot to remember and use. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not going to know all this stuff this trip, some of it will stick, but not as much as I want. There are limits to how much and how fast I can absorb information and I think I’ve exceeded my limit. I will soldier on and do my best.

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Half Way Point

I have been in Guadalajara for two weeks now and nine days of school which comes out to 26 hours of face to face instruction as I’m still the only student! It looks as though that will continue for another week. In some ways it is good in others not so good. One doesn’t learn from the mistakes of others you have to learn from your own mistakes. This past week I had two hours a day of class with a teacher and spent an hour a day with other students in a conversation class; half in english and half in spanish. I wasn’t to sure about this conversation class as what would I say? Most of the students are very young and at least half are Korean. I did get to say something and what the class does is get you to speak on your own. Sure you make a lot of mistakes and so do the other students and yet we communicate. I also got to use the computer lab and in some ways that is helpful and in other ways frustrating as the information you’re looking for you are unable to find, at least for me.

I get to school everyday early and work in the computer lab and review my homework. Yes, there is homework assigned. It isn’t a lot but it does reenforce the lessons. Some of the topics such the Cinema I have no knowledge about; they talk of European Cinema; directors and actors and I don’t know anything about who is who in this field and what is more I don’t care. To play along with the program I look up on the internet as to who is who and what awards they have won to at least look compliant with the program. Aren’t I such a nice person? I still don’t give hoot if they won Oscars or BAFs or what ever. By the way this is mostly in Spanish with some subtle help from the teacher so sometimes I’m not sure why we are talking about these people, other than it give us something to talk about in Spanish.

I have been enjoying the neighborhood I live in it is the “Old Town” of Guadalajara very close to the U. of Guadalajara. There are lots of restaurants a few bars and a real middle-class neighborhood. I went into a local bistro the other night and the theme in this place was Cats! There were ceramic cats, photos of cats and everything cat, but a live cat! The place was almost full of people, it didn’t look like it from the outside but inside there were lots of small rooms with tables and chairs and sofas and folks eating and drinking and what appeared to me to be a meeting of a book club. These people all had the same book in their hands and each one would discuss something and another would put in their bit in turn. This town is very book oriented. There are bookstores both new and old some right next to each other all over this district and it isn’t unusual to see folks carry a book or enjoying a read in a restaurant or park bench.

Today being saturday I had off from class and I went shopping (imagine that) and so did the whole city ! The streets and sidewalks were crowded with people and traffic the plazas and restaurants, stores were full of people coming and going carrying bags and stuff. I got right into it with them and found a place with my size and the stuff I bought was on sale! I got four new tops for three hundred pesos at 19×1 you figure it out it was a deal! In short I had a wonderful day shopping and having lunch out with the rest of Guadalajara ย and best of all using my Spanish ๐Ÿ™‚

Next week is the start of my third week and I just know things are going to get more complicated as we head into parts of Spanish I have no idea about, oh well that’s why I’m here.


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Sunday 070216

About three blocks from the hotel is a church and plaza and across from the church are several restaurants I had an omelet in one on the second floor this morning. The coffee was a little unusual as it had cinnamon in it and with milk and sugar it was good with breakfast this morning.

After breakfast I went for a walk around the church plaza and got see the vendors there and there are quite a few. I have some photos of them.


This the church and being Sunday there were a lot of Masses being said and the music was nice. In the foreground there are vendors


More vendors selling different stuff some sell Indian crafts others food.


Book venders book selling in Guadalajara is popular and I see folks with real books in their hands reading.

Later in the day I made another tour of a nearby neighborhood and found a new, to me, restaurant that piqued my interest its claim to fame was roasted Cabrito. Around the corner from this restaurant was a little place where there were three small cafe’s I decided to enjoy a Latte and a crape with nuts and cream sauce it was delicious. I went back to that restaurant for dinner.


first shot of a restaurant I was curious about.


Restaurant Nuevo Leon where I had dinner it was Cabrito and it was delicious


This is were I had lates and a crepe yes those are lovers in the corner

I did some study today and I’m sure it wasn’t enough so I’ll get scolded when I get to school tomorrow, oh well ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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I took a day off

I had breakfast here at the hotel and I went to the corner store and bought some laundry soap and used the hotel’s machine to do load of laundry. Of course the machine’s directions are in Spanish and I didn’t have a clue how to operate the washing machine a young man who works here came over and set the machine up for me. He also cleaned the lint out of the drier so it would be ready for my clothes. By the time my clothes were done I was ready to go for a walk and do some shopping.

About nine blocks from the hotel is a shopping area there is a whole street blocked off and at either end is a plaza. The area was crowded with shoppers and there are stores of almost every description. I saw some ladies go by with a big dish of ice-cream with chocolate sauce on it and sprinkles and all of a sudden I wanted one. The ice-cream stand was very close and I resisted the temptation to get the same size as the ladies had and settled for the smaller dish. I found a bench to sit and enjoy the dessert and watch the people go by. It is very nice that there benches conveniently located in shopping areas here it keeps the shoppers rested and gives the locals a place to watch the comings and goings.

I did a little shopping myself. I got some goodies to take back to the hotel to munch on and I bought a pretty gold scarf and some silver-colored earrings. I thought the prices were reasonable. I also had lunch; a Greek Salad and a soda. I think I’ve been neglectful of eating veggies lately and I hope the salad makes up for it. When I came across a coffee Cafe I had a Latte and it was delicious I would like another.

I ambled on back to the hotel and left a plate of chocolate chip cookies at the front desk for anyone to enjoy the two youngsters manning the desk had helped me before and the helped themselves right away. I guess it is the Grandma in me I enjoyed doing that.

I used Spanish in the shops and only once did I not know what was said and later I realized what was said and felt foolish as I know the phrase well. Sometimes my brain takes a break.

Here are a few photos; of the plaza at the end of the shopping area;

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