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I found ’em

It took me a while, I had to retrace my steps to all the places I had been the Deli, the Super-Market, the Vet’s Office, the Plant Nursery then the Mail forwarding office as soon as I got the words out of my mouth the young lady behind the desk opened a desk drawer and took out my keys! I didn’t think I was stressing to badly over this, but I guess I was wrong because the sense of relief was very strong. I celebrated by having lunch out and enjoyed every bite.

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I’ve done it to myself again :(

I wish I had the hours and hours I have spent looking for something I have misplaced like Keys! I have spent the evening looking for a big ring of keys that I purposely made big so I could find them easier… well against all odds I have lost them!

I’ll have to back track for the last couple of days and see if I left them someplace like a store, restaurant, office, gas station or???

Because I lose the $&##&& Keys so often I have duplicates of most of the keys except for the mail box and the lower compartments on the RV, which in its self is a wonder that I was so clever…Ya Right :/

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Some days are bummers

This morning I got up early about 5;45 and had a very light breakfast and then watered the plants and trees. I fed the fur kids, made my bed, loaded the car with my laundry and took a rest. When I got up and began my trip to the laundry all was fine. It was when I crossed the highway that I knew something was wrong with the car. The motor raced and the I could see the RPMs rising quickly but couldn’t feel any acceleration of the vehicle. as soon as it was safe I returned to Pete‘s camp; fully expecting my car to stop and go no further at any moment. By keeping the speed low like 10mph I managed to get to the garage there where one of the mechanics I know had a preliminary look at the vehicle. The first diagnoses is the transmission is fried. The guys at the shop will have a better look at the car tomorrow and give me the final word. I think I know what it will be the transmission is a goner. To repair it will cost more than the car is worth so good-bye old car, darn this hurts the pocket-book.

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One of those getting old moments

Ever have one of those moments when you cannot deny that your life has changed ? Today I went to the plant nursery and bought a tree. The tree was to big for my car so the man there said he would deliver it to my house for a small fee and I agreed. To make a long story short he and his co-worker got to my house before I did and he had checked out my other trees I just bought from him and he had redone the tree wells around them to hold the water better. He wanted to know where the other tree was going and I showed them where I had dug a hole for it. The smiled and went right to work making the hole twice as deep and wide and had the tree in the hole and watered in just a few minutes. It would have taken me several hours and I wouldn’t have done as good a job! I realized then that my days of muscling through something were past I’m old and slow, not strong anymore. I feel a bit sad about that and a little fearful. I could always count on my body being able to work long and sometime hard when I wanted it to, but those days have faded away. Getting hold sometime just plain sucks!

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Busy day in San Felipe

I never thought I would be busy once I retired-was I ever wrong:) Today started early about 5:30 in the morning when “Mother” decided I had to get up and take care of business. I checked the weather and was surprised to note that it was cool outside (70). I got my breakfast of english muffin and tea and fed the fur kids. Once my stomach stopped complaining it was hungry I made the bed swept out the house and started watering the trees and bushes. I noted I was getting low on water again, I have been using an unusual amount of water because of the new plants and trees trying to get them established. However, several trees look in distress, something has attacked my bougainvillea bushes, a few days ago I borrowed some spray to defend the bushes and trees. When I saw my neighbor in her yard working on her garden I returned the spray and tools I borrowed. In this area during the summer we often get our gardening done as early as possible before the heat and humidity gets high.

I loaded the car with the RV towing parts to take to the garage to get the tow ball changed to the new towing apparatus and also loaded up the trash. I went inside to check my email had more tea and took a shower got dressed and got ready to take Shelby my lab to the vet for her appointment. On the way to the Vet’s I stopped and dropped off my trash and signed up for water delivery. The vet is in town and he doesn’t speak english to well and I don’t speak spanish to well but somehow we communicate. Shelby’s fatty tumor is looking better, but surgery at her age is risky so I am going to not do it . She has some new cream and we’ll see how it goes-the site of the tumor looks better, ugly but better.

I stopped at the vet store across the street  after the vet appointment and got kitty litter for the other fur kid and went to the pharmacy for some meds for Shelby. Then we went to the gasoline station for some fuel and headed to our house which is out of the village a few miles. Before going to the house I stopped at the market for a few things and then went to the garage to get that ball changed over on the towing rig.I talked with the mechanic about some things I needed looking after on the RV and made an appointment for next week to bring it in and have him look at it, nice having a mechanic in the neighborhood.

After the garage we went home unloaded Shelby, and stuff from the car and it was time for lunch. After lunch I was sleepy so I took a siesta for over an hour. I love retirement need a nap take a nap. After siesta time I got up did some light house work (the only kind I do) and got on-line to check my email and annoy people 🙂 Then it was time to feed the fur kids their dinner and think about what to have or where to have my dinner tonight. Tough life EH?

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Decisions, Decisions

Making plans to visit family in Idaho it is cheaper to fly than drive my motorhome, but I can’t bring my fur kids on the plane so I am looking for a sitter and not finding one so it looks like I may drive to Idaho instead of fly.

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@#$#% Damn bugs, damn hackers :(

I have been bugged lately first someone hacked my email so I had to do damage control on that issue, then bugs almost destroyed my new plants that were doing so well and attacked a tree I just planted too. I had to resort to using bug spray to save the plants and tree. I don’t like using bug spray but if I didn’t they plants would surely die and they were doing so well. Hopefully the spray works and kills the &%$#@ damn bugs and the plants and trees come back strong. (sigh)

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Beautiful Weather Here In San Felipe

The weather for the past week or so has been beautiful, as far as I am concerned, night time temperatures have been in the seventies and the daytime temperatures have been in the high eighties and low nineties with a gentle breeze, humidity in the 50% range. The sky is cloudless and the sunshine is bright. Sitting on my veranda is such a pleasure feeling the gentle breeze and hearing the doves coo to one another. My pets laze about without a care.

Yesterday I went to town to buy dog food, cat litter, trees and dirt. At the break of dawn I had gotten up and started digging holes for the trees and when I got home I planted the trees and gave them lots of water. My neighbor who has a fabulous garden advises me on what to plant and how much water the plants need. I sure was tired after digging and planting.

This morning I gave all the plants a lot of water especially the trees as the ground they went in was dry and I am sure the water is being sucked away from the roots by the dry soil. In reality there is no soil it is sand and has no nourishment to give the plants. I add soil that I buy at the nursery. That and plant food gives the plants some nourishment. The trees I planted are; one Algedon and two ficus both are supposed to grow here. It seems weird to plant a ficus outside and expect it to be a real tree, but such is done here and they are beautiful trees. The Algedon trees grow huge with time and water and their leaves are very large.

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Vet Visit In San Felipe

San Felipe, Baja California

San Felipe, Baja California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shelby my old labrador had a visit with one of the local vet’s here in San Felipe this morning. She had a large sore on her back that wasn’t healing and looking rather grim. The vet gave her an exam and said that it was a fatty tumor and it had incapsulated. She got several meds to take and a cream for me to message her wound with and then we go back for a visit on the 15th to see how this looks. If she is getting better no surgery if not she will have the tumor cut out. She is home resting after her ordeal of having this thing cleaned up and the trip to a strange vet’s office. The charge for the office visit and two medications and a shot was $90.00 U.S. payable by check or cash. Not cheap but not as much as I would have paid in the states either.

The lady who was the receptionist at the Vet’s office used to live in Nogales AZ where I worked for many years. I was in Customs and she was in Border Patrol yet our paths never crossed. We had a nice chat.


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Making Plans to go north

I am making plans to go north, how far north ? To Idaho eventually maybe all the way to Canada and then down to Idaho and back through Tucson and then return to San Felipe. I haven’t figured it all out yet. Just mulling over some ideas in my brain. I also have been thinking of an alternate route going up the coastal highway to the Canadian border and follow the border to Idaho and then south. Just kicking around some ideas for now. I have to get the RV ready it needs some things looked after so it goes into the shop in a few days. I also have to get my towing rig set up and working so it is safe and legal.

The idea of going up the coast of California sounds more interesting as I haven’t done that before and it should be an interesting trip. Or so I think. I ordered a part today for towing my GEO Tracker it might be here in a week or two. Once it is here I can hook up the Tracker and check the lights and see how it feels pulling with the RV. I also need new tires for the RV that’s going to be expensive 😦

We’ll see how it all works out.

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