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My Guesthouse Project Continues


My guesthouse project is slowly coming together. I employed workers to build a Palapa over the Airstream to protect it from the weather and especially the Sun. The Sun here is very strong and made the inside of the Airstream very hot very quickly. Being an older unit I imagine that there are leaks somewhere and after the men walking on the roof I am certain of it. So a roof over the unit is called for, in keeping with the Mexican theme of my garden I chose a Palapa style. Palapas are made of palm leaves on a frame so thousands of palms had to be bought, trimmed and screwed to a frame built over the Airstream. Here a few photos of this project so far.

first the steel frame had to be built and welded into place sometimes four or five men had to work on it at a time. This took several days



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Then the palms had to be trimmed, cut to length and screwed to the frame which had wooden slats screwed to the steel frame work. This took several more days. Here are more photos of that procedure.



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Then the wall and steps had to be built.

Below is how the Airstream / Guesthouse is looking right now. More work to be done and more photos too.


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