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My little adventure

This is a little story about my trip to the US.

I’m lucky that I live close enough to the border with the US that I can use my medical insurance and Medicare, while I still have it. I had an appointment with my US Doctor about some x-rays on my hip and a follow up on another problem. I also needed to go to my Broker’s Office, the closest one was in San Diego. I needed some tax documents to finish my US taxes and I had upset the Security Folks at Charles Schwab because I didn’t know the answers to the security questions they asked to reset my password. Seems they gather information from databases from all over the US. I can tell you these databases are not complete nor are they accurate. I was forced to go to the nearest Charles Schwab office to get my 1099 which was in San Diego CA! So here is the story about that trip!


I’m in San Diego at the Howard Johnson’s Motel just off the I-8, exit 5. How I got here is a long story. The trip to and through the border was uneventful. I got to the Doctor’s office on time then the waiting started. I waited an hour to be taken in and given the usual blood pressure temp pulse weight thing Then I waited for another half an hour more. I was wondering if I was being put on hold on purpose when the Doctor showed up. I was informed that I have Osteoarthritis in both hips and that it is not in its worst stage but at some point maybe five years from now I’ll have to have a hip replaced. The pain and weakness going down my leg is another story and she recommends that I have another MRI. Basically, she said there is nothing they can do for the Arthritis other than pain medication. The MRI may show a nerve being blocked or about to be blocked causing pain in my leg and weakness. We also discussed my another problem and she prescribed a medication and warned me it was expensive. I went to Walmart and checked the price and was floored, it has a copay of $300 dollars! And, I have really good insurance! I declined the prescription, my problem isn’t that bad, yet.

By now the time has slipped by and I have to get on the road to San Diego. I got gas and headed to SD and got here about 4 pm. But the exits to my destination were closed! I tried getting to Charles Schwab but the traffic was at a standstill. I pulled in to Motel 6 and found the there had been a gas main break and the whole area had been under evacuation orders and no rooms were available for five miles. So back out into traffic again and it was crazy. I found Howard Johnson’s and they had a room and it was under the corporate group as Travel Lodge and I have their club card so I got a discount of about $17! I had dinner at the nearest restaurant they had the dryest meatloaf I’ve had in years! So now I’m waiting for tomorrow to see if the roads are open to Charles Schwab so I can get my tax info and get back to San Felipe.

This is the following day and all is well or so I think. Last night I couldn’t sleep if it wasn’t one thing it was another that bugged me from a light in the bathroom that stayed on to bright to some lady walking back and forth in high heels and another talking loudly till after 2am! I got about three maybe four hours sleep. In the morning I went for the so-called breakfast, and was informed it was against the rules to take food out of the breakfast area! When I checked in I was told to sign a page, a whole page of rules, but the page was not given to me so I’m supposed to know the rules with just one glance? I was glad to leave that place and find the Charles Schwab office which now that the emergency is over with was not that difficult and the ladies there were very nice. My 1099 is thirty-two pages long! I’ve seen budgets for a government office shorter than that! Once the 1099 was in hand I stopped at Denny’s for a real breakfast and as quickly as I could I got on the on the road and out of San Diego! All the traffic made me nervous and stressed I’m not used to Freeway traffic and not knowing the area I was getting a bit frustrated.

I’m home now in San Felipe where I belong nice and calm. My kitty was glad to see me. I sure am tired and a little hungry as I skipped lunch today. I think I will go to town and have dinner there and cool down my emotions from all the driving and stress.

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