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Trip to the Old Country

I am in the “Old Country”. I did the journey in one day not two as I usually do. I left as early as I could from San Felipe and got to the border about 9am. I finally crossed the border and cleared Customs around 11am and proceeded to Yuma for lunch and fuel. I left Yuma after fueling up and headed north on I-8. As a side note; Yuma seemed quite busy to me more traffic and people than I remembered, maybe I’m used to our little Pueblo and was in culture shock.

I stopped at Dateland for a date shake, I really enjoy date shakes and dates from their orchard. The travel center has some nice gifts and other refreshments as well, I encourage anyone traveling to stop and enjoy a break there.

I got to Casa Grande in good shape and fueled up again for the final leg of the trip to Vail AZ. I called ahead to Samantha and offered dinner at the Triple T truck stop and she accepted. We had dinner there and remarked how our appetites had changed over the years and that we ate so little now.

The trip to the house was uneventful and we stayed up late catching up on our lives eventually going to bed around mid-night. All and all a good trip. 

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Trip report

Made it up to Calexico and El Centro and back in the old red car not even a burp from the old car. As usual getting my prescription wasn’t entirely smooth. The pharmacy didn’t have enough of one of my prescriptions to fill it and I forgot to order another so the extra day saved me from a return trip.

Basically I spent a lot of money and have little to show for it. I found that the prices of a lot of things in the US have gone up noticeably. I did get some food items I have a craving for and nixed some other items because I have to lose a lot of weight. It seems with age and now a bad back I am gaining weight. I have given up sugar, bread, beer, rice, potatoes and (gasp) sodas. I sure hope I start to lose weight soon as I really need to get these excess pounds off my body. Being overweight and having a bad back and arthritis in my hips and knees is not a good combination.

While in the “Old Country” I found the traffic to be heavy and fast I guess I’m used to living in a small village that only on occasion has what can be called traffic. I wasn’t comfortable with all the people while shopping either-I’m spoiled for sure. The stores are so big and if you don’t know your way around you can get a lot of exercise walking back and forth looking for what you want. Another-words I was happy to get back to San Felipe to the peace and quiet (for now).

Today the wind started up early coming out of the North and for most of the day it blew over 25mph picking up sand and in general making a mess of things. Breakfast in town was interesting as it was Al Fresco and it was hard to keep the napkins on the table, we all left before the wind got worse.

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Headed to the Old Country

I need to get some prescriptions refilled and do a little shopping so I’m going north to visit what I call the “Old Country”. I hope my old car makes the trip it is getting old and like me has few issues :-/

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