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New Year’s Eve 2011

Nice day here, last night got chilly this morning the sun came up over the horizon nice and red ready to warm up the day and it did its job rather well. All day long until the sun went down it was a lovely day sunny and warm. I had lunch in town with a fellow camper and we sat outside and ate lunch in San Felipe. I also got some shopping done and learned were the pet supply store was. I also found a doctor’s office. I got fresh tortillas at the tortilla factory hot off the press. I was shown were there was a donut shop which is nice just in case I should ever need one.

This evening there was an impromptu group that sat in front of my rig and chatted for and hour or so about San Felipe and fellow campers who used to come here and all the past shinanigans that went on during other New Year’s Eves. Although it is the big night so far it has been quiet that won’t last as the night wears on there will be lots of fireworks.

I finally hooked up my city water and tested my rig for leaks. I had been worried about doing that as when I have the on board pump on every twenty minutes or so it comes on for few seconds so somewhere it is losing pressure. I never saw a leak but the pump coming on made me think there was one. So far the city water has been on for hours and no leak 🙂  The hot water heater works on electricity now and there are no leaks in the pipes … great!

The photo up loader isn’t cooperating tonight. I’ll modify this post when it is and show you my latest photos.



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What I found today

Arcos de san felipe

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I took a ride with a lady who is camped here today and we went to a health food store and it turns out the lady who owns the store is going to be my neighbor on the same street that the lot I am buying is located. We had a nice chat about living here in San Felipe and she and her husband are happy living at Pete’s Camp. She can special order items for me that I might run out of so that will be nice to have a resource to get those odd items the local stores don’t carry.

The same lady told us about a lab that does medical tests and she has had her tests done there and is pleased with their level of expertise and costs, so I may have my blood work done there in the future. On the way back to camp we stopped at a store that is a thrift store that supports the care of animals in San Felipe. They take in donations and sell them to make money to pay for spay and neuter clinics as well as treatment of stray animals.

The more I get around the more things I find that I like about this little town.

Foggy Morning at the lighthouse

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Beautiful Day here In SF


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Image by powerplantop via Flickr

Another great day with lots of sunshine and little wind made for a pleasant day I even wore shorts 🙂 This is unusual because it has been cold here, although with the Canadians they don’t seem to mind it so much as I do, they usually wear shorts and tee shirt even when I am shivering. Off the beach about a hundred meters this morning were dolphins they looked like they were hunting fish. They were moving from the north to the south. I was wishing that I was closer to get a picture of them but they were to far away for my camera to get a good photo

I got a lot of housekeeping stuff done today sorting out my food and re-storing the can goods so I don’t have to do a hunt and seek operation to find something. I also defrosted the fridge-I had been planning to do that for a while and just never got ambitious enough to actually do the job. It doesn’t take that long to do and it needs to be done to keep the fridge running efficiently.

I made my version of fried rice and peppers today for lunch and it came out very good had just enough left over for another meal. Tonights dinner will be boiled potatoes and carrots with cabbage and corn tortillas. I have some yellow corn tortillas that need to be used up so I’ll put them in with the boiling vegetables and that will add another flavor to the dish sort of like tortilla soup without the beans. The corn tortillas are very versatile I use them frequently and they have less lard or none if get the right ones. Corn tortillas and beans will keep you alive add avacado to the filling and what ever you have will be a rich meal indeed.

I got an email from my real estate agent this morning about the lot I am buying saying the owner of the campo was still out of town and not due to return till after new years. I don’t know if the deal will go through until the owner comes back or if he has someone that can do the paper work in his stead. I suppose it all will work out in the end. I am thinking about the things that have to be done to the lot to make it usable and the list is growing, I’ll write out a list of things to be done tonight and see how it looks to me.

Late this afternoon it got a overcast and cooled off-not as nice as this morning. Social hour was less well attended tonight than in the past I guess folks had other things to do.

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I sent wrong address

I don’t know why but I sent people the wrong address to this site so here is the correct address;

My Skype handle is Juliasanfelipe if anyone is interested.

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Christmas Day

Dawn San Felipe

Last night my dog Shelby was sick and needed to go outside several times. So, I was up later and more often than usual. While I was up and outside the explosions from the fire works was obvious not as many as in other places in Mexico, but enough good bangers to  make it an occasion. The sky was crystal clear and the stars were out making the scene almost like a painting. The tide came in very high last night within 10 meters or less of my rig.

Today the residents are having a feast fried turkey and the trimmings; I won’t be partaking in eating as all of it is either animal or has animal products in it. so I have been staying away from temptation. I did contribute some items for the feast as a good neighbor should.

I loaded SKYPE onto my computer today and it seems to work. All I need now is someone to call or call me and I’ll know that it works. If Skype works horray for technology 😀

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Christmas Eve 2011

Here I am on christmas eve 2011, I have been camped here in San Felipe at the Kiki RV park for a month. It doesn’t seem that long I guess I am having fun. My fellow campers are mostly Canadians who spend most of the winter down here at this park year after year. There are a few Americans who are camped here one comes every year and has his spot all decked out with a full kitchen under his ramada. Most of the Canadian‘s are more conservatively kitted out. Other  Americans here are in such big rigs they are only accommodated by taking up several spaces along the fence effectively blocking several sites.

I have decided to buy into a camp here and build my own permanent winter camp/home near the beach. I feel a little anxious about doing so because of the risk. I think spending my winters here and summers in the mountains is the way to go at this time. The place I bought into is called Pete’s Camp and it has been functioning for decades. The lot is bare bones except for a septic tank and electric pedestal and a couple of thousand little thorny plants that have to be removed. How all this will work out is going to be interesting to say the least.

So, on to another adventure and more learning …..

Oh yes, the locals are blasting fireworks tonight something I have come to expect here in Mexico just one of those traditions that makes Mexico fascinating.

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What a day thursday was

The sun came up nice and bright looked like it was going to be a nice warm day-then the wind started and hasn’t stopped blowing. The wind made it feel cold here even though the sun was shining brightly.

The real estate agent came here to the RV park and picked me up and we went to view some listings. We visited several listing that I was interested in; the first was a cottage that looked as though it were made for Cape Cod the owner wouldn’t shut up and kept running Mexico down at every turn the whole visit turned into a bummer and gave me a headache. The second place was a lot with electric service and a septic installed. We talked to the lady next door and she was a wealth of information about the neighborhood and the builder of their house. The next listing was of a double wide, not my favorite type of house. from the moment I entered the house I knew something was not right the floor was not level and the tiles all over the house were coming up off of the sub-flooring and there was water stains on the wall in the living room and right in the middle of the work island in the kitchen was a puddle of water! I scratched that off my list right there. Then we hunted down a lot with a small building, septic and water tank. After discussing the cost of purchasing the property I crossed that of the list as the closing costs and bank trust would cost around $7,000 for a $10,000 piece of property I was not happy with that price. So I went back to the lot and had a look at it and thought it over as to what I could do with the lot. The closing costs are negligible but I would only be leasing the property not owning, then again I wouldn’t be paying for a bank trust every year either. Most of the neighbors have been there for a decade or more and seemed quite happy with the place and we are only a few streets from the beach 🙂

So I asked my agent to contact the seller and see what he would take for the lot. It was already advertised at $7,000 but it looked like the sign had been there for a long time so maybe the owner was ready to deal. We shall see. So now I wait and see what the Real Estate agent finds out about the lot and what the ifs ands and buts are with buying it. I have, in my mind’s eye started planning ways to develop the lot so I can put my RV on it; connect to the septic and electric and put in a fresh water tank. Then put in a large palapa a Mexican sunshade made from palm fonds to give an outside place to get out of the sun and to do food preparation/dining entertaining. This supposedly an inexpensive outside living area-all pipe dreams right now.

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What’s new

I San Felipe and the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of Cali...

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I am in San Felipe Mexico in the Baja about 150 miles south of the border. It is a small town with two industries Tourists and Fishing. Fishing is doing well tourists not so much.

I like it here, it is small enough to be friendly big enough to have most of the services you need. Right on the Sea of Cortez with lots of beaches to walk with my dog Shelby who loves to roll in the sand. I like it so much I am spending the winter here and looking to buying into an RV camp so I will have my own RV site that I can develop to my taste and budget.

So here we are in Mexico at the beach having a good time 😀

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