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It is always something

I went to start my GEO Tracker yesterday and it wouldn’t start. I did the usual jump the battery thing and then got smart and checked the battery with my multimeter and it was fully charged 12.7 volts. I called my Mechanic and he came to the house with another mechanic and they tried to start it and figured out it was the starter. So the two of them push started the vehicle and drove it over to their shop where they took off the starter and rebuilt it as it needed new brushes and bushings put it back on. Recharged the A/C and brought it back to my house for about 2300 pesos that’s $175.00. I was pleased with the service, door to door no less.

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Preparing the M/S (Mothership) for a trip

I took the M/S to the repair shop yesterday to get more work done some of the parts have come in and the shop was able to take her in and get the work done. The fan for the A/C was replaced and the pan for the transmission was tightened up to help with the little leak there, the shop was unable to get a proper gasket for it here in Mexico so we will have to keep an eye on that problem and make sure we have transmission fluid kept up to the right level. It is a small leak, but it needs monitoring. I also had them hook up the tow vehicle and lights which had a problem. Seems that the tow bar had some oxidation (rust) on it and wasn’t making a good ground connection and lights weren’t working well. The mechanic thought that with driving it home the rust would wear enough to make the ground work and he was right-almost seems the wires are hooked up backwards as when I put on the left turn signal the right turn signal on the tow vehicle blinks and when I put the left turn signal on the right turn signal blinks. I think this is an easy fix-the plug at the rear of the M/S needs to be unplugged and reset to the correct pins at least I hope that is it I have another plug coming in the mail so I may wait and use the new plug.

The dash A/C works sort of, but with the big front and side windows and the sun shinning so brightly it is hard to tell if the A/C is working at optimum levels. The fan sure works nice 🙂

The local cell phone I bought here died on me yesterday. I have been trying to charge it but it won’t take a charge so it looks like I need a new phone of course I will end up with a new number and that will mean telling everyone that I gave my number to my new number if I can remember who I gave the number to…. it is always something :0

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Lunch Out Yesterday & The Mothership

Shuttle Vehicle and Mothership

Saturday I went to lunch with a neighbor, we went to a chinese restaurant in town. There are two chinese restaurants in our small town and our favorite is a small family run restaurant that is also a favorite of a lot of Mexicans. I like going there as the portions are always huge and that means I get take home enough for another meal or two and that makes this meal out a deal. Fortunately for me they have a vegetarian dish that tastes wonderful. It is always nice to eat out at a good restaurant.

Today I did a little maintenance on the RV; checked the house batteries and starting battery and added distilled water to them. The batteries needed water but weren’t so low they were damaged or anything. I checked the oil it was down about a half a quart so that can wait a while. I’ll be running the generator for an hour tomorrow. I’ll have to get some fuel for the RV soon as I am below a half a tank and that isn’t good as moisture can accumulate in the tank and cause all sorts of problems.

I’ll be talking to a local mechanic next week to get some things looked at on the RV/Mothership. My shift selector is hard to move for some reason it might need lubrication, the AC comes on and then goes go off waits awhile and comes on by its self so that needs looking into -then there is the light connection for the tow (shuttle vehicle), the connection on the Mothership is round and the wire connector for the shuttle is flat I have an adaptor but wouldn’t you know it doesn’t fit into the round receptacle correctly. I think the mechanic can work that out easily. I also have a overheating problem and most likely the thermostat needs replacement and or the radiator cleaned out. and we’ll be good to go for our trip north to the “Old Country”. Right now with all the heat in the “Old Country” I’m not to eager to leave my comfortable nest here in the Baja to suffer the vagaries of the weather there.

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Monsoon Storm Last Night

We had a storm here last night it started after 10pm and I was in bed at the time.

It started with lightening far off to the south no thunder so I thought it was to far away to make any difference here. Slowly the storm got closer and the lightening got bigger still no thunder. Then suddenly the rain started pounding on the roof and porch and I could hear the water running out of the gutters like it was flowing out of a fire-hose and wondered what damage it was causing. This morning I checked the garden and so far have found no damage to trees or plants nor to the house and soil so all is well. Just a great show and lots of rain for a short period last night. I wonder when the next storm will be ?

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Woke up earlier than usual today

English: A pedicure in progress.

English: A pedicure in progress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was up at 4:45 this morning I had been bitten by a mosquito or something and the itch was driving me nuts then ” Mother Nature ” want her say so I was up taking care of business-couldn’t get back to sleep so I made a cup of tea then I heard the doors rattling. That startled me a bit until I realized that it was the wind and it was a blow’n hard out there knocking things over and scattering things about making a fair amount of noise. I didn’t loose anything important the fence caught all the loose stuff. But there was a fair amount of dust and sand blown about as I was to find out when I went to town and saw the wind blown sand covering parts of the streets.

The reason for going to town today was that I had an appointment to have a pedicure-sure love my pedicures. My feet got soaked scrubbed, exfoliated and massaged then my toenails painted. All this felt wonderful The poor lady “Rose” giving the pedicure was working hard on my feet, these feet are large and the nails are tough so she had her work cut out for her. I have had nail fungus on the big left toe for quite some time and that has made the nail thick and hard I thought she would have to get out the sheet metal cutters there for minute, but she got them cut. I’m going to have to take better care of my feet. I now have a plan of soaking in Apple Cider Vinegar/water and using some sort of oil on them to help keep the fungus under control. I’ll have to throw away my old sneakers away as they may be causing the problem. I need new ones any way. I’ll let you know if this Apple Cider Vinegar is any good for fungus of the toe nails.

After the pedicure I did some shopping at the grocery store and picked up a repair kit for the garden hose that burst the other day. Now I have to get my ambition up to fix the hose and I’ll be back in business watering with a hose instead of a bucket.. It is surprising how fast time flies! I blew half a day doing just stuff!

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Water coming in the door

I was reading on the laptop and wanted to get a drink and when I stood up I noticed a huge puddle on the floor. At first I thought it was the air-conditioner sometime if the drain is plugged it leaks, but nothing was dripping from the air-conditioner. I opened the door and the floor outside was flooded with water too. I could hear water running so I followed the sound. The sound of running water led me to my hose bib where one of my hoses at split open and water was squirting out, hitting the side of the house then flowing down the porch and under the door to my living room. I turned the water off and started sweeping the water out of the house. What thing to happen the hose that split was the expensive hose not the cheap one …. go figure ?

Any how emergency is over just got to wait for the floor to dry and all will be well. One just never knows what is going to happen 🙂

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The car story continues

I was was walking one day and came across a neighbor and with him was the man I bought my car through. I told him about the transmission problems with my car. He said he might be able to fix it and it would be shame to junk it. Long story short I agreed to have him check the car out. We met at the garage that had my car and I told one of the mechanics there that I was taking the car. He seemed a bit put out and said he thought I had sold it to the other mechanic. I told him no money had changed hands and I was taking the car. The car was towed to the other guys garage.

I got a call from the new garage to come have look at the car, when I did it was running again! This mechanic had drained the transmission fluid, cleaned the transmission filter and replaced the fluid, put in an additive and it was running and shifting like it should. So he suggested that he do a complete transmission service; all new fluid, new filter, and an additive and see how long it works. I went for it and now my car is running like it did. The cost for this service came to $140.00 including the tow to his garage.

I also found out from the new mechanic my car at the scrap yard is worth a lot more than two hundred dollars that the other guy was going to strip the car sell the parts and then scrap.  Keeping the money for the parts for himself and giving me less than half what he wold get at the scrap dealer.

The new guy has a used transmission in-case this one fails again, and I am sure it will, that will cost about $600.00 installed. That I can do.

1998 Oldsmobile Bravada Smart track (all wheel drive) 145000 miles

In the process I have pissed off the mechanic in my neighborhood for reneging on the deal and I’m unhappy that I was being abused by him. So many times I have been screwed by service companies of one kind or another and then they try to make me out as the problem. (sigh)

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Fourth of July

So far it has been a quiet fourth of July, subject to change this evening if enough people fire off their fireworks although I don’t see to many folks here from out of town. To bad the weather is perfect.

I am sitting here watching the news from the “Old Country”, it is like watching a science fiction movie, with bad actors playing the parts of the leaders.

The big brouhaha over the Obama Care thing almost makes me laugh but I choke and tears come to my eyes instead. What has happened is the “Law” has just delivered into the hands of the Insurance Corporations over 30 million new customers and even if they cannot pay for the premiums the Gov. is going to come up with the money to give to these Corporations, of course there are strings attached but that will be taken care of later by their friends in congress.

The Patriot Act is still in force the biggest set back to the bill of rights this republic has ever seen and it isn’t going away.

Then there is the law about holding U.S. citizens  prisoner in the U.S. by the military without trial, or judicial review. It was never explained who decides who is a terrorist. This is a terrible law and in the wrong hands can be used against all kinds of dissenters for any reason.

The rhetoric has become so fever pitched it would be comical if it weren’t so serious. Some americans will believe any conspiriacy story about their government. They have good reason they have been lied to over and over. But, the real reasons are; they fear change, they need to blame someone else for their problems, they are ignorant selfish and mean. Some don’t give a damn about anyone else but themselves and you can hear them at town hall meetings yelling “let ’em die” when health care is discussed or medicare, schools and such.

I am sure, without a doubt, that other countries all over the world have assholes just as we do and worse, but it doesn’t make for a pretty picture in a country that was started to become “A shinning city on a hill”. The shine is long gone and the hill is a garbage dump. JMHO YMMV.

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New door

This morning the Iron man came by and fitted a door onto the storage area for the water heater. This does two things; helps blog the wind from blowing the pilot light out and secures the  water heater from theft and being messed with. This what the new door looks like.

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