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Cold and windy

The wind has been very bad for a few days blowing sand and dust around our little town. The temperature dropped into the fifties and my old bones felt it. Today the wind slowed down and if you were in the sun it felt warm. When the sun set the cold creeped back in. Without the wind my house is staying warmer with my portable gas heater set on low.

Here is a photo I got from FB showing the blowing sand on one of the roads leading into town.


The above photo also taken off FB is of the town’s iconic Arches and the sand blowing about in the heavy winds.

Let’s hope better weather is on the way 🙂

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I’m Cold tengo frio :-(

The past week it has been cold here, at least by our standards, the temperature is in the sixties during the day and low fifties during the early morning and a few night lower into the forties, yikes that is cold for here. I have found that I need to dress in layers to be comfortable. I worry about my flowers but they seem to be doing okay so far.

Morning breakfast club has seen a drop in attendance because several members are out of town to visit family or to do some shopping in the “Old Country”. I don’t like crowds so I’ll put off my shopping till after the holidays.

I did get some needed work on my truck done. The truck was wearing out tires on the front at an alarming rate and after visiting the local Alignment shop I was given a list of parts to get while in the “Old Country” and now they are installed on the Green Beast. I have noticed a difference in how the truck feels driving on the highway. It seems to be more stable not wandering on the road. I just hope that the tire problem is cured. While it was in the shop the brake pads were changed as they were very low. I feel better that all this work has been done. I am keeping a watchful eye out for a car with Mexican plates to replace the truck with. I am going to be a permanent resident of Mexico in a month and the law states I can’t legally drive a foreign plated car. That law isn’t enforced here very strongly as there are to many foreigners driving around, but at the border when they check your visa, things could get dicey with Mexican Customs and I don’t need that aggravation.

I am glad I have the fireplace on these cold nights it may not give out a lot of heat but the fire its self gives the living room a cheery feel to it. I also have a portable heater to help keep temps reasonable as well as electric heat for those rooms that need a bit more heat like the bedroom. I also have an electric blanket and that keeps me warm too. I also have a portable electric heater in the bathroom that I turn on and heat that room before taking a shower, with the hot water and the heater it gets nice and warm in there.

I have been looking at other homes here in town and so far haven’t found anything that makes my heart go pitter-patter. I’ll keep looking as the homes for sale come and go.


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Arizona Trip

I left San Felipe about 7:30 in the morning Tuesday and got to central Tucson by 4:30 just in time for the commuter rush. I wanted a cheap motel to stay at and picked Day’s Inn. The place has seen better days a long time ago. I won’t stay there again. I’ll get another room for tonight in some other hopefully nicer motel.

I got on-line this am and got the utilities turned off as of the 14th of December. I still have to get the water turned off. I got the insurance for the house stopped for the same date. Then a visit to the title company, where I was a total surprise to the lady doing the closing as she hasn’t received the documents from the mortgage company or the agency helping the seller buy the house. We had a talk and the only thing I had to sign in person was the deed. The rest can be emailed to me so I can sign and return to her. I just thought of something I hope my printer works :-/

I also found that I had to set up a wire transfer with my bank so I can get the money sent to my account and it has to be a wire transfer. So, off to the bank I went and hopefully this has gone through without any problems.

Then I realized I had to pay for some work on the house and had not written down their name and address so here I am at Starbucks using their  WIFI to find the address thank goodness for Starbucks. I also am having lunch here. I got out of truck just two doors down from Starbucks and a young man with an old lady in tow hit me up for lunch and being the soft touch I am bought them lunch the said they were waiting to get into a shelter. If true, what a bummer to be homeless and old having no place to live and begging for money from strangers. Ya, I’m a softy !

I had to get some parts for my truck it seems my front end is worn to badly to keep it in alignment so I have a shopping list from my mechanic. I was expecting a higher bill than I got so I’m happy. I also did some shopping at Walgreens they have the most amazing stuff from time to time I just love wandering through the store and looking at all the new things for sale.

I left Tucson yesterday morning and after what seemed like the most boring ride I arrived in El Centro around 3:30 PM. I checked into my motel another older establishment that needs work. The price is right and they know me there and will accept packages for me. I checked the room out and as expected it wasn’t spectacular but clean. I then went to Wal-Mart; the place looked like it had been stirred with an oar! I had my list and did my best to get everything but I ran out of energy and checked out. I then went to Sizzler for dinner where I almost lost my debit card. A nice young lady who worked there brought it to me and when I left I gave her a tip. I don’t think she gets many tips there.

The following morning I went to breakfast and who should be there but my next-door neighbors and their daughter so we had breakfast together. Later I ran into them several times at Wal-Mart as I finished my shopping. The border crossing was uneventful and the drive to San Felipe was very routine; not complaining mind you !  It was wonderful to be home at last and to be welcomed by my neighbors it always catches me by surprise when I’m missed. Why it is a surprise is a long story left to another blog sometime.

I caught up on my email and the house in Tucson should close monday maybe Tuesday as long as it does close and I can put this episode behind me and get on with my real life 🙂


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Travel Plans in the works

I have a house (double-wide) in Arizona that I am selling and after much to and fro the deal appears to be coming to a climax with signing of papers on or about 10 Dec 15. That means a trip to the “Old Country” I have to be present at the signing with ID in hand. Very old-fashioned and anal if you ask me, but we must comply to keep officialdom happy and close the sale.

I have been considering selling the house I have and buying another house. If I like it here why would I do that? The first reason or excuse, take your pick, is that I am by habit a vagabond moving from place to place never staying more than three years and often much less than that. I have been in this house for four years so I’m past my due date to move on. The second excuse is a bit more of a feeling than a reason (excuse); when I first moved here there were several other vacant lots adjacent to this lot which gave me the feeling of separateness and still a feeling of being in the social network. Now all the lots adjacent to mine are occupied mostly by nice people and some who I cherish their friendship. One more thing I find hard for me to get used to is paying a lease and HOA fee every year which tells me I don’t own this place I’m a renter. I know this sounds odd but when I look out my kitchen window directly into someone’s lot I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling I get anxious. I feel surrounded and hemmed in like a bird in a cage. I am not comfortable with neighbors so close. I have owned property with some land to it(10-22 acres) and liked it that way. I like people, just not so close.

So I’ve been doing a local search of properties to see if something else might fit my idiosyncrasies better and haven’t come up with much. I did find one property that is interesting oddly enough to get me to take a second look, it is a house made of stone and here are some photos;

Roof garden or lookout Stairs to roof garden Livingroom & Fireplace Kitchen House front inside of front gate Front Door

Livingroom & Fireplace inside of front gate Bedroom & walk in closet

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