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A little color is being added to the house

Today a little color was painted on the house and we got to see how it looks with the color. This is only the primer coat so it isn’t the final shade of paint but it gives me an idea of what it will look like in yellow. The color for the trim around the top edge and windows will be contrasting either white or brown.


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Plastering has begun

The interior plastering has begun and a coat of water proofing is being applied so things are proceeding, not as fast as before but still moving ahead. The window people have been here and measured for the windows. The paint man showed up with a sample that I didn’t like so I’ll have him try again. The plaster man is doing a very smooth job and he is only using hand tools.

I have been looking for furniture without much luck. I’ll just keep at it until I find what I want.

Here are some photos of how the work is going at this time.

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The trim is going on

The trim is going on the house and it is looking nice the boxy look is melting as the trim goes on and softens the look of the house. I can see how it may look when it is done. In a few days work will start inside and that will be a big turning point in the construction. Here are some new photos of the trim going on.

The house across the street has cactus that are in bloom and the bees are making use of those blooms.


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Tax business

One can travel as far as one wants, but the IRS wants its cut of your money. I spent most of yesterday and today filling out my tax forms. I used Turbo Tax and I had entered something wrong and the refund was huge. I spent a lot of time trying to find the advertised assistance, when I found the link for the much vaunted assistance they couldn’t figure out what was wrong either. I then asked to start over and they told me how to do that and once I started over things went smoothly-or as smoothly as they go for me using tax software. So the taxes are done for another year and lucky for me I didn’t have to pay this year, who knows about next year !

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Construction going well found leak

The construction is going well-the arches are up and work proceeds with the stucco. I picked out tile for the casa today at a tile store and also the colors for the interior and exterior.

Yesterday I found a serious leak in the RV it had flowed from the shower control knobs to a lower compartment filling my tool chest with water. I tried using rubber leak tape but it didn’t hold so I had to take out the offending plumbing and replace it. Luckily there is a an RV store in town and they had the parts. Getting to the plumbing and getting the parts to fit was a whole other story, but I got the job done and so far no leaks. I check every once in a while just in case.

Here are some photos of the house construction and the leaky plumbing in the RV.



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Pancake breakfast

The local volunteer Fire Dept. pancake breakfast was this morning-I went to show my support. I brought the breakfast sausage back for my pets as I don’t eat that anymore.

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Race week

Baja 250 is this week lots of race cars noise, fireworks and people a real shot in the arm for the local economy. For us residents the traffic and noise is just something one puts up with for a few days and then the place returns to its quiet pace again.

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New Photos of My Mexican House

Here are some photos of my house being built in San Felipe Mexico. The work is coming along at a steady pace and an optimistic completion time frame is another month. Of course that is subject to change, this is Mexico after all. I can get on to the roof now and I call it the roof patio and I get a nice view of the Sea of Cortez from there and the mountains to the west of here. Have fun viewing the photos.

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All is progressing

well with the house. My internet at the house has not been working for a couple of days so I haven’t posted for a while-I will make a post this weekend and update the story on the house construction. So far I am very pleased with the construction and how it is working out, which is a great relief. Until later ……

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