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The house in San Felipe Mexico … is done

All systems are in and working; fully functional kitchen and bath, cabinets are in place and look beautiful, the tile work in both the bath and kitchen look terrific. Now I am playing house moving stuff in and arranging things so I can cook and clean efficiently. I am busy making lists of things that I want for the house; lamps storage cabinets, wardrobe, desk/workstation, mirrors and more chairs. That will all come with time. So much has been done in what is a very short time for here.

I have been so involved with this project and now that it is completed, or as completed as any project is, I have to change my focus and consider my choices of interest other than the construction of the house. I am trying to be more social and the night before last I went to a small gathering of folks from Pete’s camp at a local restaurant and I got an invitation to movie night for ladies only at the home of one of the ladies attending the gathering that was last night.

This time of year there are fewer gringos living in San Felipe a lot of folks who own or rent homes here leave for the summer as it gets very hot and humid especially the months of July and August. The middle of September, from what I am told there begins a migration of gringos back to San Felipe and the social buzz begins in earnest. Those that remain through the summer hang out together more, to have a social life.

I have a few things that have been begging to be done like going to the dentist to fix my dentures and taking the dog in to the vet concerning a sore she has. Then there is shopping for a mirror for over the bathroom sink and other things for house. I should be busy for a while just doing the usual errands and care taking, maybe an exploratory trip or two to see more of the Baja (?).

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Five guys

Five men tiny kitchen

Yesterday I had up to five men working in my kitchen. That’s a lot of men in a tiny kitchen. The tile work is coming along in both the kitchen and bath and should be done this week. I may even have sinks installed this week also. I got three new light fixtures installed; one in the hallway, one in the kitchen and another over the kitchen sink (or where it will be).

The tile work is looking very nice and the tile man is a very careful, if slow, worker. but with tile it is best to be right then fast one lives with the tile for a long time.

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Trip to Calexico CA

From time to time I will be taking a trip to Calexico CA to do some shopping and banking. Yesterday was one of those trips. I departed as early as possible and was on the road to Mexicali the city across the border from Calexico the first stop is the military check point about 30 kilometers north of San Felipe. This military check point is where you and your vehicle are checked out by Mexican soldiers. They are always polite and quick about doing their job. Only on holidays is the wait time long.

Once through the military check point it was clear driving until I got to my first of many detours, the road to Mexicali is being repaired and widened and new culverts are being installed so the builders have constructed by-pass roads into the desert to go around the construction. I counted four of these by-pass detours and some were quite long over a couple of miles and some had soft spots of sand in the road, but I didn’t lose traction and only had an issue with the dust and rocks being thrown up by other vehicles passing me on the way to San Felipe. Once through the multiple construction zones it was an easy drive into Mexicali.

I found the street to the border crossing station rather easily, much to my surprise, and then the wait started. One has a choice of two lanes if you don’t have a border pass (Sentri Pass). So one creeps along, stopping frequently and waiting for the traffic to move until one gets to the actual border crossing point. There your vehicle and documents are checked, after answering a few question your either sent to further inspection or sent on your way. I was sent on my way. I noticed the Sentri Lane was a whole lot faster, I have to look into getting one of those passes it would save a lot of time.

When I left San Felipe I didn’t take the time for breakfast and I was hungry so I stopped at Denny’s for something to eat. Denny’s is at the same intersection as Walmart so it is very convenient. I spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon shopping at Walmart and suffering sticker shock. Once the shopping was done I went back to Denny’s for a late lunch and then crossed the border into Mexico.

Mexico has a green light, red light system and if you get the red light you get to go to the inspection area if you get the green light your free to go on your way. Lucky me with car full of stuff I got the green light and headed out of the border crossing station only to run into a detour. The problem with detours in Mexican cities is that they only have on sign and then your on your own. Not a good thing for me-sure enough I got lost. After asking several times and getting confusing directions I found my route to San Felipe. The drive back was uneventful until I got to the detours again and now they had been sprayed with water which made the road a mess and I had to endure the splatters of mud from oncoming vehicles and worried about slipping and sliding in the mud. I managed to stay on the road and got to the Military check point in good shape. Once I get to the check point I feel like I am almost home .

So another day another adventure comes to an end.

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My Medical Experience in San Felipe Mexico

Last week I fell in my house, I got tangled in the telephone cord, and got a serious thump. It hurt like hell. My right knee and right arm took the brunt of the fall and it knocked the wind out of my sails for a while. I hobbled around for days waiting for things to get better. The knee feels like it is getting better there is less pain and I can sort of slowly use steps, I thought my arm was getting better as the strength in my hand had improved but the pain hadn’t improved. Last night the pain was so annoying that I didn’t get much sleep. This morning I went to the local clinic and saw a doctor about this problem.

The clinic is a modern looking facility and as clean or cleaner than someplaces I have been in the states. After having been greeted and filling out a basic form I was escorted to an exam room and in less than five minutes I was talking to a doctor about my problem arm. After having examined my range of motion he sent me with the nurse to get an x-ray in another part of the building and three X-rays were taken of my arm and elbow. Back to the doctor who showed me that I hadn’t fractured anything but had dislocated the elbow which was causing pain in my arm. He prescribe medication and exercises to do after giving the medication time to work to bring down the inflammation. He then asked if I had any other problems and I mentioned my urinary problems and he examined me and said he thought I was retaining fluid and prescribe a med to help with that.

So what did a doctor’s visit and three X-rays cost ? About $69..00 and I got to keep my X-rays incase I wanted to get a second opinion. My medication cost about $50.00 which is a little high in Mexico. The whole procedure from beginning  to end took an hour. The good news is nothing is broken I will recover, and it didn’t cost a fortune.

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Update on plans

Official Seal of the Government of the United ...

Official Seal of the Government of the United Mexican States (Mexico) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the Casita getting closer to being finished with the building phase I thought I would express my plans for the future here. As people who know me, all my plans are written in jello. Anything can be changed for any reason at any time. The plan now is to live here and travel from here to where ever my interests lead me.

I have some goals of learning spanish at a much higher level than I am now and immigrating to Mexico to either obtain a permanent  resident status or citizenship. This goal is ambitious and there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before that can happen and a long period of time (6 plus years).  Anything can happen in that amount of time and usually I don’t plan that far ahead. It will be interesting to see what happens 🙂

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The gates are on and the iron work is up

The iron workers showed up today and installed the gates and iron fencing on the front wall. I think it looks great so here are some photos of the new iron work on the wall.


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Kitchen Cabinets

To my surprise the kitchen cabinets arrived yesterday evening late and the men where until after 9pm and didn’t complete the job so they had to come back in the morning to complete assembly and they came up short on the trim-so it will be another week before the wooden part of the cabinets is complete.

Today I picked out the tile for the cabinet tops and backsplash and that will be bought next week when that will be put in is up in the air, maybe next week or ?

I was told today that the ornemental iron work for the wall in front of the house is going to be attached this sunday. So things are moving along.


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The wall in front of the house is coming along the first coat of stucco went on today and the construction looks good with lots of rebar and wide footings. I think when the iron fencing goes on it will look nice the cement will be painted yellow the same as the house and the iron will be black.

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Things are moving slow

It seems that when the end of the construction of a house is near the work slows to a snail’s pace. I am waiting for my kitchen cabinets to be made and installed and it doesn’t seem like it is going to happen until next week. without the kitchen cabinets in I don’t have a sink or places to store kitchen utensils, so I use the kitchen in my RV and eat in the house as I have my TV in the house now and I can use the internet in the house using the wireless router. I have turned off the fridge and don’t use the AC in the RV to save energy, besides the house is naturally cooler than the RV and the RV AC uses a lot of electricity.

So we are still waiting for things to be done.


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While Waiting

While waiting for the cabinets to be finished and installed the crew is building the front wall and gates. The footings got poured yesterday and some rebar is in place. Before all that happened the lot had to be measured by the camp owner who was concerned that the lot lessees were encroaching on each other’s lots. So there was this thing with the long tape measure and moving the stakes around to make him happy. seems my neighbors are off by two and half feet into the road, of course I won’t be allowed to do that. Why is it they always want to enforce the rules when I show up? I almost expect somebody to crack open the rule book as soon as I move in and no matter what someone else got away with the rule Nazis will make darn sure I don’t get away with it.

Oh well I only lost a a couple of feet on on the road side of the lot and gained 6 inches on the north side of the lot so Ppppffft who cares? If I took this stuff to seriously I would go nuts, er more nuts than I am now anyway 🙂 I still get 22×22 meters so I haven’t lost anything I paid for grumble, grumble.

Here are some photos of the construction.

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