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Spanish Language School

I submitted an application to attend Spanish Language School in Ensenada MX. This will be a full immersion all day everyday school and I’ll be living with a Mexican family while there. I’m only going for two weeks to test the waters so to speak. I plan to post about my experiences while at the school.
I’m a little apprehensive about this because I’m not confident in my Spanish ability. If I were confident I wouldn’t be going would I?

Well wish me luck !

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Dinner with friends

Saturday evening I went to a local restaurant and had dinner with friends. Great food (Italian), I had Clams Casino and Cheese Ravioli and it was delicious. This was almost the last night for two weeks at this restaurant as they are closing until Sept 4th. This is the off season for businesses here and they often close for a few weeks to give their help some time off and reduce expenses. We will find another restaurant that is open during that time and when they reopen we’ll again enjoy their great food and service. I enjoy dinning out with friends and here in Mexico I can afford to dine out often; I usually go to breakfast three or four times a week and have dinner out two maybe three times a week. Aren’t I lucky? I think I am.

Padrinos Restaurant San Felipe Baja Mexico

Padrinos Restaurant San Felipe Baja Mexico

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Happy! Happy!

I got my new power cord for my MacBook and I’m sooooo happy 😀 I will soon post again with photos of the Texas Sage blooming, they look so nice in bloom wish the blooms would last longer but they only are around for a few days. 

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IMG_1172130721016~2I misplaced the power cord to my MAC using a tablet and the. Keyboard is driving me crazy !

I should have a new cord soon I hope! Then I can catch up with my posts without screaming obscenities!!

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How l celebrated my birthday

For my birthday I took a trip to Ensenada Baja California. This city is on the Pacific coast of Baja MX. Wet with friends who were attending a Chili Cooking contest. While they worked their stand I went shopping for things for my house. I had a great time looking for an arch for my garden and a baker’s rack. I found both and I had a nice lunch at a famous hotel the Rosarito Hotel, many famous people used to stay at this hotel some would land their planes on the beach I am told, I hope to post one fotos later.

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