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The last day

One morning there were hot air ballons over the city

It is rare to see any aircraft over the city do hot air
balloons count as aircraft?

One of the many passageways in hotel

The door to my room

As with everything there is the end. Today was the last day of class for level two and it was Thanks Giving Day too. We had a productive class and got another lecture on the remaining seven tenses of Spanish, it seems that the most difficult part is the one we just completed the next course has fewer exceptions and follows a logical pattern that is much easier to learn and remember.

I almost wish I could start the next level right away, but that is not possible I have to return to Texas to take care of our pets while Samantha goes back to her ship. I will have lots to keep me busy until I do get to take the next level. I have books to read, a workbook to complete, Cd’s to listen to, and of course many more verbs to learn and other words and idioms. Happy me I have something to learn 🙂

I just got a surpise … the staff here gave me a momento of my visit and they said how they liked having me here and respected me. Wow that was nice …very nice never had that happen before ….ever !

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The last week of Spanish School

Main entrance courtyard of the hotel

Another courtyard

Courtyard view going towards the dinning room

Viw from my level of parking and other rooms

I was wondering how they managed to get their cars out
never found out.
This is the last week of Spanish School at the Warren Hardy School in San Miguel Allende Mexico. We sure have covered a lot of material in the past few weeks. Mr. Hardy is a very good teacher and enjoys his work. My problem is my old brain is working overtime to keep up with the material. When you get older it is harder to learn new things because your not used to the learning atmosphere. I have tried my best but I have not learned as much as I would like however with time I may learn what I need to converse in Spanish.
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Another week glides by

The church in the center of town lit at night

The little park across from the church is always busy even
late at nite and during the weekends it is bustling with activity

The sitting area at school

The refreshment area at school

Friends dining out, meeting others at shool was a
lot of fun.
I am deep into the Spanish course now, some parts I find easier than others. I can see where I am gaining some knowledge about the language and also where
I need to improve. I have hired a tutor to help me with the parts I need improvement on. Belive me when it is one on one you learn a lot and a lot faster

It has become cold here and there is no heat in my hotel room or in the classroom and us old folks feel it. This cold weather is a surprise for this time of year. Usually the weather is mild with warm days and cool nights not one cold front after another.

I have gone to two movies while I have been here. One was a view of Mexican history as Mexicans see it, it is a bit poetic. One begins to understand the Mexicans better by understanding how they see their history. Us gringos don’t come out looking so good, neither do a lot of Mexicans. The other movie was on the artist Frida Kahlo, a photo biography she had an unusual life quite extraordinary and her contemporaries where well known figures in art and politics of the era. Both movies were well done.

So besides daily classes and homework every day I have gotten out for some amusement.

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Friday update on Spanish class

View of the classroom

The school

The church across the street from the school

The lady I would get my breadfast from in the mornings
I didn’t have breakfast at the hotel

We had a nice lecture on the core values of the US vs Mx this morning and in my humble opinion our lecturer was right on.
The US core values are; we look forward and not back (not interested in our history), we value time constantly managing it, talking about it, saving it, using it, spending it. We are obsessed with our watches and schedules; the clock is our tyrant. We also are obsessed with success believing that all one needs to be a success is to work harder than the next guy and we will be rewarded.

The Mexican core values couldn’t be more different they are; Respect giving and receiving respect their social manners were institutionalised and are taught to every child. Family and friends come next they want to spend time with them and organize their life and work around them. The next most important core value is free time, they want more of it to spend with their family and friends. They value their history and remember it in many ways.

After the lecture we had another class and quite frankly I didn’t do so good, I think I have reached a saturation point or a wall or something. My brain just is not thinking properly. I hope I get over this spell of dumb so I can get on with learning the language instead of being frustrated with my brain. These spells can come over one when the learning is rapid and intense. Otherwise everything is fine. Tomorrow is Saturday and I have another class hope I am more able to cope tomorrow.

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Spanish School

Mexican Cowboys on their way to celebrate their Saint’s
day in San Miguel

One of the youngsters in the group of Cowboys headed
for thier Saint’s day celebration.

I have returned to Mexico for Spanish training. I am taking a course at the Warren Hardy Spanish School in San Miguel Allende Guanajato Mx. I have been here taking the course and I must say it is a good course he drills the
information into you. His course is tailored for more mature adults and he
has abilities to teach the course. Four hours a day you spend in class with
one break and then four hours of homework to reinforce the class work. Lots
of flash cards workbooks Cd’s and classroom participation. When he is through
with you, you will know some good Spanish.

I will post some photos of the school later and bring up to date on the goings on with the course, so far I am impressed and I have made progress. Now I can screw things up at a much higher level and I have only been here four days 🙂

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