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Fourth of July

So far it has been a quiet fourth of July, subject to change this evening if enough people fire off their fireworks although I don’t see to many folks here from out of town. To bad the weather is perfect.

I am sitting here watching the news from the “Old Country”, it is like watching a science fiction movie, with bad actors playing the parts of the leaders.

The big brouhaha over the Obama Care thing almost makes me laugh but I choke and tears come to my eyes instead. What has happened is the “Law” has just delivered into the hands of the Insurance Corporations over 30 million new customers and even if they cannot pay for the premiums the Gov. is going to come up with the money to give to these Corporations, of course there are strings attached but that will be taken care of later by their friends in congress.

The Patriot Act is still in force the biggest set back to the bill of rights this republic has ever seen and it isn’t going away.

Then there is the law about holding U.S. citizens  prisoner in the U.S. by the military without trial, or judicial review. It was never explained who decides who is a terrorist. This is a terrible law and in the wrong hands can be used against all kinds of dissenters for any reason.

The rhetoric has become so fever pitched it would be comical if it weren’t so serious. Some americans will believe any conspiriacy story about their government. They have good reason they have been lied to over and over. But, the real reasons are; they fear change, they need to blame someone else for their problems, they are ignorant selfish and mean. Some don’t give a damn about anyone else but themselves and you can hear them at town hall meetings yelling “let ’em die” when health care is discussed or medicare, schools and such.

I am sure, without a doubt, that other countries all over the world have assholes just as we do and worse, but it doesn’t make for a pretty picture in a country that was started to become “A shinning city on a hill”. The shine is long gone and the hill is a garbage dump. JMHO YMMV.

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