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Thanksgiving Day 2015

Four years ago I arrived in this little town on the coast of the Sea of Cortez San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. I was driving an older RV and had my two pets a Lab named Shelby and a Siamese cat named Pia. We got a space at Kiki’s RV Park just a short walk from the iconic symbol of the town the lighthouse. I enjoyed walking the beach several times a day with my dog and the camaraderie of the RV park so much I decided to look for a place of my own to spend the winters.

I, with the help of Darrel the real estate agent of Baja Sun Realty, found and purchased a lot in Pete’s Camp. First I had the lot cleared and an RV pad put in. Before I knew it I was making plans for a little house and planting trees and bushes. I was lucky to have such kind and thoughtful neighbors that I didn’t want to leave. To make a long story shorter I haven’t left, which is rather odd for me as I am usually a rolling stone never in one place more than two or three years and now here I am four years later.

Not all has been joy, I lost my pets to infirmities of age and miss them terribly. They were my constant companions for many years and my attachment to them was emotional and profound. From time to time I get the urge to move on as the vagabond life still has its pull. Yet, I haven’t left-dare I say I have put down roots like my plants and trees?

Today is a beautiful day sunny and calm there are workers building my neighbors a new house the same ones who built mine. The fountain in my garden is gurgling and splashing, now and then a bird drops by for a little nourishment and flies off. I watch the sunlight patterns slowly move over the veranda and I am content, for now.

This little town, San Felipe Baja, Mexico has a pull that none other has had for me. I enjoy its celebrations and contribute what I can to improve life here. I celebrate the Mexican holidays and the American holidays taking the best of both as my own. I have become an Expatriate and wear the label with pride. I have friends and acquaintances who also are Expatriates and those who are sometimes temporary visitors. There a few things I miss about the “Old Country” and there are things I don’t miss about it. I view the country of my birth with more skeptical eye these days.

Today I will share a meal with neighbors and friends we’ll talk and laugh and enjoy each other’s company just like in the USA. Tomorrow I’ll have breakfast with other expats in town and enjoy the Mexican menu there. My life has this regular calm enjoyable pace to it I’ve only dreamed of in my mind before. Sometime I become a tempest in teapot over some issue or other happening in the “Old Country”, but sooner more than later I calm down and gaze at the water and enjoy the peace here. The calms are getting longer and longer.

Here are few photos of San Felipe for your enjoyment;


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things I do in San Felipe

Here are a few things that I do in San Felipe Baja Mexico: I have lunch now and then with the ladies

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I have breakfast with the Lizards, that is what we call ourselves 🙂

Here we are at Sharky's restaurant Punta Banda

Here I am at Sharky’s restaurant Punta Banda


Having a look at the Bufadora (blow-hole)

Travel; Here I am having a look at the Bufadora (blow-hole)

Getting an eyeful

Getting an eyeful in Ensenada

This tree still has some flowers from this Spring

Garden; This tree still has some flowers from this Spring

Photo at the Taco Factory during the fiesta

Attend local events photo at the Taco Factory during the fiesta



Explore the area with friends and enjoy an adult beverage or two 🙂

Very colorful sunset after an overcast day

enjoy beautiful sunsets; Very colorful sunset after an overcast day

I also do the mundane stuff like chores and shopping for groceries and getting fuel for the truck and cleaning house; I leave the heavy cleaning for my housekeeper that I have come in once or twice a month.

Yup, I’m living the life 🙂

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