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Woke up earlier than usual today

English: A pedicure in progress.

English: A pedicure in progress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was up at 4:45 this morning I had been bitten by a mosquito or something and the itch was driving me nuts then ” Mother Nature ” want her say so I was up taking care of business-couldn’t get back to sleep so I made a cup of tea then I heard the doors rattling. That startled me a bit until I realized that it was the wind and it was a blow’n hard out there knocking things over and scattering things about making a fair amount of noise. I didn’t loose anything important the fence caught all the loose stuff. But there was a fair amount of dust and sand blown about as I was to find out when I went to town and saw the wind blown sand covering parts of the streets.

The reason for going to town today was that I had an appointment to have a pedicure-sure love my pedicures. My feet got soaked scrubbed, exfoliated and massaged then my toenails painted. All this felt wonderful The poor lady “Rose” giving the pedicure was working hard on my feet, these feet are large and the nails are tough so she had her work cut out for her. I have had nail fungus on the big left toe for quite some time and that has made the nail thick and hard I thought she would have to get out the sheet metal cutters there for minute, but she got them cut. I’m going to have to take better care of my feet. I now have a plan of soaking in Apple Cider Vinegar/water and using some sort of oil on them to help keep the fungus under control. I’ll have to throw away my old sneakers away as they may be causing the problem. I need new ones any way. I’ll let you know if this Apple Cider Vinegar is any good for fungus of the toe nails.

After the pedicure I did some shopping at the grocery store and picked up a repair kit for the garden hose that burst the other day. Now I have to get my ambition up to fix the hose and I’ll be back in business watering with a hose instead of a bucket.. It is surprising how fast time flies! I blew half a day doing just stuff!

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