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Nov 25 At Beach House

Friday night I went out to dinner at a place called Sharky’s. It was interesting to see so many people out for dinner after thursday’s feast. Of course it was Surf and Turf night; Steak and Lobster and from the looks of it and the way folks were eating it this is a big hit with the locals. I opted for something a little smaller breaded fillet of fish with rice and veggies. Well, I don’t like steak anymore and the lobster looked too big for me. The fish was good and filling especially because it came with corn soup.

I returned home to the Beach House and spent the evening on the computer while  listening to soft music and watching the fire in the fireplace. Yes the fireplace works and I have bought some artificial logs to burn in it, looks pretty.

This morning I awoke and I heard the fog horn in the distance and sure enough the fog was rolling in, welcome to the Pacific Coast! Now I’m trying to decide to stay one more day or leave. Isn’t there a song about “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” ? Oh, here it is

Here is a picture of the fireplace in action;

Here is a photo of the fog about to roll in;


I’d post a Photo of the fog, but what’s the point?

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Beach House Punta Banda MX

I needed to visit my new house in Punta Banda to sign some papers and to check the house out for any repairs and or improvements. I have been here since tuesday afternoon and I’m still in love with the place. The weather has been very good not to cold just cool and sunny. The sound of the waves coming ashore along with watching them is very relaxing to me. At night I can hear the waves and puts me to sleep. I find myself watching the waves for a very long time they are a great time waster.

I thought the location of the house would be good for a view of Ensenada lights at night and I was right ! This photo below doesn’t do the lights justice but it is the best I can do without a tripod and timed exposure. I have been busy shopping for the house. The house will be used as a rental from time to time so it needed a microwave oven. I got one at COSCO which is about a half hour drive from here. I also got some pillows for the couch and a few items for the kitchen.

Here is the photo of the lights at night.


Here is a video of the waves coming ashore click on the photo to get the video.

My trip has been a successful one in that I have gotten a list of things to be done all minor and through the rental agent have someone to do it! I’m really liking this house and through the agent I have learned more about its history which explains some of its quirks. I love quirky houses 🙂


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She’s home the Airstream that is :-)

The other night my friend brought my airstream trailer to my house and parked it for me.  It was almost dark when the trailer arrived. Since then I have been able to give it a good look-over and there are a lot of things to fix and replace. As I go through the rig I notice more and more things that have to be done. I found that the power cord is missing so for now I can’t use electricity and of course the house battery is long dead. A lot of the plastic handles and latches are disintegrating when touched so they will have to be replace as will a vent cover that is missing. The curtains, of course, are rotten and will have to be replaced. Some of the cabinet doors need repair or replacement and the couch will need to be reupholstered.

So the project begins and it will be interesting to see what happens when work is started and what other things will have to be repaired or replaced. I am happy that the trailer is now in my yard and I can get the renovation underway.

Here are some photos;


Looking aft towards the Head (bathroom)


Looking towards the lounge


the lounge area


front of the trailer


Curbside of the trailer

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Race time in San Felipe

This is the week of the big Baja 250 race and the town is getting full of people to watch and to participate in the race. Lots of folks dashing about in various vehicles in racing gear. The crowds of folks will be downtown for the festivities and ceremonies along with lots of police and support personnel. The big rigs have arrived with more on the way, some folks are flying into our little airport in their planes and helicopters to join in the race. Soon the Police helicopters will be hovering over the town keeping an eye on the crowds. All great fun for many of the folks who live here and enjoy the Races.

I don’t like crowds, I think it is because of my suspicious nature or maybe because I’m getting old, tired and cranky. I visit town for very short periods of time to get errands done and then leave the whole scene to the younger set.

I did go into town today because I wanted to have lunch with my friend Irene at a restaurant on the Malacon (the street in front of the beach). We had a lovely lunch of shrimp tacos with cheese and guacamole with chips and for drinks we had non-alcoholic margaritas. We made  quick trip along the Malacon to see what the vendors had for sale. Then home again as my housekeeper was there hard at work while I was living the life, having lunch with a friend.

17632442_10158562712820061_192973968877103291_oSometimes I feel like I’m living the life of a Grand Dame having breakfast with friends or lunch maybe dinner out or at a friend’s house, a house keeper doing the heavy work cleaning my house. Gardening in the morning after nice walk through the neighborhood and chatting with neighbors. In a way I do “Live The Life”.


Below are photos of Juana my housekeeper she cleans my house and teaches me Spanish too. She is a Doll!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

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Beach Bonfire

Sunday evening I joined the neighbors for a beach bonfire to celebrate the full moon. This has become a tradition for the neighbors to gather on the full moon to have a fire and share food and beverages on our beach while connecting and sharing our stories. The evening was warm and the fire large thanks to the men folk who had gathered lots of wood to burn. Here are some photos of the occasion. Life is good here 🙂

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In the garden


Today was gardening day. I pruned and cleaned up the garden getting rid of trash and stuff that has been destroyed by the sun and weather. The sun here is very strong and most things not made of something that can protect its self is destroyed in a few months of sunshine, add in the wind and humidity and poof it is trash in a few weeks.

So now things look neater and yet when I sit and look around I see things that need to be done but with my back still providing me with pain I’ll have to wait for another day to take of those issues. It seems I find excuses to go to town; I went in today to mail a letter and ended up shopping for some more food, seems I eat a lot. I got some fat hot dogs and I was surprised to find they were tasty when fried. I forgot the mustard so I used mayonnaise and sweet relish a good combination. I checked with my insurance agent in town and I’m good for a while yet. At least for my vehicles here in Mexico.

I had been invited to a party tonight there was supposed to be about sixty people there and with my back and my phobia about crowds I begged off. I sent a large chocolate cake in my place with my neighbors who went to the party. I’m home listening to Tele-Novellas on the TV. The purpose of the Tele-Novellas is to hear more Spanish and try to figure out what the actors are saying. Sometimes, I can figure the dialogue out and sometimes I get lost. Of course the Tele-Novellas are full of sex, love and passion things missing in my life.

I plan to take photos of the garden and house tomorrow and add them to this post later.

Now it is getting a later in the evening and I’m thinking of an adult beverage or two while enjoying the evening air

Here are the photos I said I would post today things are growing well. I will be planting more flowers soon so there will be more color and make the humming  birds and bees happy, me too.







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Beautiful Day here In SF


Image via Wikipedia

Image by powerplantop via Flickr

Another great day with lots of sunshine and little wind made for a pleasant day I even wore shorts 🙂 This is unusual because it has been cold here, although with the Canadians they don’t seem to mind it so much as I do, they usually wear shorts and tee shirt even when I am shivering. Off the beach about a hundred meters this morning were dolphins they looked like they were hunting fish. They were moving from the north to the south. I was wishing that I was closer to get a picture of them but they were to far away for my camera to get a good photo

I got a lot of housekeeping stuff done today sorting out my food and re-storing the can goods so I don’t have to do a hunt and seek operation to find something. I also defrosted the fridge-I had been planning to do that for a while and just never got ambitious enough to actually do the job. It doesn’t take that long to do and it needs to be done to keep the fridge running efficiently.

I made my version of fried rice and peppers today for lunch and it came out very good had just enough left over for another meal. Tonights dinner will be boiled potatoes and carrots with cabbage and corn tortillas. I have some yellow corn tortillas that need to be used up so I’ll put them in with the boiling vegetables and that will add another flavor to the dish sort of like tortilla soup without the beans. The corn tortillas are very versatile I use them frequently and they have less lard or none if get the right ones. Corn tortillas and beans will keep you alive add avacado to the filling and what ever you have will be a rich meal indeed.

I got an email from my real estate agent this morning about the lot I am buying saying the owner of the campo was still out of town and not due to return till after new years. I don’t know if the deal will go through until the owner comes back or if he has someone that can do the paper work in his stead. I suppose it all will work out in the end. I am thinking about the things that have to be done to the lot to make it usable and the list is growing, I’ll write out a list of things to be done tonight and see how it looks to me.

Late this afternoon it got a overcast and cooled off-not as nice as this morning. Social hour was less well attended tonight than in the past I guess folks had other things to do.

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