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The Patio Project

I am having a patio put in the garden because when I sit in my chairs on the gravel the chairs keep settling down and it is hard for me to get out of the chairs and walking on gravel is not pleasant with flip-flops. My contractor and I have had discussions about how big and where it will be and now how high the bricks will be sticking out of the ground. So far the top-level of gravel has been removed and more sand has been added to make the ground level.  Today three men have worked on this project, seems there is more to laying bricks on the ground than meets the eye.

The plan includes space for a fire pit, I have one I have never used it uses real wood. I’m not fond of using real wood because of the smoke I may buy a portable camp fire from Camper’s World to use and avoid the whole smoke in the eyes thing.

Here are photos of the work so far;

Where the new patio is going in

Where the new patio is going in










My next post will be when the work is done and I have put some furniture on the Patio.


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Windy and cold this am.

Palm trees of unknown species. Identification ...

Palm trees of unknown species. Identification is appreciated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bird - Seagull enjoying the sunset

Bird – Seagull enjoying the sunset (Photo credit: blmiers2)

I got up about 0530 today as it was market day and the early bird gets her worm. I was on the look-out for a couple of things for the house and if someone showed up to sell them I wanted to be there and get it before another old bird did. So I was off into the early morning cold and wind. I didn’t find everything I wanted I did find two palm trees at a reasonable price, asparagus for dinner, tomatoes to go with the asparagus and some bird seed to entice the little birdies to my yard. I had a chat with some of the folks I know there and looked at the puppies for adoption. I didn’t find a puppy I fell in love with all they had were going to be big dogs and I am looking (sort of ) for a lap dog if I get one.

I have been thinking about doing laundry; 1) I have enough for almost two loads, 2) the Laundromat is a warm place today and would be nice to sit and read while the machines thrash my clothes clean. On the other hand I would have to go out into the cold and wind again and I don’t want to do that. Maybe I’ll do the laundry tomorrow instead-what’s the rush?

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One of those getting old moments

Ever have one of those moments when you cannot deny that your life has changed ? Today I went to the plant nursery and bought a tree. The tree was to big for my car so the man there said he would deliver it to my house for a small fee and I agreed. To make a long story short he and his co-worker got to my house before I did and he had checked out my other trees I just bought from him and he had redone the tree wells around them to hold the water better. He wanted to know where the other tree was going and I showed them where I had dug a hole for it. The smiled and went right to work making the hole twice as deep and wide and had the tree in the hole and watered in just a few minutes. It would have taken me several hours and I wouldn’t have done as good a job! I realized then that my days of muscling through something were past I’m old and slow, not strong anymore. I feel a bit sad about that and a little fearful. I could always count on my body being able to work long and sometime hard when I wanted it to, but those days have faded away. Getting hold sometime just plain sucks!

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