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Holiday Greetings

The Miracle of Egg Nog and Baileys

The Miracle of Egg Nog and Baileys (Photo credit: matthewhooper)

Winter Solstice Fire Festival

Winter Solstice Fire Festival (Photo credit: lucasw)


Festivus (Photo credit: tom16602)

English: Hanukkah menorah, known also as Hanuk...

English: Hanukkah menorah, known also as Hanukiah. Česky: Chanukový svícen chanukija (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetings to all. May your holiday be merry and bright! May you sit by the fire (tv) comfy with your egg nog or favorite beverage surrounded by that which makes you happy. Christmas, Hanukah, Solstice, Kwanza, Festavus or what ever you celebrate may it be a good one.

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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A Quiet Peaceful Holiday

DSCF2524May your christmas be joyful, peaceful and satisfying. Here in San Felipe mine is definitely peaceful, very few people stayed for the holidays here at Pete‘s Camp. My street is almost empty of residents a strange sight at this time of year. One of the things that was missing this christmas were the fire works -sheesh Mexico and no fireworks 😦 This place is getting to civilized for my tastes. Thankfully I found my favorite hot chocolate and matching that with a coffee liqueur

Spanish churros with hot chocolate.

Spanish churros with hot chocolate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and brandy in my tea and the holiday has been a merry one. I do miss my pets and some humans, of course, this is the first christmas in a long time I haven’t had a fur pal to snuggle. I will get another fur pal-when the time is right.

I have been a bit of a grump, grinch, Debby downer during the holidays and to all who have had to put up with this behavior I apologize. I have always had a difficult time with the holiday season and have often said to myself “If I had the money I’d go somewhere they don’t celebrate christmas and return when it is all over!”. I do like somethings about the holidays; the decorations, christmas lights, fire in the fireplace, eggnog, hot chocolate, fruit cake (ya I’m one of those!) and the smells of pine and goodies baking in the kitchen. Some things I could do without; drunks, insistent christmas music everywhere, crowds, phony sales on TV, phony baloney well wishes from people you know don’t like you, did I mention crowds?

Tonight I’m going to have a fire in my chiminea and watch the pretty flames and smell the mesquite burning and have a toast to al those who are not here this year. That list is a long sad one this year, Maybe next year will be better, let’s hope.

I am off for my daily walk on the beach and to enjoy the cool breeze and the sights of the birds and maybe there will be dolphins swimming off the beach today, who knows?

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Christmas Day

Dawn San Felipe

Last night my dog Shelby was sick and needed to go outside several times. So, I was up later and more often than usual. While I was up and outside the explosions from the fire works was obvious not as many as in other places in Mexico, but enough good bangers to  make it an occasion. The sky was crystal clear and the stars were out making the scene almost like a painting. The tide came in very high last night within 10 meters or less of my rig.

Today the residents are having a feast fried turkey and the trimmings; I won’t be partaking in eating as all of it is either animal or has animal products in it. so I have been staying away from temptation. I did contribute some items for the feast as a good neighbor should.

I loaded SKYPE onto my computer today and it seems to work. All I need now is someone to call or call me and I’ll know that it works. If Skype works horray for technology 😀

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Christmas Eve 2011

Here I am on christmas eve 2011, I have been camped here in San Felipe at the Kiki RV park for a month. It doesn’t seem that long I guess I am having fun. My fellow campers are mostly Canadians who spend most of the winter down here at this park year after year. There are a few Americans who are camped here one comes every year and has his spot all decked out with a full kitchen under his ramada. Most of the Canadian‘s are more conservatively kitted out. Other  Americans here are in such big rigs they are only accommodated by taking up several spaces along the fence effectively blocking several sites.

I have decided to buy into a camp here and build my own permanent winter camp/home near the beach. I feel a little anxious about doing so because of the risk. I think spending my winters here and summers in the mountains is the way to go at this time. The place I bought into is called Pete’s Camp and it has been functioning for decades. The lot is bare bones except for a septic tank and electric pedestal and a couple of thousand little thorny plants that have to be removed. How all this will work out is going to be interesting to say the least.

So, on to another adventure and more learning …..

Oh yes, the locals are blasting fireworks tonight something I have come to expect here in Mexico just one of those traditions that makes Mexico fascinating.

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