Weather in San Felipe

Beach Bonfire

Sunday evening I joined the neighbors for a beach bonfire to celebrate the full moon. This has become a tradition for the neighbors to gather on the full moon to have a fire and share food and beverages on our beach while connecting and sharing our stories. The evening was warm and the fire large thanks to the men folk who had gathered lots of wood to burn. Here are some photos of the occasion. Life is good here 🙂

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Signed up for Spanish Immersion Class

I have, once again, committed myself to learn Spanish. I have signed up for a class in Guadalajara that is full immersion supposedly no english spoken. I just took a test for class placement and promptly failed it, so now I’m dropped down to a lower level. I’m supposed to receive another test in email and we’ll see how that goes. The plan I signed up for is a month long course at I. M. A. C.  a well known Spanish language school. I will be staying at a local inn four blocks from school in Guadalajara. My concerns are that I’ll be in over my head, in a class full of smart energetic college students or smart, sharp business professionals and I’ll be the only less than stellar student. I’ll write weekly posts on my experiences while at the school.

I also plan to spend a few weeks in Lake Chapala to get a feel for the place once again and see if it is a fit for me. I may look for a house to rent for the summer to look over the area at a more leisurely pace before committing to moving there. The weather is a big draw for me as it doesn’t have the cold winters like Baja has and it doesn’t have the hot humid summers that San Felipe has. Also San Felipe is close to the border and if I need anything up north or to visit family it is only a day’s drive. Also I have lots of friends in San Felipe and I would miss them dearly, there is a lot to consider between the two places before making a decision.

Today I spent a little personal time getting a manicure. Before I leave for Guadalajara I will get my hair and feet done so I’ll look and feel good for my new adventure. Here is a photo my me getting my nails done at my favorite shop in San Felipe.


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CCCCold In San Felipe

The weather here has been cold for us (40’s F), we aren’t used to very cold weather and now and then we get a cold snap in winter and it is uncomfortable. To add to my discomfort my portable gas heater is not working and the new fireplace smokes when the doors and windows are closed. When I open one then the smoke goes up the chimney okay, but that kind of defeats the purpose of keeping the room warm.

I have another portable gas heat a Mister Heater that is supposed to be used for camping. I used it as supplemental heat in my RV. The drawback with it is that it uses 1 lb. canisters and they don’t last long and I don’t have many. I have sent for a hose to attach the Mr. Heater to a 20 lb. tank. It may be here next week. I also bought some gas logs for the fireplace. The reason I’m switching to gas logs is two-fold, the first is they won’t smoke and the second is they won’t stink. The wood I am burning has a bad smell to it as it burns and even the ashes have a bad smell. When I burn this wood in the fire pit there is no problem with the smell because it is outside of the house. When burned inside the house it has an annoying odor and I have to clean up the ashes. It will take a while to get the gas line from my LP tank to the fireplace by then it maybe a lot warmer and I won’t need it. We still could get another cold snap, one just never knows about these things. I got a deal on the gas logs some folks were moving back to the states and wanted to sell theirs and the price was right.

I went to dinner at our Cantina tonight here in Pete’s camp and the Cantina was doing a very good business, seems lots of folks wanted to eat out tonight. Very pleasant company too. I am home now and I have my electric heater buzzing away keeping my feet warm 🙂 I won’t be smiling when I get the electric bill I bet!

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Rain last night

and today we had more rain. This is big news here in San Felipe as we don’t get much rain here. It rained hard enough and made enough noise that I got up to check and see if the rain water was coming in anywhere. I was pleased to find it wasn’t coming in the house or across my veranda at all.

I was planning on going north to Calexico tomorrow (saturday), but I’ve changed my mind and will wait till Sunday to go up there and let the road dry out a bit. The construction area is bad enough dry and if it is wet it might be flooded in spots and I don’t want to deal with driving through flooded areas. The reason for going north is to get refills on my prescriptions. Once the refills are in hand I’m good for almost three months.

I am hoping that the rain stops sometime tomorrow so I can safely make my trip north to the “Old Country”.

Rain camera

Rain camera (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

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Memorial Day Breakfasts

Today I went to town to have breakfast with friends and make an appointment for my pedicure and other things. After breakfast I went across the street to set my appointment for the pedicure then went back to Pete’s Camp and met neighbors there for a chat while they had breakfast. Here are some photos;

Photo of the Junta de Viejos @ Chumpos Restaurant. Daily meeting of the "Old Ones" San Felipe MX

Photo of the Junta de Viejos @ Chumpos Restaurant. Daily meeting of the “Old Ones” San Felipe MX

Memorial Day Breakfast @ Chumpos Rest. San Felipe MX

Memorial Day Breakfast @ Chumpos Rest. San Felipe MX

Neighbors having breakfast at Pete's Camp Cantina

Neighbors having breakfast at Pete’s Camp Cantina

Another beautiful day in San Felipe the visitors are leaving and it will return to the quiet little fishing town again until the next big event. Life is simple here; good friends, good food, just enough going on to keep it interesting.

I’m getting ready for my trek north in a few days got to load the RV and make it ready for the trip. Then we head north for a few weeks.

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Lovely Day

I thought today was going to be hot but I was fooled it is wonderful a light breeze about 80 degrees low humidity just comfortable as can be. I did the usual walk early this morning and I felt very well. I watered the plants and trees today and planted another tree, I hope it grows as it will give good shade if it does grow it is called a pepper tree here. The pepper tree looks to something like a dense willow when full-grown and they do get huge after a decade or so.

I had my contractor come by and check my house wiring; I swear I heard some pops and sparks, he couldn’t find anything wrong so I’m thought of as the crazy lady for sure. Maybe it is all in my head at least with a cement house I don’t have to worry about it burning down. He promised that there would be someone over on monday to start work assembling my fountain. I hope so but then again it is Mexico and do-do do happen or not happen as the case may be.

I watched a movie called No Reservations and loved it. It is a love story and I’m a sucker for a good love story. I recommend the movie especially if you have a love in your life. The movie tonight is Woman On Top, kind of loony tunes but very entertaining. I think there is a message there somewhere. Again I recommend it.

Tonight I’m looking forward to PBS English comedies, they are a hoot. Some popcorn an adult beverage and English comedies in front of the Telly.


Well, it is time for an adult beverage and a snack so I’m closing now hope to post photos of the fountain construction later.

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Lab Report Comes Back

Aneroid sphygmomanometer with stethoscope, use...

Aneroid sphygmomanometer with stethoscope, used for auscultatory blood pressure measurement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The lab report came back yesterday afternoon and the doctor and I had a little chat about the results. Seems that the infection is gone, which is a very good thing indeed, my other results are in line with expected readings. My blood pressure has returned to its normal 119/67 and my cholesterol is getting better now 155 with the good cholesterol higher than the bad. My blood sugar reading is 103 which is very good. The white blood cell count has returned to normal and there is no sign of infection. I am much relieved after getting this report. Being ill is a bitch it puts your life on hold until you get back to good health and preoccupies your mind day and night till it is over.

Now if only I can stay healthy and fit. I walk almost every day for forty-five minutes and I plan to add to that as time goes on. I am going to stay on my vegetarian diet with an occasional bit of flesh such as eggs to add some fat to my diet. I am trying to keep the sweet foods at a minimum we don’t need the added calories or sugar.

My next door neighbors left for Canada this morning I went with them to the local cantina/restaurant for breakfast other neighbors went also and we had a nice farewell. These folks are so nice I am lucky to have such nice neighbors. After saying our good-byes they were off to British Columbia and I was off to town to get cash out of the ATM, do a little grocery shopping and check in with the “Old Gringos” at our favorite restaurant Chumpos in San Felipe.

Today the weather has been very nice, the wind is gone and so is the blowing dust and sand……. YAY 🙂

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Busy cleaning up after the haboob

All day today I was working on cleaning up the mess from the haboob (Sandstorm) the sand, dirt and dust is everywhere and it took hours to get it cleaned up. I know I’ll have to clean again several times to get it all. The window in my bathroom was not very tightly fitted and I had a pile of sandy dirt in my shower and dust all over the bathroom. Some of my plants have been smothered by sand and it will take me a while to uncover them and save them, I hope. Some of the neighbors lost some plants and trees and they were busy cleaning up like me.

Didn’t sleep well last night with the wind storm howling around the house and neighborhood. So I have been dragging around this afternoon as it seems my batteries are drained. Hopefully tonight I will get a good night’s sleep as I have a doctor’s appointment in the am to check whether the infection is gone or is still there. Hopefully the infection is gone.

I keep finding more dirt, damn, I hate spending time cleaning and then finding more dirt 😦

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I got an infection in the kidneys and had to go to the doctor and get my blood tested an x-ray and urinalysis. The urinalysis came back that I had an infection in the kidneys; kidneys because of the lower back pain I suppose. I was on cipro for ten days I hope it worked I have to wait another three days to get another test to check if the infection is gone. I also found that my cholesterol has gone up to 165 not a good sign. I think I have reduced my Lipitor too much so I’m going back to my previous dosage and see what happens. My x-ray has given me some worry it seems that there is some damage do to my 27 years of smoking and even though I quit smoking in 1983 I still have evidence of the damage caused. Gives one pause to think this could be a problem in the future. More worrying than that is according to the x-ray my aorta is enlarged or aorta aneurism a swelling of the aorta that puts one at risk of a rupture and that is the end. The doctor didn’t seem to think mine was dangerous as I have my blood pressure under control at least the last time that it was checked. Needless to say this is giving me some worry and I plan to discuss this with my doctors when I see them next month in Tucson.

Saturday I felt well enough to do some social activities I went on an artists home tour. There are homes built on beaches south of town called the south campos. There are about six camps south of town they don’t have fresh water it has to be trucked in not unusual in Mexico. These camps are off the grid so they are on solar power. So solar is the source of electric power and some have back-up generators for those rare days the sun doesn’t shine strong enough to put enough electricity into the batteries they depend on to power the house lights and other electrical equipment. Their refrigeration is older Servel gas-powered refrigerators or RV fridges which work on both 120 ac and lp gas. The homeowners seemed to be doing fine with the arrangement and the homes, at least the ones I got to visit, were fabulous some extremely modern others like a hippy sort of thing out of the sixties, all quite imaginative.

The art was very good, very professional and well displayed. We got to see seven artist’s studios and their work it was quite an experience.

Tonight San Felipe is in the middle of a serious wind and sand storm. The winds are forty to sixty miles an hour and it is blowing sand and dust everywhere. The sand and dust are in my house as well as everyone else’s house leaving a layer of fine sand on every surface it will take hours to clean it all up. My biggest worry is my garden the wind is torturing my trees and plants just beating them up. I hope they survive. I have been outside bolstering the trees with more support from small ropes and even painter’s tape to keep the trees from being destroyed. The bushes are on their own-we’ll see how they fare in morning light. I had to go up to my roof garden and take down a chair as it was being thrown like a toy the noise would surely keep me awake all night if I didn’t bring it down from the roof.

I won’t have photos for a while as my camera broke, when I go north again I will buy another until then I’ll have to do without.


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AAAaaaaargggg Tax Time Again!

English: "Eurorelais" Motorhome area...

English: “Eurorelais” Motorhome area. Valuéjols, France. Français : Borne de services “Eurorelais” de Valuejols en France. Elle est conforme aux normes européennes pour la connexion électrique entre autres. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

mystery rv 1

mystery rv 1 (Photo credit: Slideshow Bruce)

Deutsch: Mercedes-Benz O 508D Wohnmobil.

Deutsch: Mercedes-Benz O 508D Wohnmobil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Pilote recreational vehicle «R590» us...

English: Pilote recreational vehicle «R590» using a Citroën C 25 D Deutsch: Pilote Wohnmobil „R590“ auf Citroën C 25 D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ISUZU, ELF,(It is called N-series or REWARD ex...

ISUZU, ELF,(It is called N-series or REWARD excluding a Japanese market.), Recreational vehicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m running out of procrastination and will have to tackle tax preparation time. I don’t like this onerous task it just makes me stressed and worried. I stress I’ll forget to include something or transpose a number or well screw it up somehow! Worried I’ll be audited which will cause more stress and worried I’ll have to pay which will cause more stress …. yadda, yadda, yadda! I’l just have to buckle down and get the job done whether I’m stressed or not. Sheesh this adult stuff suxs 😦

I had a man come over and give me an estimate on fixing a 6″ crack in the wheel well fiberglass cover on my RV. He said he would do a first class job for $250! I think I’ll try and find someone else that will do a first class job for $100.

Today and last night the wind has been blowing hard making walking a very unpleasant task so I gave up. I’m not into being pelted by sand and wind during my walks. So for exercise I cleaned the stove, washed dishes, made the bed cleaned the counters and bagged trash. Not the same as a walk, but the kitchen looks better 🙂

I included the photos of the RVs just for general interest, some of them are rather unusual looking.

German RV area sign

German RV area sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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