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Sunday 070216

About three blocks from the hotel is a church and plaza and across from the church are several restaurants I had an omelet in one on the second floor this morning. The coffee was a little unusual as it had cinnamon in it and with milk and sugar it was good with breakfast this morning.

After breakfast I went for a walk around the church plaza and got see the vendors there and there are quite a few. I have some photos of them.


This the church and being Sunday there were a lot of Masses being said and the music was nice. In the foreground there are vendors


More vendors selling different stuff some sell Indian crafts others food.


Book venders book selling in Guadalajara is popular and I see folks with real books in their hands reading.

Later in the day I made another tour of a nearby neighborhood and found a new, to me, restaurant that piqued my interest its claim to fame was roasted Cabrito. Around the corner from this restaurant was a little place where there were three small cafe’s I decided to enjoy a Latte and a crape with nuts and cream sauce it was delicious. I went back to that restaurant for dinner.


first shot of a restaurant I was curious about.


Restaurant Nuevo Leon where I had dinner it was Cabrito and it was delicious


This is were I had lates and a crepe yes those are lovers in the corner

I did some study today and I’m sure it wasn’t enough so I’ll get scolded when I get to school tomorrow, oh well 😦


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01 Feb 2016 Constitution Day

This morning I had a little breakfast with some of the folks staying here there was a wonderful couple from the Netherlands and a young man from France. Great conversation about their travels they are going to some place more south today and left just after breakfast.

Today was a national holiday in Mexico so there was no school. I made the best of it by walking to the school to see how long it takes so I know when to leave the hotel tomorrow morning. The walk is supposed to take nine minutes, it is seven blocks from the hotel; nine minutes-that’s if you are very spry, I’m not, I’ll give it fifteen minutes to be safe. There is a very busy street to cross and one has to time it just right to get across safely and I will. I walked right past the school, of course. I noticed my error and went back to where it was and it even had a huge sign! Some days I think I’m in another world. Unfortunately there is a pastry shop near the school with the most delicious looking pastries so of course I bought some and I’ve been on a sugar buzz ever since. When I got back to the hotel I just sat in a chair and waited for the sugar high to calm down before attempting to climb those stairs!

I also walked around the block so to speak to see what was in the neighborhood. The University of Guadalajara makes up the bulk of the biggest buildings then there is the church and plaza. Today being a holiday one of the main streets that bisects the University area is closed to vehicles so people can use the street for walking, running, skating, bicycling; anything human powered. There are quite a few people out there using the street hundreds and hundreds having a great time. I took a few photos but they don’t do it justice. There is music and the restaurants are open, venders too.

I had brunch at small restaurant and ate too much I had to go back to the hotel and take a nap to digest all the food I’ve eaten today. What will I do tonight? Go out and eat of course!

Here are some photos of today’s events I have to learn to carry my camera with me I miss some interesting photo ops.


The front of the hotel there is a small sign and you are given a key to get in on your own as the door isn’t always manned


This photo doesn’t do the event justice there were a lot of folks taking advantage of the closed street


The upper flight of stairs if they don’t kill me I’ll be in better shape after a month


The first flight of stairs thank goodness there is a hand rail compare stairs to the books 8-/


View from my seat at a local restaurant watching the folks use the closed street


There were lots of dogs enjoying the free street today every kind and size


The street the hotel is on the blue is part of the hotel, parking is at a premium


Large wide sidewalk this is not normal only on main streets is this so


They people controlling the foot and bicycle traffic when it crossed major streets everyone obeyed the traffic guard





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Trip to Guadalajara (Spanish School)

This is my first of many posts about my trip to Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico to learn Spanish. My, dear neighbor, with very good humor drove me to Mexicali where we stayed the night at the Colonial Hotel. This was a recommendation from another good neighbor and he was right on. The hotel was clean and comfortable and the price was very good.

My flight was very early in the morning and for some reason that escapes me now I thought it was going to a little plane and few passengers. Upon arriving at the airport I was surprised to see so many people there, at first I thought there might be other flights but no this was my fight all these people were getting on. After schlepping my bags around and getting a boarding pass that I didn’t think I needed (Yes, you do Julia) I finally get to the ID control were I was confronted by Mexican Immigration. Turns out they were as puzzled as I was as to why I didn’t have my new Resident Visa Card and after the three gentlemen gave me the once over and put up with my broken Spanish I was sent on my way to go through security. The same type of security in the states, but I didn’t have to take my shoes off and it was (thank goodness) quick, I had to use the bathroom. That was a neat trick with a a bag and a purse in cubby to small to change into my superwoman costume if I had too.

Once out of the bathroom I got a cup of coffee and wouldn’t you know it no sooner did I get settled in a chair with my coffee it was time to line up for boarding the plane and it wasn’t a little turbo prop either. I found out the ticket checkers and fight crew didn’t speak english so my immersion started off already 🙂 No problem, serious announcements were recorded in both English and Spanish and they were the usual directions of following the directions and pointing out the exits in case of the plane crashing sort of thing. The plane ride itself was boring and my tummy wanted food. I did buy a muffin and a drink when offered to keep the grumbling beast at bay. I was so bored I read the inflight magazine or at least the parts I could with my broken Spanish.

Upon arrival at Guadalajara Airport we were bused to the terminal and lined up, yes all of us at the wrong baggage claim area and an employee herded us to the correct one which of course was much further from the exit. I claimed my bags and was even checked by an employee to make sure I wasn’t taking the wrong bags. I schlepped three bags and a big purse towards the exit where I asked a man at a Taxi booth about my voucher for a Taxi and he knew nothing about it. So I dragged my bags and I outside found a safe place against the building and like a paper boy of old started waving my voucher in the air while calling out TAXI ! One of the men who I assume controls the Taxis came over and read the voucher and went and asked another man about the voucher who looked very disinterested. At this point I thought I was going to have to pay for a ride out of pocket when a Taxi driver had a chat with this man and directed me to a Taxi. Wouldn’t you know it I get a Taxi driver who hasn’t a clue about vouchers or where the hotel is, had to go get directions from other taxi drivers on how to get there. I’m getting a little concerned at this point until he came back to the Taxi all smiles. I asked him if everything was okay and he said Si. So what are you going to do but sit back and enjoy the ride ? Obviously we got to the hotel in good order so it was much ado about nothing.

The hotel is small and in the historic (Old) part of town near a cathedral, in case I feel the need for spiritual help passing a test I imagine. The desk clerk took me to my room which of course is on the second floor with two flights of stairs a goat would enjoy running up and down. I thought I was puffing a bit until I heard the (Young) clerk huffing and puffing more than I was and I have almost a half century on the the poor boy! He was still puffing when he left my room and I had recovered. That young man needs some exercise, just my opinion not a judgement, but sheesh when a 71 year old can out do you on your own turf something has to be improved. Nice kid we’ll get along just fine. I might even challenge him to a foot race later and see who goes the hospital first!

I got directions to a local restaurant and guess what ? Yup, more stairs, but the food is good and cheap too. Nice view of that Cathederal with a busy plaza in front. After lunch I went back to my room to try out the bed with a serious nap. The bed is comfy and I had a good nap. Being Sunday the city is sort of quiet, I brought earplugs just in case.

Here are some photos of the inside of the hotel;

I like the colors and plants the church bells are charming the streets are narrow and one way so getting there is a problem when driving, but not when walking. Tomorrow is a holiday and I’ll take a tour of the neighborhood.


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Signed up for Spanish Immersion Class

I have, once again, committed myself to learn Spanish. I have signed up for a class in Guadalajara that is full immersion supposedly no english spoken. I just took a test for class placement and promptly failed it, so now I’m dropped down to a lower level. I’m supposed to receive another test in email and we’ll see how that goes. The plan I signed up for is a month long course at I. M. A. C.  a well known Spanish language school. I will be staying at a local inn four blocks from school in Guadalajara. My concerns are that I’ll be in over my head, in a class full of smart energetic college students or smart, sharp business professionals and I’ll be the only less than stellar student. I’ll write weekly posts on my experiences while at the school.

I also plan to spend a few weeks in Lake Chapala to get a feel for the place once again and see if it is a fit for me. I may look for a house to rent for the summer to look over the area at a more leisurely pace before committing to moving there. The weather is a big draw for me as it doesn’t have the cold winters like Baja has and it doesn’t have the hot humid summers that San Felipe has. Also San Felipe is close to the border and if I need anything up north or to visit family it is only a day’s drive. Also I have lots of friends in San Felipe and I would miss them dearly, there is a lot to consider between the two places before making a decision.

Today I spent a little personal time getting a manicure. Before I leave for Guadalajara I will get my hair and feet done so I’ll look and feel good for my new adventure. Here is a photo my me getting my nails done at my favorite shop in San Felipe.


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Good news

Photo on 1-8-16 at 7.24 PM

The weather has moderated just a little for a day or two, after we had rain-yes rain a rare occurrence here in Baja Mexico at least on the Sea of Cortez coast. Still it was a cold rain and my plants have suffered one is struggling to live. Today the sun was out and breakfast club with the other lizards was pleasant. I’m fortunate to have a group to socialize with and learn from as the ways of getting by in Mexico can be confusing if you’re trying to do it by yourself.

I am firming up plans to attend spanish language school, yes again, this time in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. This will be four weeks of intensive spanish only classes. I expect that my fellow students will be college students and professionals who are going to be very bright and committed to learning the language. I’ll have my work cut out for me to keep up. I am excited about the adventure ahead and I have high hopes this time my spanish will improve noticeably.

After the four weeks of spanish school I’m going to visit the Lake Chapala area for week or so before returning to San Felipe. I want to see how things have changed in the area and if I would fit in there. The draw for me is the climate it is supposed to be the second best climate in the world. Climate is not the only thing that would entice me to move, but after shivering my buns off this winter in San Felipe the idea has its appeal. I would sorely miss the friends and neighbors I have here so it better have a lot of charming attributes to make up for starting over, once again.

I also have to make a trip back to the old country to get a document notarized for the sale of my house last month. I’ll make a shopping trip out of it and buy some goodies for my comfort as there is a lot of winter left.


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Classes come to an end

The formal Spanish classes are over, at least for now. I have a few sessions with my tutor. One on one is very intense, but one learns a lot. I will need more tutoring later on to improve my knowledge of Spanish and correct my pronunciation. I have the usual bad gringo accent no native speaker would mistake me for a native speaker. With help and use I hope to lessen the accent and move up in my abilities.
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Week three

This is the beginning of week three. Last week was frustrating as I was having problems with my remembering the various tenses and spellings of irregular verbs in Spanish. I am studying sixteen of these verbs and find it hard to recall them. Hence the frustration. At first I thought
it was that I was losing my short term memory, a very bad sign, then I recalled incidents through out my life when my memorization was impossible. I told I am a right brain dominate
person and that we learn differently from left brain people. That bit of information does not help me remember anything, but makes me feel better.

This is Sunday and I went out to brunch at Cafe’ Monet a local restaurant and had eggs Benedict with French press coffee served in a delightful dining room, about $6.50. I shared a table with a couple from Southern California that were here for just a few days. They had been here thirteen years ago and were glad to see that San Miguel was still quite similar to how they remembered it. They were taking the home tour today and were in a hurry to get to the Library to get their
tickets for the tour. I hope they had a good time.

I plan to do a little touristy stuff today myself, I will report on that later.

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I have adjusted my work load

I felt that taking three classes would be to much so I
dropped the class using the Soap Opera approach. I
liked the idea and the class was interesting, but it
devertated my attention from the other two classes.
Instead I have contracted to have a tutor help me
learn Spanish. We shall see how that goes.
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What have I done?

Today I went to my other class in Spanish language and I arrived early.
I must have gotten the times wrong in my memory and so there I was
in time for a different class. This class was using the Soap Opera style
of instruction and was totally in Spanish with the class playing actors
parts in Spanish. I was asked if I would like to sit in on the class, so I
did and had a good time.
Then it was time for the class in the one I signed up for which is a class
in conversation Spanish also given in Spanish with the students asking
each other questions in Spanish and answering in Spanish.
Phew! From 12:30 to 5:30 solid Spanish instruction.
I don’t know if I can keep this up or not, but I would like to try to do
take all three and see what happens. We shall see.
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