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I am sorry for not keeping up with the blog. I don’t think I have to many people waiting for my pearls of wisdom about Mexico or anything else for that matter. But, if you have been waiting for another entry I am sorry for the long delay.

A lot of things have gone on since the entry previous to this one. One is my best friend told me she can’t move to Mexico as her company wouldn’t like it and wouldn’t pay her for traveling to and from Mexico. This has put a crimp in my plans to move to Mexico. I also tired of living in a 5th wheel RV and with my best friend we bought a small ranchito about forty-five miles east of Dallas.

Life has had a few twists and turns since buying the ranchito. First I was very ill since moving to the ranchito. The illness was a feeling of being very tired, extremely tired I couldn’t work but for a few minutes a day outside in the Texas heat. I felt very frustrated and scared. I had no idea what was wrong with me. Before moving here I had many tests and visits to two doctors who found nothing wrong. On the weekend of July 4th I went outside to feed the animals and I had a sharp pain in my chest. I was doubled over in pain, I was really scared. I slowly made it inside the house and could only get as far as the couch and I laid down because I couldn’t go any further. I couldn’t reach my cell phone or my nitro tablets in my purse either. I just laid there and waited for ….. well to see if I would live or not. After what seemed a half an hour I felt the pain slowly recede. I made it to my purse and took some medication and shortly felt better, not great but better. I had an uneasy night; worrying myself about what was happening and wondering what to do.

The following day I talked it over with my neighbor across the road-he is an EMT. He said he would have called 911 and sent me to the hospital. He suggested that if it happened again to do that. As my luck would have it the following day I felt pressure and a little pain in my chest. I didn’t call 911, I drove myself to the local hospital. they did tests found some blockage in my heart arteries and kept me over night. They called my cardiologist and made an appointment for me.

When I saw the cardiologist he did some test right away and confirmed a blockage. He told me I was being set up for an angioplasty at Baylor Heart Hospital in two days time. I had just enough time to have my pets put in a kennel and make arrangements with the neighbors to take care of the live stock. The angioplasty went well and I am now the proud owner of a stent in my heart artery, that makes three stents so far. I have been in recovery since the angioplasty July 10th.

I sold the live stock it was just to much for me to take care of, the idea of being a rural gentlewoman farmer/rancher faded fast with my medical problems. I discussed our choices with my best friend and partner in the ranchito and we decided to take a trip to Florida and get away for a while, also to see if there might be a house there that we could buy and move there. My reasoning at the time was I would have a wider choice of doctors and hospital that these facilities would be closer to my residence and I could have a better social life there. We found such a house and put down earnest money and waited for a reply from the lien holder. and heard nothing after a month, not even an acknowledgement of our offer. Both of us got a little upset with this attitude from the lien holder. Short sales are a pain in the ass. We soured on the deal-nice house, but not that nice. We terminated the offer.

So where does that leave me/us now ? I have an RV that I want to sell so I am not responsible for it. I am not using it and every year I keep it the less it is worth, time to get it sold. Then what ? Good question. I keep thinking of Mexico and San Miguel. In my minds eye I can see every corner of the the Jardine and the streets and sidewalks leading there. In my mind I can hear the rockets going off and see them burst in the air and feel/hear the drums of the marchers parading the streets celebrating their culture robustly. I miss sitting at my favorite table in a restaurant facing the Parrish church and Jardine watching the lights twinkle on the church and hearing the bells ring the hour. I miss the musicians and singers on that little park singing old and new standards and enjoying life. I miss it all …..

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Last full day in Mexico

I am getting ready to leave Mexico the van will be here about 8:30 in the morning to take me to the airport in Leon Mexico to catch my plane to Houston. I am ready to go even if I am in armored with San Miguel it is time to go back and take care of business there.

I had breakfast out; eggs Benedict and they were good with French Press coffee and I shared a table with a lady from Connecticut. She has traveled quite a bit and we had a fun time talking about our travels and the adventures that we had in various countries.

I came back to the apartment and started packing my stuff for the trip tomorrow.

The real estate agent sent an email and she has a house for me to look at today so I will go house hunting for an hour or so. I will tell you about it later.
I met with the real estate agent and I got to see a house. This house is just up the street from my apartment and is advertised as a two bedroom one full bath and half bath with living room and dinning room. The house in actuality has a small entry way that leads into the living-room and kitchen. The dining room is off of both the living room and kitchen. Off the dinning room is a stairwell going to the upper levels.
The stair well is open to the sky, on the second level there are two bedrooms and one bath, the bath is entered from one bedroom if someone was to be using the other bedroom they would have to walk through the other bedroom to use the bathroom. There is a spiral iron staircase going to the roof garden and surprise there is a bedroom with bath and storage located there not mentioned in the listing. So during cold and in climate days one has to go out side to go to the bedrooms. That is a big drawback also there is no patio or parking for a car. The location is fine close to everything.
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Classes come to an end

The formal Spanish classes are over, at least for now. I have a few sessions with my tutor. One on one is very intense, but one learns a lot. I will need more tutoring later on to improve my knowledge of Spanish and correct my pronunciation. I have the usual bad gringo accent no native speaker would mistake me for a native speaker. With help and use I hope to lessen the accent and move up in my abilities.
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I have adjusted my work load

I felt that taking three classes would be to much so I
dropped the class using the Soap Opera approach. I
liked the idea and the class was interesting, but it
devertated my attention from the other two classes.
Instead I have contracted to have a tutor help me
learn Spanish. We shall see how that goes.
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My thoughts on San Miguel Allende

Here I am at the back door to Casitia de las flores on my way to explore San Miguel.

Here are a few of my thoughts about San Miguel. My reason for coming is two fold; one this is an important historical place in Mexico and gives some life to Mexican history anyone interested Mexico should visit, two I am looking for a place to live in Mexico and after reading about SMA I thought maybe it was for me too.

First off, when reading about SMA I got the impression that it was a small town that was growing, it isn’t, it is a small city that is growing with the central portions protected from development to preserve the historical places and protect the traditions of the Mexican people.

Within this city is a modern society that has all the noise, problems and motor traffic that comes with it, then add in thousands of tourists and expats from all over the world and you have a crowded, expensive. urban setting. There is a lot to do here and some of it is inexpensive, finding it takes a bit of persistence and I am sure with time one would be aware of where to look for those inexpensive events.

The number of English speaking people from north of the border has a major effect here in SMA. English speaking assistance is available and makes it easier for the non Spanish speaking tourist in tourist areas of the city.

My first impressions of the expat community are not favorable, to me they seem cold, unhappy, and closed off to all but their own, if the don’t know you they won’t acknowledge you. They remind me of the same kind of folks I have met in other places like Martha’s Vineyard, all of Cape Cod, and various destinations in Sonoma California, etc. to much money not enough manners or sense.

Of course my opinion is based on only a few first impressions and you have to consider my working class background. For what it is worth I wouldn’t live here. I am sure there are lots of lovely expats who live here and are a credit to themselves and their adopted city, just that the snobs and ill mannered expats stand out more, they also get my dander up.

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Day two of our trip to SMA

Here I am on the hill over looking San Miguel

A parade

Pretty dresses

View of the city

A view from the hill of the city showing the church and
in the for ground almost to the bottom the edge of the bull ring.

On day two we got up early and got ready for the day and fortified with a cup of tea and prepackaged donut we headed down the hill towards the main thoroughfare. Instead of walking in the same direction we did yesterday, when got to the main street we went in the other direction. Just as we were about to give up and turn around we saw MEGA which is a large grocery and dry goods store we had read about. This store is a modern, clean, well organized business. Except for the obvious language differences on the products and signs one would think you were north of the border. I think it is better than some stores NOB.

We trekked back to Casita de las flores our B&B and after a short rest we went to lunch at a local restaurant and for about $4.50 each we had a hearty lunch and soft drink; I had chicken enchiladas with rice, and vegetables Samantha had something similar with a sauce on hers.

After lunch we proceeded down town by foot and found the tourist office that gave us directions the ticket seller for the local trolley tour. The trolley tour was very informative and does give a lot of information and an idea of where things of interest are located.

After the tour we started walking about and ended up at Mama Mia’s restaurant and bar where we had drinks and a pizza. After leaving Mamma’s we came upon a parade; some of the people parading looked like clowns one was juggling fire sticks and there were dancers in typical Mexican dresses. We never found out why they were parading.

We called it a day and walked back to the B&B to spend the night.

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San Miguel Day 1

Banner for Indepenence Day

Top of the church in the center of town

Samantha and Kay Julia at dinner

This was our view

This is a view of one of the neighborhoods

Sign left from the Independence Day celebration

View of the church

Miracles never cease we got to Mexico!

We got up in time, had enough fuel to get to the airport, got to the airport on time without incident, got on our plane with out a problem. We arrived at Leon airport and our driver was there waiting for us as we left the immigration and customs area and for the most part the drive was uneventful. After checking in at the B&B we went to a local restaurant for lunch and had a nice lunch; lunch was about $11.oo for two and it was good.

After our nice lunch we walked down town, I of course had the wrong shoes on and my feet hurt. We found our way to the center of town the Jardin in front of the church. We also found the bank open and we changed dollars for pesos and used the machine teller to get money (pesos). No problem, I even used my funny Spanish to ask for smaller bills with the teller again no problem. We went to a cafe beside the jardin and had some coffee while discussing our next move. We left there for a return trip to the B&B and while walking back checked out a restaurant with a great view of the church and did a little grocery shopping at a local shop, we got the essentials tea, snacks, beer, sodas, fruit juice, and goat cheese for breakfast.

Later in the evening we went to dinner at the restaurant we checked out earlier and had a wonderful dinner. I had pecan soup and baked fish with coconut sauce and Samantha had a salad with goat cheese and grapes with chili relleno with beef, everything tasted wonderful. After dinner we walked back to our room and did a little work on the computer.

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