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Race time in San Felipe

This is the week of the big Baja 250 race and the town is getting full of people to watch and to participate in the race. Lots of folks dashing about in various vehicles in racing gear. The crowds of folks will be downtown for the festivities and ceremonies along with lots of police and support personnel. The big rigs have arrived with more on the way, some folks are flying into our little airport in their planes and helicopters to join in the race. Soon the Police helicopters will be hovering over the town keeping an eye on the crowds. All great fun for many of the folks who live here and enjoy the Races.

I don’t like crowds, I think it is because of my suspicious nature or maybe because I’m getting old, tired and cranky. I visit town for very short periods of time to get errands done and then leave the whole scene to the younger set.

I did go into town today because I wanted to have lunch with my friend Irene at a restaurant on the Malacon (the street in front of the beach). We had a lovely lunch of shrimp tacos with cheese and guacamole with chips and for drinks we had non-alcoholic margaritas. We made  quick trip along the Malacon to see what the vendors had for sale. Then home again as my housekeeper was there hard at work while I was living the life, having lunch with a friend.

17632442_10158562712820061_192973968877103291_oSometimes I feel like I’m living the life of a Grand Dame having breakfast with friends or lunch maybe dinner out or at a friend’s house, a house keeper doing the heavy work cleaning my house. Gardening in the morning after nice walk through the neighborhood and chatting with neighbors. In a way I do “Live The Life”.


Below are photos of Juana my housekeeper she cleans my house and teaches me Spanish too. She is a Doll!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

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Thanksgiving Day 2015

Four years ago I arrived in this little town on the coast of the Sea of Cortez San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. I was driving an older RV and had my two pets a Lab named Shelby and a Siamese cat named Pia. We got a space at Kiki’s RV Park just a short walk from the iconic symbol of the town the lighthouse. I enjoyed walking the beach several times a day with my dog and the camaraderie of the RV park so much I decided to look for a place of my own to spend the winters.

I, with the help of Darrel the real estate agent of Baja Sun Realty, found and purchased a lot in Pete’s Camp. First I had the lot cleared and an RV pad put in. Before I knew it I was making plans for a little house and planting trees and bushes. I was lucky to have such kind and thoughtful neighbors that I didn’t want to leave. To make a long story shorter I haven’t left, which is rather odd for me as I am usually a rolling stone never in one place more than two or three years and now here I am four years later.

Not all has been joy, I lost my pets to infirmities of age and miss them terribly. They were my constant companions for many years and my attachment to them was emotional and profound. From time to time I get the urge to move on as the vagabond life still has its pull. Yet, I haven’t left-dare I say I have put down roots like my plants and trees?

Today is a beautiful day sunny and calm there are workers building my neighbors a new house the same ones who built mine. The fountain in my garden is gurgling and splashing, now and then a bird drops by for a little nourishment and flies off. I watch the sunlight patterns slowly move over the veranda and I am content, for now.

This little town, San Felipe Baja, Mexico has a pull that none other has had for me. I enjoy its celebrations and contribute what I can to improve life here. I celebrate the Mexican holidays and the American holidays taking the best of both as my own. I have become an Expatriate and wear the label with pride. I have friends and acquaintances who also are Expatriates and those who are sometimes temporary visitors. There a few things I miss about the “Old Country” and there are things I don’t miss about it. I view the country of my birth with more skeptical eye these days.

Today I will share a meal with neighbors and friends we’ll talk and laugh and enjoy each other’s company just like in the USA. Tomorrow I’ll have breakfast with other expats in town and enjoy the Mexican menu there. My life has this regular calm enjoyable pace to it I’ve only dreamed of in my mind before. Sometime I become a tempest in teapot over some issue or other happening in the “Old Country”, but sooner more than later I calm down and gaze at the water and enjoy the peace here. The calms are getting longer and longer.

Here are few photos of San Felipe for your enjoyment;


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Memorial Day Breakfasts

Today I went to town to have breakfast with friends and make an appointment for my pedicure and other things. After breakfast I went across the street to set my appointment for the pedicure then went back to Pete’s Camp and met neighbors there for a chat while they had breakfast. Here are some photos;

Photo of the Junta de Viejos @ Chumpos Restaurant. Daily meeting of the "Old Ones" San Felipe MX

Photo of the Junta de Viejos @ Chumpos Restaurant. Daily meeting of the “Old Ones” San Felipe MX

Memorial Day Breakfast @ Chumpos Rest. San Felipe MX

Memorial Day Breakfast @ Chumpos Rest. San Felipe MX

Neighbors having breakfast at Pete's Camp Cantina

Neighbors having breakfast at Pete’s Camp Cantina

Another beautiful day in San Felipe the visitors are leaving and it will return to the quiet little fishing town again until the next big event. Life is simple here; good friends, good food, just enough going on to keep it interesting.

I’m getting ready for my trek north in a few days got to load the RV and make it ready for the trip. Then we head north for a few weeks.

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My Immigration Experience To Date

Warning: I am not a lawyer or immigration facilitator and I have not confirmed the information in my post with officials of the Mexican Immigration so I could be full of what makes the grass grow green and we’re not talking about water :-O 

Last year when I arrived here in San Felipe I came prepared to make Mexico my home. Soon after arriving I applied for an FM-3 visa which, at the time, was the first step in the process to become a permanent resident of Mexico. FM-3 is for retires and certain others who work in Mexico. As in all countries that allow immigration the rules, laws, and regulations are complex and the interpretations of these laws and procedures vary from office to office.

Since I obtained my FM-3 the Mexican government has made some big changes in their immigration laws. This has caused some confusion and consternation in the ex-pat community in Mexico. For one thing the amount of income needed to qualify for what is now called a Residante Temporano (which was FM3/FM2) has increased and local offices have increased it even more. The income is based on the daily minimum wage in Mexico City 64 pesos times 400 days. This is a significant increase and there will be some foreigners who will not be able to meet this new requirement. After four years with the Temporary Resident Visa one applies for the Permanent Resident card similar to the U.S. Green card. The level of income for this card is also higher; 500 days times the minimum wage in Mexico City. The advantages of the Permanent Resident Card is that one doesn’t have to apply or renew every year- after a year one can apply for Mexican Citizenship if you desire or remain here as a permanent resident.

Confused yet? Got questions? So do a lot of people who live here that are not Mexican Citizens. The rumors are flying and the answers are not coming fast so more rumors are flying. Some people who need to know about the changes are going to be blindsided when they show up to renew or apply for their visa. Nothing is the same as before, some will be pleasantly surprised others will be upset and disappointed. The warning I got from my facilitator was; ‘there is going to be a new administration this coming year in Mexico City and things could change some more”. I don’t think it would be a big change, but perhaps some the income requirements will change or some administrative processes will change.

Based on what my facilitator told me I now will have to be a Temporary Resident for 3 more years then I can apply for permanent resident. The nice thing is I have applied for all three years, this time, so no more renewals.

For more information about the rules and regulations of the new policy in Mexico I suggest going to Rolly Brook’s site and reading up on it as this issue is more complicated than I have described.

San Felipe Sunrise

San Felipe Sunrise (Photo credit: Russ May)so no more renewals. In the meantime I am studying Spanish in hopes of becoming more functional in the language of my new home country. I now have much more empathy for those that immigrate to any county, it is not an easy task and getting assimilated is an enormous task.

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Five guys

Five men tiny kitchen

Yesterday I had up to five men working in my kitchen. That’s a lot of men in a tiny kitchen. The tile work is coming along in both the kitchen and bath and should be done this week. I may even have sinks installed this week also. I got three new light fixtures installed; one in the hallway, one in the kitchen and another over the kitchen sink (or where it will be).

The tile work is looking very nice and the tile man is a very careful, if slow, worker. but with tile it is best to be right then fast one lives with the tile for a long time.

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Update on plans

Official Seal of the Government of the United ...

Official Seal of the Government of the United Mexican States (Mexico) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the Casita getting closer to being finished with the building phase I thought I would express my plans for the future here. As people who know me, all my plans are written in jello. Anything can be changed for any reason at any time. The plan now is to live here and travel from here to where ever my interests lead me.

I have some goals of learning spanish at a much higher level than I am now and immigrating to Mexico to either obtain a permanent  resident status or citizenship. This goal is ambitious and there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before that can happen and a long period of time (6 plus years).  Anything can happen in that amount of time and usually I don’t plan that far ahead. It will be interesting to see what happens 🙂

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I am in Deming NM

After a long visit in Tucson with family (some would say to long a visit) I am in Deming NM at an RV’rs Rally. So far I have only broken one rule; at least that is the only one anyone has noticed so far. I’m about to break one or two more as I am in an ornery mood this week. We have been divided up into groups and each group has to pull KP duty for a day. Ask me to do something I most likely will do it, tell me to do something and I most likely will not. I quit taking orders when I retired from government service and I quit pulling KP duty 38 years ago when I retired from the Army. So I guess I’m going to piss somebody off here pretty soon.

I have been thinking about spending some or all of the winter in Mexico specificly San Felipe Baja MX it is only about 2.5 hours south of the border and is supposed to be a nice place on the Sea of Cortez with a long beach to walk with your dog and lots of other gringos who are hiding from the cold with a drink in one hand and taco in another. I’ve heard about it for several years and I thought I might just check it out for myself this year.

I have several items to have repaired on my RV and I want solar power installed before heading south to Mexico so right after the Rally is over or sooner if I am thrown out I’ll be heading back to Tucson to get this work done.

Just thinking about going to Mexico is getting me jazzed as it sounds like an adventure and I do like a little adventure it keeps the blood moving around and gets the little grey cells jumping in the brain too 🙂 Now to pull it all together and get there :0

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Getting ready

I started sorting stuff to take to Mexico. I have two boxes now one with food stuff, canned goods etc and one of books. The books are mostly on learning Spanish. I hope they will do me service when I get to Merida. I have studied over and over and still don’t feel confident with Spanish. I know I speak it like a Gringa in a bad movie I screw up the tenses, word order and use inappropriate terms or forget how to say things altogether. (Sigh)

I stopped by the cardiologist’s office today and got new prescriptions for my medications so I can get refills before I leave and take three months supply with me. Hopefully that is how it will work out for me.

I stopped by my mechanics place this afternoon and had him show me how to open the cap on the power steering pump I had tried to open it, but the darn thing wouldn’t come off and I was afraid I would break it an then I would have to search for a new one in junk yard-not a happy thought. Joe the mechanic showed me that I wasn’t using enough pressure on it.

I called Dish TV today and seem there is no problem with suspending service when I leave which will be a good thing. I have the water company on auto pay as well as the mortgage and electricity so that is taken care of. Got to get the pets up to date on their shots and get a certificate to take with us to the border just in case we get checked. Hopefully the local Vet will cooperate.

There is still a list of things to do some can only be done just before leaving for Mexico. Hope I don’t forget anything.
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I am missing another Day of the Dead celebration, hopefully next year I will be in Mexico and enjoy the festival. Many people north of the border don’t understand the holiday and confuse it with Halloween, Day of the Dead has more to do with Memorial Day than with Halloween. I like the idea of once a year remembering those we have loved who have passed on. It is a way to keep the memories alive and to give respect to life. Hopefully one day someone will remember me when I have passed on. Although I doubt it.
Anyhow, I will celebrate in my own way for those gone before. Not as well as a Mexicana would of course. But I will remember them.

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A watched pot ….

Never boils. I have sent a message to the real estate agent in Merida, but no reply yet hopefully I will get a reply today so we can get this deal completed and we will have a house in Merida.
Oh well, keep checking I guess. Sorry for the fuzzy photo Samantha had to take a photo of a photo to get it. This is the house that we hope to rent.
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