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Memorial Day Breakfasts

Today I went to town to have breakfast with friends and make an appointment for my pedicure and other things. After breakfast I went across the street to set my appointment for the pedicure then went back to Pete’s Camp and met neighbors there for a chat while they had breakfast. Here are some photos;

Photo of the Junta de Viejos @ Chumpos Restaurant. Daily meeting of the "Old Ones" San Felipe MX

Photo of the Junta de Viejos @ Chumpos Restaurant. Daily meeting of the “Old Ones” San Felipe MX

Memorial Day Breakfast @ Chumpos Rest. San Felipe MX

Memorial Day Breakfast @ Chumpos Rest. San Felipe MX

Neighbors having breakfast at Pete's Camp Cantina

Neighbors having breakfast at Pete’s Camp Cantina

Another beautiful day in San Felipe the visitors are leaving and it will return to the quiet little fishing town again until the next big event. Life is simple here; good friends, good food, just enough going on to keep it interesting.

I’m getting ready for my trek north in a few days got to load the RV and make it ready for the trip. Then we head north for a few weeks.

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Happy Holiday

I got to spend the holiday with neighbors across the street from me and we had a lovely dinner I had baked sweet potatoes, bread stuffing, a corn dish, a very nice homemade cranberry sauce and there was a nice wine to go with dinner. There was lots of conversation and after dinner we sat outside on their patio and enjoyed a fire in their fire pit with their two lovely little cocker-spaniel dogs keeping us company. Some other neighbors came by to visit and buy preserves from Diane, she makes wonderful bread and butter pickles, jams and jellies for sale. She is also an artist, she carves gourds into the most beautiful works of art and sells them here and in CA.

This morning was the annual yard sale and I just missed getting a rattan sofa and chairs for my house-someone beat me to it by five minutes ….darn. Later in the morning I had an appointment in town to get a manicure. I haven’t done that in a long time. This time I want to repair two hang nails that were bothering me and I know if I didn’t do something I would rip the nails and cause myself a lot of pain.

Wednesday was my big day at the dentist’s office I had impressions made for new dentures. My old ones are several years old and loose. The upper denture has been repaired once already and is very thin so I’m getting both done for $750.00. I think that is a good price compared to what I would have to pay in the “old country” where I got quoted a price of a $1000.00 and up and most likely they would be made in Mexico anyway.  So next wednesday I get my new dentures I hope they fit well.

New garden project; I am having paving bricks put down to make a path from the pedestrian gate to the front door. This has involved in a lot of discussion and questions about mundane things like where to put the gravel taken up and how many bricks wide etc. Then there is the layout; the garden wall the gate is in is not parallel with the house so the angles are odd. It will work out with a few adjustments. I’ll post some photos later of project.

There is the homeowners association meeting tomorrow. This is my first one so I’m not sure what to expect. I’ll make a separate post for that if it is interesting enough. Then I have to make a trip to town and see if my medications have been brought back from Calexico. I pay to have my medications picked up at Walmart and brought down to me by my mail service. That should have happened wednesday, but there was a problem the messenger didn’t give the right date of birth and couldn’t pick up the medications, so they are trying again today. If that doesn’t work I’ll have to get myself up to Calexico and pick it up. That’s a long trip and I don’t look forward to making it.

This has been a busy week here with the races a Mexican holiday an American holiday and the homeowners association meeting, yard sale and the usual coming and going to my Spanish class, shopping for new plants, I’ve been busy, busier than I would have thought I would be. So much for a boring, dull life in a small Mexican fishing village!


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Problems at Check Point Leon Airport

I am back in Texas, back to the hum drum life not much exciting going on here. The weather has been almost nice considering what it has been prior to my return. Returning and getting back into my life in the states is always a bit of a shock to the system. The extent of the differences from San Miguel and Texas are profound and many. The pace of life in Texas is faster and more
demanding. However, everything is more convenient.

My trip from Sam Miguel to Leon was almost dull, I did get to listen to some interesting conversation as we traveled toward the airport. Sometimes one shouldn’t listen to closely: afterwards I felt in one way more poor in another way lucky. I don’t get to play with the rich guys, but I get to play in their town and enjoy their amenities sometimes.

Some times knowing a bit of Spanish can almost ruin your day. As I was passing through the x-ray check point there were three people manning the x-ray point two females and a male. For some reason the male took a dislike to me and told the ladies something derogatory about me and to emphasise his dislike he came close to me as I was putting my stuff back in my purse and said it again. I could have done a lot of things all of them may have delayed me and I may have had a problem catching my flight. I fumed a bit but no blood drawn. So beware tall ladies using Leon Airport what is being said to you by security officers may not be complementary.

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Week three

This is the beginning of week three. Last week was frustrating as I was having problems with my remembering the various tenses and spellings of irregular verbs in Spanish. I am studying sixteen of these verbs and find it hard to recall them. Hence the frustration. At first I thought
it was that I was losing my short term memory, a very bad sign, then I recalled incidents through out my life when my memorization was impossible. I told I am a right brain dominate
person and that we learn differently from left brain people. That bit of information does not help me remember anything, but makes me feel better.

This is Sunday and I went out to brunch at Cafe’ Monet a local restaurant and had eggs Benedict with French press coffee served in a delightful dining room, about $6.50. I shared a table with a couple from Southern California that were here for just a few days. They had been here thirteen years ago and were glad to see that San Miguel was still quite similar to how they remembered it. They were taking the home tour today and were in a hurry to get to the Library to get their
tickets for the tour. I hope they had a good time.

I plan to do a little touristy stuff today myself, I will report on that later.

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Return to San Miguel

I have started the process of returning to San Miguel. I have registered for the course and have begun to look for accommodations, this time I am spending almost a month there so I can have additional time to take more tutoring to expand my knowledge of Spanish and maybe a side trip or two. I am excited about returning to San Miguel and especially Mexico!

I have no grasp of why Mexico excites me so much. Is it the sense of adventure, the process of learning new things, the foreignness of Mexico with the sights and sounds the rawness of living so close to the surface? I just know I get a thrill out of knowing I am returning to Mexico. Happy me, I have travel plans and more to learn, what joy 🙂

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