Still here

I know I haven’t posted in a long while and I feel guilty about that, but the deal fell through on selling the ranchito and I gave up waiting around to find a seller and left it in my real-estate agent’s hands and hit the road. I am now in Idaho visiting family and having a wonderful time.

I have been studying Spanish and still it goes slowly when you don’t have a teacher present to keep you on track and challenged and not being able to converse with Spanish speakers daily is a hindrance. From past experience I know that once I get into usage Spanish, even my limited version, I will improve once I am using it daily. To that end I plan to start using Spanish more in my daily life; listening to Spanish radio, TV and novelas.

I am thinking of returning to Mexico this idea has been swirling around my brain for weeks now and it is getting more and more intense as time goes on. What is it about Mexico that I like so much ? Why does Mexico pull at me like a magnet ? Something to think about. I keep looking at the real-estate ads for Merida and remember all the cute little old houses there in Centro and how things looked and all the places to visit and what the sounds are like there. If you can’t stand noise don’t go to Mexico there is plenty of noise all kinds of noise; fireworks, dogs, traffic, car/truck horns, music, construction noises, loud talking/yelling, animal noises the whole enchilada. I miss it.

My health has been good lately, knock on wood, no pain no discomfort not fatigue life has been good; I hope it stays that way….

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Getting ready

I started sorting stuff to take to Mexico. I have two boxes now one with food stuff, canned goods etc and one of books. The books are mostly on learning Spanish. I hope they will do me service when I get to Merida. I have studied over and over and still don’t feel confident with Spanish. I know I speak it like a Gringa in a bad movie I screw up the tenses, word order and use inappropriate terms or forget how to say things altogether. (Sigh)

I stopped by the cardiologist’s office today and got new prescriptions for my medications so I can get refills before I leave and take three months supply with me. Hopefully that is how it will work out for me.

I stopped by my mechanics place this afternoon and had him show me how to open the cap on the power steering pump I had tried to open it, but the darn thing wouldn’t come off and I was afraid I would break it an then I would have to search for a new one in junk yard-not a happy thought. Joe the mechanic showed me that I wasn’t using enough pressure on it.

I called Dish TV today and seem there is no problem with suspending service when I leave which will be a good thing. I have the water company on auto pay as well as the mortgage and electricity so that is taken care of. Got to get the pets up to date on their shots and get a certificate to take with us to the border just in case we get checked. Hopefully the local Vet will cooperate.

There is still a list of things to do some can only be done just before leaving for Mexico. Hope I don’t forget anything.
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I am missing another Day of the Dead celebration, hopefully next year I will be in Mexico and enjoy the festival. Many people north of the border don’t understand the holiday and confuse it with Halloween, Day of the Dead has more to do with Memorial Day than with Halloween. I like the idea of once a year remembering those we have loved who have passed on. It is a way to keep the memories alive and to give respect to life. Hopefully one day someone will remember me when I have passed on. Although I doubt it.
Anyhow, I will celebrate in my own way for those gone before. Not as well as a Mexicana would of course. But I will remember them.

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A watched pot ….

Never boils. I have sent a message to the real estate agent in Merida, but no reply yet hopefully I will get a reply today so we can get this deal completed and we will have a house in Merida.
Oh well, keep checking I guess. Sorry for the fuzzy photo Samantha had to take a photo of a photo to get it. This is the house that we hope to rent.
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Merida Yucatan Mexico

We are planning on moving to Merida an old city in the state of Yucatan Mexico. We are looking into renting a house there for six months to see if we like it and if we do this may be our new home.
Why Merida in the Yucatan? Why Mexico?
There are many reasons for our choosing Mexico one is we like Mexico because it is Mexican, we like their culture and find Mexico’s history fascinating. Why Merida in the Yucatan? Even more exotic and interesting the cost of living is reasonable the possibilities of travel are many, flying in and out is easy and there is a lot to see and do there.
We have contacted a couple of real estate agents and waiting for their reply and have joined Yolisto a message board for the area to gather more information about Merida and the surrounding area. It is exciting to making plans again to travel to Mexico and more adventures.
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