Race time in San Felipe

This is the week of the big Baja 250 race and the town is getting full of people to watch and to participate in the race. Lots of folks dashing about in various vehicles in racing gear. The crowds of folks will be downtown for the festivities and ceremonies along with lots of police and support personnel. The big rigs have arrived with more on the way, some folks are flying into our little airport in their planes and helicopters to join in the race. Soon the Police helicopters will be hovering over the town keeping an eye on the crowds. All great fun for many of the folks who live here and enjoy the Races.

I don’t like crowds, I think it is because of my suspicious nature or maybe because I’m getting old, tired and cranky. I visit town for very short periods of time to get errands done and then leave the whole scene to the younger set.

I did go into town today because I wanted to have lunch with my friend Irene at a restaurant on the Malacon (the street in front of the beach). We had a lovely lunch of shrimp tacos with cheese and guacamole with chips and for drinks we had non-alcoholic margaritas. We made  quick trip along the Malacon to see what the vendors had for sale. Then home again as my housekeeper was there hard at work while I was living the life, having lunch with a friend.

17632442_10158562712820061_192973968877103291_oSometimes I feel like I’m living the life of a Grand Dame having breakfast with friends or lunch maybe dinner out or at a friend’s house, a house keeper doing the heavy work cleaning my house. Gardening in the morning after nice walk through the neighborhood and chatting with neighbors. In a way I do “Live The Life”.


Below are photos of Juana my housekeeper she cleans my house and teaches me Spanish too. She is a Doll!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

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In the garden


Today was gardening day. I pruned and cleaned up the garden getting rid of trash and stuff that has been destroyed by the sun and weather. The sun here is very strong and most things not made of something that can protect its self is destroyed in a few months of sunshine, add in the wind and humidity and poof it is trash in a few weeks.

So now things look neater and yet when I sit and look around I see things that need to be done but with my back still providing me with pain I’ll have to wait for another day to take of those issues. It seems I find excuses to go to town; I went in today to mail a letter and ended up shopping for some more food, seems I eat a lot. I got some fat hot dogs and I was surprised to find they were tasty when fried. I forgot the mustard so I used mayonnaise and sweet relish a good combination. I checked with my insurance agent in town and I’m good for a while yet. At least for my vehicles here in Mexico.

I had been invited to a party tonight there was supposed to be about sixty people there and with my back and my phobia about crowds I begged off. I sent a large chocolate cake in my place with my neighbors who went to the party. I’m home listening to Tele-Novellas on the TV. The purpose of the Tele-Novellas is to hear more Spanish and try to figure out what the actors are saying. Sometimes, I can figure the dialogue out and sometimes I get lost. Of course the Tele-Novellas are full of sex, love and passion things missing in my life.

I plan to take photos of the garden and house tomorrow and add them to this post later.

Now it is getting a later in the evening and I’m thinking of an adult beverage or two while enjoying the evening air

Here are the photos I said I would post today things are growing well. I will be planting more flowers soon so there will be more color and make the humming  birds and bees happy, me too.







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Lovely Day

I thought today was going to be hot but I was fooled it is wonderful a light breeze about 80 degrees low humidity just comfortable as can be. I did the usual walk early this morning and I felt very well. I watered the plants and trees today and planted another tree, I hope it grows as it will give good shade if it does grow it is called a pepper tree here. The pepper tree looks to something like a dense willow when full-grown and they do get huge after a decade or so.

I had my contractor come by and check my house wiring; I swear I heard some pops and sparks, he couldn’t find anything wrong so I’m thought of as the crazy lady for sure. Maybe it is all in my head at least with a cement house I don’t have to worry about it burning down. He promised that there would be someone over on monday to start work assembling my fountain. I hope so but then again it is Mexico and do-do do happen or not happen as the case may be.

I watched a movie called No Reservations and loved it. It is a love story and I’m a sucker for a good love story. I recommend the movie especially if you have a love in your life. The movie tonight is Woman On Top, kind of loony tunes but very entertaining. I think there is a message there somewhere. Again I recommend it.

Tonight I’m looking forward to PBS English comedies, they are a hoot. Some popcorn an adult beverage and English comedies in front of the Telly.


Well, it is time for an adult beverage and a snack so I’m closing now hope to post photos of the fountain construction later.

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Some of the folks going on the tour

Stairway to the roof

The kitchen I liked

Patio floor

Colorful living room

We had heard about a tour of houses arranged by the local expat community for the benefit of a children’s education fund and decided to attend. We caught the local bus and rode it towards the center of town. The bus driver let us off several blocks from the center of town and we had to make our way to the Library and using the map provided by the tourist bureau we had some difficulty in finding the place by the time we got there there was a huge crowd.

It seems that twice the number of people showed up for the event than was expected. The previous scheduled tour was cancelled due to the national Independence day celebrations so there was more people than usual wanting to take the tour.

I have been on these house tours before, this is the first time here in San Miguel. Usually you have a guide that gives you details about the house the owners and all the features. With this tour they were short guides and there was little information.

The first house was being used as a B & B and it had some unique features like a wine cellar / media room. The fountain and flower garden were nice. The second home was modern single story and had a lot of art that the owners had collected, this house was for sale and it felt more like an open house for the real estate agent who was there passing out business cards. The third house was more unique it was in a Mexican neighborhood and inside it had vivid colors Mexican style furniture lovely interior patio and upstairs bedroom with a huge floor to ceiling window overlooking the patio. There was a roof garden with a view. The kitchen had a huge window over the sink so one could look out to the interior patio. The most impressive part was the use of color bright greens, blues, pinks and orange. As you can tell I liked the place.

The bus let us off near the center of town but not near enough. We walked around for quite a while looking for a place to have lunch and finally settled on a restaurant close to the Jardine the local plaza.

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