Man on a horse

While visiting Mexico I was fascinated one by the appearance of a man on a horse. Even these days a man on a horse in Mexico is no big deal. Men women and children are riding horses through town everyday even a touristy place like Lake Chapala.

This particular man grabbed my imagination he was riding his horse through town and had this big hat and his boots were…. er, ahh, how should we put it painted gold. Now right there has got to be a story, here is this Hemingway looking gent riding his horse down an old cobblestone street with two compadres following him dragging some sort of paraphernalia making a racket with their white bearded, sombrero wearing leader with the golden shoes on his horse with his dog following the horse.

Oh, how I wanted to run up to him and say something like “you’ve got to tell me your story” or ” who are you are you a character out of a novel?” Thank goodness I didn’t make a fool of myself, in this case, and kept my mouth shut and my memory banks open and recording.

Ya just never know what or who your going to meet in Mexico. I bet he has one Hell of a story to tell 🙂

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