Stuff just keeps happing

This morning started out okay I got up early fed my kitty and she seemed to be in fair shape for a change and took my meds. I then I got dressed and went for my walk to the beach. I noticed we had a lot more gulls this morning than usual and that we had an RV camped on the beach from Austria! There was one other camper using a Volkswagen van and that was all  of the campers. The walk went well no major huffing and puffing up the hill. When I got back to the house I had breakfast and got ready to go to town. Today was Spanish class, go by the mechanic‘s shop to have him check out my car and go to the Mexican DMV to get another license.

Once I pulled out onto the highway on the way to town I felt and saw the RPMs quickly rise up and I knew the car was in trouble. I coasted over the median and headed back to my house. I drove slowly to keep the car moving and made it almost into my yard when the transmission went out! So now my car is sitting partly in the road and won’t move. I can’t push it enough because of the sand and I don’t want my elderly neighbors pushing it so there it sits. I switched vehicles and drove my little GEO Tracker to town and met with the mechanic and arranged to have him take it to a place to have the transmission rebuilt ($$$). Then I went on to the Mexican DMV where I got my new Mexican driver’s lic.. It cost me 570 pesos or about $50 for five years and the ugliest photo ever OYE! I then went on to Spanish class where I might have understood about half of what was going on, sigh! Finally I had enough and went for brunch at my favorite restaurant where I (at last) got everything my way,  breakfast was 35 pesos which included coffee or a little less then $3.00 for two eggs, toast and potatoes 🙂

I stopped for a little shopping on the way home and when I got here my car is still sitting in the street at an awkward angle and the mechanic hasn’t shown up and most likely won’t today. I’ll have to put some light out there tonight to make sure somebody doesn’t run into it!

The fun just keeps on coming!



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I’m back in San Felipe Mexico

I got back thursday night and was greeted by some of my neighbors with hugs. Nice neighbors eh? I have been busy unloading the RV and catching up on bill paying and other errands. My old Bravada Olds mobile even started after two months sitting and waiting for my return.

My trees and other plants have done well, they look healthy and robust much to my relief. I am looking forward to getting flowers for the garden. I have a small problem with rain water getting under my doors. The problem is small because rain is infrequent here still I’ll have to get with my contractor to solve this issue-it is nothing money can’t fix 🙂

I have a bit of house work to do, it is surprising how much dust and dirt can accumulate when a house is closed up. I’ll be sweeping, mopping and dusting for a day or two more and then I have my furniture to put together which should keep me busy for a few days.

I got my television working and it looks great no more squinting at the screen. I have Dish network and my feed is from the west coast and my local stations are in San Diego so with that and CNN I stay up on the U.S. news, or as I refer to it the “Old Country”.  I also get the spanish language station out of San Diego. I hope the spanish on TV will help me comprehend spanish better. I think I need more immersion in the language before I will greatly improve.


It does feel good to be home again.  I occasionally wonder why I feel more at home in some foreign country trying to learn a new language than in the country of my birth. I don’t waste much time on this topic because even if I had an answer to the question it wouldn’t make any difference. 


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Damn cars

there always seems to be something wrong with vehicles. Either they need repair or need maintenance. I called my landlord for a recomendation on getting a mechanic to come by and check my van. The motor over heats in about twenty minutes and it was leaking water/antifreeze. I couldn’t find the leak and feared that the water pump had failed. The mechanic took his time about coming over to look at the van. He found the leak right away it was the lower radiator hose.
I talked with the mechanic in my broken spanish and I thought we agreed that he would return later the same day to guide me to his repair shop across town. He was supposed to meet me at four pm. Those of you who have Mx experience know what happend next, he didn’t show up at
the appointed time. What’s more the card he gave me didn’t have the correct cell phone number either. When I called his number I got a message in spanish saying they couldn’t complete the call. I thought that was my fault that I had not dialed correctly or that I had done something else to cause the error. I figured that either way the mechanic knew he had a paying customer waiting for him and he would show up with out prompting. Nope he didn’t show so I called my friendly landlord again and had to leave a message. Finally, hours later, I get a mesage from the landlord that the mechanic will show up at four and he did, much to my surprise.
Because my car is american plated he can’t drive it so I had to drive it over to his shop following him and of course being the end of the day and the car was now hot they couldn’t work on it till the following day if they can find a hose that will fit it.
So when someone says make sure you pack your patience when living in Mx they know of what they speak. Now I’m waiting for the mechanic to show up to take me to his shop ….

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