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Nov 25 At Beach House

Friday night I went out to dinner at a place called Sharky’s. It was interesting to see so many people out for dinner after thursday’s feast. Of course it was Surf and Turf night; Steak and Lobster and from the looks of it and the way folks were eating it this is a big hit with the locals. I opted for something a little smaller breaded fillet of fish with rice and veggies. Well, I don’t like steak anymore and the lobster looked too big for me. The fish was good and filling especially because it came with corn soup.

I returned home to the Beach House and spent the evening on the computer while  listening to soft music and watching the fire in the fireplace. Yes the fireplace works and I have bought some artificial logs to burn in it, looks pretty.

This morning I awoke and I heard the fog horn in the distance and sure enough the fog was rolling in, welcome to the Pacific Coast! Now I’m trying to decide to stay one more day or leave. Isn’t there a song about “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” ? Oh, here it is

Here is a picture of the fireplace in action;

Here is a photo of the fog about to roll in;


I’d post a Photo of the fog, but what’s the point?

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Beach House Punta Banda MX

I needed to visit my new house in Punta Banda to sign some papers and to check the house out for any repairs and or improvements. I have been here since tuesday afternoon and I’m still in love with the place. The weather has been very good not to cold just cool and sunny. The sound of the waves coming ashore along with watching them is very relaxing to me. At night I can hear the waves and puts me to sleep. I find myself watching the waves for a very long time they are a great time waster.

I thought the location of the house would be good for a view of Ensenada lights at night and I was right ! This photo below doesn’t do the lights justice but it is the best I can do without a tripod and timed exposure. I have been busy shopping for the house. The house will be used as a rental from time to time so it needed a microwave oven. I got one at COSCO which is about a half hour drive from here. I also got some pillows for the couch and a few items for the kitchen.

Here is the photo of the lights at night.


Here is a video of the waves coming ashore click on the photo to get the video.

My trip has been a successful one in that I have gotten a list of things to be done all minor and through the rental agent have someone to do it! I’m really liking this house and through the agent I have learned more about its history which explains some of its quirks. I love quirky houses 🙂


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Up date on Beach House

I had to go to the US to my bank to transfer the money to purchase the house. I was concerned that somehow someway the money would go astray and cause me all kinds of grief. However my worries were all for naught as everything went smoothly the owners were paid the real estate agent was paid – I didn’t cry seeing my bank balance go tumbling down and now I own the house. Just have to pay the land lease and we’re good.

Of course I’ve been playing house in my head thinking of all the things I could do with the house. I’m sure once I have spent some time there I’ll find lots of things to spend money on. My next visit I’ll bring a note pad, and measuring tape to make notes and lists of things I want to do or have done.

New homes are like new clothes you feel good in them at least for a while they lift your spirits and give a little zip to your step. The feeling is short lived but enjoyable. I do want to spend the night sometime when the weather is clear to see the lights of the city and another time when it rains or storms to see where the water flows and if there are any issues with drainage. So, on to another adventure.


View of the beach


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Race time in San Felipe

This is the week of the big Baja 250 race and the town is getting full of people to watch and to participate in the race. Lots of folks dashing about in various vehicles in racing gear. The crowds of folks will be downtown for the festivities and ceremonies along with lots of police and support personnel. The big rigs have arrived with more on the way, some folks are flying into our little airport in their planes and helicopters to join in the race. Soon the Police helicopters will be hovering over the town keeping an eye on the crowds. All great fun for many of the folks who live here and enjoy the Races.

I don’t like crowds, I think it is because of my suspicious nature or maybe because I’m getting old, tired and cranky. I visit town for very short periods of time to get errands done and then leave the whole scene to the younger set.

I did go into town today because I wanted to have lunch with my friend Irene at a restaurant on the Malacon (the street in front of the beach). We had a lovely lunch of shrimp tacos with cheese and guacamole with chips and for drinks we had non-alcoholic margaritas. We made  quick trip along the Malacon to see what the vendors had for sale. Then home again as my housekeeper was there hard at work while I was living the life, having lunch with a friend.

17632442_10158562712820061_192973968877103291_oSometimes I feel like I’m living the life of a Grand Dame having breakfast with friends or lunch maybe dinner out or at a friend’s house, a house keeper doing the heavy work cleaning my house. Gardening in the morning after nice walk through the neighborhood and chatting with neighbors. In a way I do “Live The Life”.


Below are photos of Juana my housekeeper she cleans my house and teaches me Spanish too. She is a Doll!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

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Beach Bonfire

Sunday evening I joined the neighbors for a beach bonfire to celebrate the full moon. This has become a tradition for the neighbors to gather on the full moon to have a fire and share food and beverages on our beach while connecting and sharing our stories. The evening was warm and the fire large thanks to the men folk who had gathered lots of wood to burn. Here are some photos of the occasion. Life is good here 🙂

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Memorial Day Breakfasts

Today I went to town to have breakfast with friends and make an appointment for my pedicure and other things. After breakfast I went across the street to set my appointment for the pedicure then went back to Pete’s Camp and met neighbors there for a chat while they had breakfast. Here are some photos;

Photo of the Junta de Viejos @ Chumpos Restaurant. Daily meeting of the "Old Ones" San Felipe MX

Photo of the Junta de Viejos @ Chumpos Restaurant. Daily meeting of the “Old Ones” San Felipe MX

Memorial Day Breakfast @ Chumpos Rest. San Felipe MX

Memorial Day Breakfast @ Chumpos Rest. San Felipe MX

Neighbors having breakfast at Pete's Camp Cantina

Neighbors having breakfast at Pete’s Camp Cantina

Another beautiful day in San Felipe the visitors are leaving and it will return to the quiet little fishing town again until the next big event. Life is simple here; good friends, good food, just enough going on to keep it interesting.

I’m getting ready for my trek north in a few days got to load the RV and make it ready for the trip. Then we head north for a few weeks.

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I got an infection in the kidneys and had to go to the doctor and get my blood tested an x-ray and urinalysis. The urinalysis came back that I had an infection in the kidneys; kidneys because of the lower back pain I suppose. I was on cipro for ten days I hope it worked I have to wait another three days to get another test to check if the infection is gone. I also found that my cholesterol has gone up to 165 not a good sign. I think I have reduced my Lipitor too much so I’m going back to my previous dosage and see what happens. My x-ray has given me some worry it seems that there is some damage do to my 27 years of smoking and even though I quit smoking in 1983 I still have evidence of the damage caused. Gives one pause to think this could be a problem in the future. More worrying than that is according to the x-ray my aorta is enlarged or aorta aneurism a swelling of the aorta that puts one at risk of a rupture and that is the end. The doctor didn’t seem to think mine was dangerous as I have my blood pressure under control at least the last time that it was checked. Needless to say this is giving me some worry and I plan to discuss this with my doctors when I see them next month in Tucson.

Saturday I felt well enough to do some social activities I went on an artists home tour. There are homes built on beaches south of town called the south campos. There are about six camps south of town they don’t have fresh water it has to be trucked in not unusual in Mexico. These camps are off the grid so they are on solar power. So solar is the source of electric power and some have back-up generators for those rare days the sun doesn’t shine strong enough to put enough electricity into the batteries they depend on to power the house lights and other electrical equipment. Their refrigeration is older Servel gas-powered refrigerators or RV fridges which work on both 120 ac and lp gas. The homeowners seemed to be doing fine with the arrangement and the homes, at least the ones I got to visit, were fabulous some extremely modern others like a hippy sort of thing out of the sixties, all quite imaginative.

The art was very good, very professional and well displayed. We got to see seven artist’s studios and their work it was quite an experience.

Tonight San Felipe is in the middle of a serious wind and sand storm. The winds are forty to sixty miles an hour and it is blowing sand and dust everywhere. The sand and dust are in my house as well as everyone else’s house leaving a layer of fine sand on every surface it will take hours to clean it all up. My biggest worry is my garden the wind is torturing my trees and plants just beating them up. I hope they survive. I have been outside bolstering the trees with more support from small ropes and even painter’s tape to keep the trees from being destroyed. The bushes are on their own-we’ll see how they fare in morning light. I had to go up to my roof garden and take down a chair as it was being thrown like a toy the noise would surely keep me awake all night if I didn’t bring it down from the roof.

I won’t have photos for a while as my camera broke, when I go north again I will buy another until then I’ll have to do without.


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Update 101612

Those that follow my other blog know I have been through a trying time to read what that was about here is the address I hope I did it right sometimes I don’t.


I am still in Tucson waiting for a much-needed check to arrive from a title company on the aborted purchase of a house here in the “Old Pueblo” as they call it. I also have an item to pick up at Wal-Mart and then I can start packing my rig up to return to San Felipe MX. I worry about the hurricane that is molesting the peninsular as the rains may cause some problems there in San Felipe. I hope my little house does okay as I am not there to prepare it for the onslaught of rain water. Hopefully the damage will be slight if not well I’ll just have to get it fixed.


At any rate I should be back in my home in ten to fourteen days and getting back to my usual routine-I need that after what I have been through lately. It seems everything I touch has turned to brown smelly stuff! I need to get back to my usual, usual and recoup my losses and get on with living.


This trip has been one painful/upsetting thing after another and I need some tranquility and or what passes for normalcy in this crazy world. I need a few long walks on the beach listening to the waves come ashore, smell the salt air, have a cerveza or two or three, talk with some friends about nothing for a few hours and listen to their stories. I need to hear of other things other than what I have been hearing lately; doom and gloom, predictions of disaster, no and hell no, and all the rest of the crap that goes with America Inc.


That’s it for now it is late and I am exhausted from all the goings on lately. Maybe tonight I will sleep and not toss and turn …well I can hope right?


San Felipe, Baja California

San Felipe, Baja California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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The weekend tale

Hmmm, I guess first things first; I awoke on saturday morning and as usual took my dog Shelby for a walk on the beach. It was very early in the morning the sun was just beginning to come up, I noticed two men standing over something that looked like a body. Oh,oh say me to myself what is this? As it got lighter I could see that it was an animal so I went closer to have a look and it turned out to be a dolphin. It had washed up on the shore durning the night. I felt sad and wondered how this came to be. Shelby and I went for our walk in the opposite direction away from the dolphin. I was surprised Shelby didn’t seem to have any interest in the dolphin.

When we got back from our walk, I talked to the neighbors about it and they expressed their sadness at the loss of such a beautiful animal.

I went back to my RV and I was about to start the car when I noticed I had a flat tire. Sheesh, I haven’t owned the car for more than a few hours and I have a flat! One of my fellow RV’rs here at the park lent me his little air compressor and I pumped up the tire and thought I would just drive up the hill and get it fixed. I had forgot how early it was and the tire repair store wasn’t open yet and wouldn’t be open for another hour. So I drove back to my RV and had coffee and toast. Later I took another neighbor and we drove to the tire repair shop and got the tire fixed for about $3.00 American and then we drove into town so my neighbor could have breakfast. After breakfast we drove out to my lot in Pete’s Camp to have a look at what work had been done.

When we got to the lot at Pete’s Camp we found the workers hard at work and the trenches had been dug for the water, sewer and electric lines and they were working on getting the new soil tramped down for the gravel that was coming. The big water tank was there and someone had been working on the electric meter post. My neighbors came out and we had a chat with them about the work being done and they said how hard the workers were working yesterday. I suspect that the workers only put in a half a day’s work today. The builder boss showed up and we had a chat about what was going on and he seemed happy that things were going smoothly.

My friend and I then went to the restaurant at Pete’s camp for some coffee. We had a nice conversation with the folks there and enjoyed some french fries as well. When we got out of the restaurant we noticed that there was a huge fog bank coming in off the water. I quickly got my dog out for a walk and as soon as she had done her business we loaded up and headed back to town and our RV park. I didn’t want to be driving the fog. By the time we got back to the RV park our fellow neighbors where being entertained by a Mexican band. I paid them their fee for a Mexican song I like and they started playing. I move up close to the singers and a young man that was singing started dancing with me! That was a hoot I enjoyed that a lot. I was sorry to se the band leave.

Later that evening I went with my friend Ron out to eat. This little town is very active at night and there are lots of food stands and restaurants to choose from and my friend has his favorites. After dinner we came back to the RV park and had a few drinks with our neighbors and soon it was time to call it a night. I made some tea to go with cookies and heard the wind outside and felt the RV move, a wind storm had moved in and was blowing things around, the wind stayed up most of the night and in the morning we had over a dozen big fishing boats anchored off our little beach. I guess they don’t like to fish when it is rough out on the Sea of Cortez.

This morning (sunday) my friend and I went to town again for breakfast, I only had toast and coffee, as I already had made pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast I took Ron to a pharmacy so he could get his medications and then to the bank so he could get some cash out of the ATM. When we got back to the RV park we were invited to play Bocce with our fellow travelers and had a great time in a fun and friendly competition.

I finally got back to my RV after bocce and in minutes the wind started up again so it might be a bumpy night hopefully no more dead animals on the beach monday morning. I don’t want to see that again soon.

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What’s new

I San Felipe and the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of Cali...

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I am in San Felipe Mexico in the Baja about 150 miles south of the border. It is a small town with two industries Tourists and Fishing. Fishing is doing well tourists not so much.

I like it here, it is small enough to be friendly big enough to have most of the services you need. Right on the Sea of Cortez with lots of beaches to walk with my dog Shelby who loves to roll in the sand. I like it so much I am spending the winter here and looking to buying into an RV camp so I will have my own RV site that I can develop to my taste and budget.

So here we are in Mexico at the beach having a good time 😀

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