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2020 Update

Yes it has been a long time since I’ve posted, but life here in a small town in Mexico isn’t so different any time of the year. I’ve lived here nine years now and the seasons, months, days and years just blend together. Other than an occasional health problem that has nothing to do with Mexico not much exciting happens in my life. I used to move quite often in my previous life now I’ve put down roots as they say and I don’t want to move. My routine is set; I go to town to meet with other gringos for breakfast and to discuss what ever topic comes up, feed the local restaurant cat and a friend’s dog. It is a quiet life and I love it that way.

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Here I am waiting for my breakfast this morning with dear friends

I have good connection with Wifi, telephone and TV so I do know what is going on in the states. I get to watch the local news out of LA which always sounds terrible, to me. I watch the traffic report in the morning and I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that sort of thing anymore. My mail service is great, maybe too good as I’ve been buying stuff on Amazon a little to frequently in my opinion. I tell myself it is better than traveling to the US to shop for stuff with the Covid Virus raging on there. At my age getting sick with this virus would not be a good thing.

I just had my house painted pink I thought the faded yellow was too boring. Pink makes me feel happy.

Above photo is me in Pink Hair I got bored with my look so I tried something different. I’m not worried it will fade with time and I’ll try something else.

See, I told you it would fade. I see where time has taken its toll. At least I’m still here to complain about it. In reality I’ve nothing to complain about my life is safe, calm, enjoyable I have friends to share time with and enough of everything that I’m comfortable. I’m even able to share a little with those that have less than me. I have a lady that come in twice a month to do the heavy cleaning and her son clean up my garden. Tough life eh?

Image may contain: Irene Smith and Julia Arnold, people sitting, shoes, table and indoor

Here I am with a dear friend having lunch at a local restaurant, for me it was fish tacos, I love them!

In short life is good here in my part of Mexico! San Felipe Baja CA this is now my home!

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