Some New photos

I still have my back problems but I’m dealing with it the best I can and try not to let it stop me from enjoying my life. Life for me here in Mexico, my beloved Mexico, is better than I expected I have friends a social life and my house and garden that keeps me busy. I’m well informed of the political and economic situation in the “Old Country” and discuss the current affairs with friends here in Mexico.

I was enjoying an adult beverage this evening in my garden when I got a message that friends were meeting at a new Chinese restaurant in town so off I went to enjoy their company and try out the food there. The food was good and lots of it, I had to bring some home which I will use for lunch later. Tomorrow I’ll meet a friend at another restaurant for breakfast just to change things up a bit. (grin)

Garden photo

Where I was enjoying the evening in my garden with an adult beverage


Breakfast at Chumpos

Breakfast with friends at Chumpos Rest. San Felipe MX


New Garden door


New bed set more to come

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2 thoughts on “Some New photos

  1. Sue

    Hi Julia it’s good to hear you’re doing well. You are so blessed to have a beautiful home, good friends and a very nice garden to enjoy. I’m so sorry about your back problems, those can be brutal. I admire your keep going attitude to enjoy life. I’ve sold my RV and committed to taking my grandson to school and picking him up every day which I really enjoy the time with him. So I have another 8 months to decide where I want to buy for a home base and retire probably not the Austin area. I also do some real estate transactions with my daughter. I especially enjoy helping women my age downsize and handle moving and estate sales for them.
    Hope you’re having a great weekend….Sue

  2. Barbara Lane

    Hola~! I’m so happy to see you here! Sent two emails asking after you – I’m sorry to hear of your recent health issues and at the same time so relieved it wasn’t worse. Sending prayers and good energy.

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