A few days ago my computer had a massive fail. I had clicked on updates thinking it was no big deal and I was wrong. My computer had a total meltdown. I thought I was safe in that I had it backed up with another hard drive. Sadly that drive was defective and I only got a little bit of information back when my computer was rebuilt. My computer had to have a new hard drive installed and had to be reformatted. Luckily, I had the original operating disks. Sadly I have lost all my photos except those I posted on my blogs. I’m still processing this event. I also have the photos in the media files for this blog which is a help, I guess. Life goes on.

OH, Joy! I found a lot of my photos have been saved by Google so I haven’t lost everything! YEA!

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21 thoughts on “Disaster

  1. Margot Bronski

    I remember when computers were gonna make our lives sooo much better. Yeah.

  2. Sue

    Julia, I’m so very sorry! That is a huge loss

  3. I found that Google saved a lot of my photos I don’t know how that happened but I’m glad it did! Now to figure how to get them to the cloud and save them for good!

    • Margot Bronski

      I am suspicious of the cloud. Its free now….but remember the song about the friendly stranger in the black sedan?

      • YUP, I think I’ll use both the Cloud and a seperate hard drive just to be on the safe side.

      • Sue

        Hahaha Margot you are so right! Of course I’ve reached an age to where I’ve seen so much, I’m suspicious of everything!

  4. Hi,

    Could not respond on the blog for some reason, sorry about your loss of photos I know what that is like. It is one of the drawbacks to the modern way of doing things. Did you loose all the sailing photos and the farm? I may be able to send you what I have, let me know and I will start looking.

    love Samantha



    • Thank you for your reply. I found some farm Photos on my blog account and recovered my sailing blog so I have a few photos there as well as some of my other blogs. I’ll have to figure out how to download these photos to my computer. I have decided that I cannot trust this computer anymore it has a used hard drive in it and who knows how long that will last so I’m buying another computer an all in one desktop for the house and I’ll use this or the IPAD when I travel. When things go bad they really go BAD!
      Thank you for the offer I may take you up on it later.
      Hugs and Love

  5. Barbara

    I have been trying to find out how Julia is – I’ve emailed her twice, and have received no reply. I’m very worried about her! Does anyone know how she is? What’s happened? Please respond if so, and thank you in advance!

    • Margot Bronski

      Barbara, same here. Have not heard from her in some time. I fear I have lost another friend.

  6. Sue

    I haven’t spoken to her since last summer and have tried several times. Her email is no longer active.
    Please let me know if anyone hears from her, wish we could help her.—Sue

    • Margot Bronski

      This getting old thing is a load of crap. Every time I turn around some one else is gone.

  7. Sue

    Margot I’m totally in agreement. I wish someone knew her family and could let us know. My Dad told me one time;” The bad thing about getting old is losing your friends and family “ I was too young to really get it but now at retirement age I understand

    • Hi, I’m doing okay just haven’t been posting lately got a new computer and learning how to use Microsoft again ! I guess I out to get off my butt and post some more eh? Talk later Julia

      Sent from Mail for Windows 10

      • Margot Bronski

        Hey lady, drop me an e-mail pls. Just a “hi” will do. Margot

  8. Sue

    Julia it’s so good to hear from you! Glad you’re well
    and just having fun. See how much you are loved and missed? I know keeping up a blog is very demanding. I just sold my 5th wheel and moved into an apartment for the next 8 months because I was needed to take my grandson to school. So I’m planning my next move, want to find a home base plus buy a camper van and travel some. Have a great weekend, Sue

  9. Margot Bronski

    BTW – don’t both bother trying to “learn” Windows 10. It’s a piece of crap, moving target. IMHO

    • So how are you doing?

      • Margot Bronski

        To be honest, I getting by. Trying to find a shrink, see if I can get some help with depression. My dermy continues to whittle on my face. Really white kids how no business growing up in AZ. Cat keeps my company. Weather finally getting humane. Later…

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